TWO BITS: Harvin’s migranes, Nixon honored

By Adam Silverstein
December 16, 2009

1 » Florida Gators wide receiver Percy Harvin has a well-documented history with migraine headaches, something the Minnesota Vikings knew when they drafted him in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Though Harvin’s migraines caused him to miss some practice and game time during his Gators career, they appear to have gotten more frequent over the past year. (At the very least, they are reported on more extensively because he is now under the NFL injury list and fantasy football microscope.) Vikings head coach Brad Childress has grown increasingly concerned about Harvin’s headaches, which have caused him to miss a lot of practice (and even a full game) over the past week. “We’re attempting to look into and see if there are any common denominators,” Childress said Wednesday. “He’s been having them for a good period of time. It’s important for us to get some kind of baseline if we can, doctor-wise, and yet still know that they are fairly unpredictable.” In addition to keeping Harvin out of practice, the migraines also prevent him from studying his team’s weekly game plan, something he must do in order to play effectively each week.

2 » Freshman offensive lineman Xavier Nixon, who has started Florida’s last four games at left tackle, was named to the 2009 Sporting News All-Freshman Team on Wednesday. Nixon is the first Gators true freshman to start at left tackle since 1992.

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