Poll Review: Dunlap, SEC, looking ahead

By Adam Silverstein
December 14, 2009

Over the past two weeks, OGGOA had you participate in three polls. First, we asked you how the suspension of Florida Gators junior defensive end Carlos Dunlap would affect the team. Then, after the Gators lost the 2009 SEC Championship, we wanted to know the biggest reason why. Finally, you told us what you were most looking forward to since the loss. 715 combined votes (238 average) were cast, and the results are in:

Losing DE Carlos Dunlap to suspension…
hurts the Gators’ chances of winning. (58%, 105 votes)
does not matter in the long-run. (38%, 69 votes)
improves the Gators’ chances of winning. (4%, 7 votes)

The Gators failed to win the SEC because of…
immense defensive failures. (43%, 131 votes)
Alabama’s overall game plan. (33%, 102 votes)
poor offensive playcalling. (21%, 66 votes)
lack of discipline (penalties). (3%, 9 votes)

What are you most looking forward to?
National Signing Day (39%, 88 votes)
2010 Sugar Bowl (38%, 86 votes)
Florida basketball…fantastic! (21%, 49 votes)
Gators spring sports (2%, 5 votes)

OGGOA is going to call the last poll a tie between National Signing Day and the 2010 Sugar Bowl because the majority vote changed all week long, including the day the poll was closed. I was kind of expecting fans to be looking toward basketball to fill the void now that football suffered a heartbreaking loss (especially with the big game against Syracuse last week), but I was happy to see that people still see the Sugar Bowl as a priority even though the title is not on the line. Take a moment and vote in our brand new poll in the right column: How will Tim Tebow fare in the NFL?

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