Pounceys’ mom: 1st, 2nd round or no NFL Draft

By Adam Silverstein
December 10, 2009

Lisa Webster, the mother of Florida Gators junior offensive linemen and twin brothers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey, told Gator Country on Wednesday that her boys will likely return to the University of Florida for their senior seasons unless they are graded by scouts as worthy of a selection in the first two rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft.

“They’re staying put unless they hear first or second round,” Webster said. “That would change everything. They know they have my blessing to go if it’s in the first or second round. For that kind of money, they’re set for life if they invest it right and they can always go back to school to finish up school in the offseason, but if it’s third round … well, I’d just as soon they stay in school. They’re both going to be close to graduating in the summer. The NFL will still be there and they’ll have their education.”

More on this story including the opinion of a local sports agent after the jump…

Sports agent Darren Heitner of Dynasty Athlete Representation spoke with OGGOA about the impact that draft position can have on an athlete’s career earnings. “The Pounceys will have to sign a longer term contract if they are first- or second-round picks than if they are drafted in a later round,” he said. “The second contract is when the real money comes. However, for an early pick, that money is realized immediately. So while the Pounceys may have to play an extra year or two, they will not have to worry about playing for anywhere near minimum salary. They will have a nice chunk of their contract guaranteed, and if invested wisely, that money could last them almost a lifetime. There is a huge decrease in money and security on a first contract if a player is not drafted in one of the first two rounds; many do not even make it to a second contract.”

There are also benefits and detriments to staying in school one more year, especially if the NFL does not reach a new collective bargaining agreement for 2010. “In 2010, there will presumably be no salary cap, but there will also be no salary floor,” Heitner said. “It opens the door to allow teams to spend more money on first- and second-round picks; however, because there is no floor, teams may instead lower the contracts. There is a lot of uncertainty. Worst of all, if they don’t declare for 2010, there is no guarantee that there will not be a lockout in 2011. That would be devastating to potential rookies.”

Staying with the Gators to protect future starting quarterback John Brantley would not necessarily be the worst thing for the Pounceys though. “I can tell you they’re in no rush to leave the University of Florida,” Webster added. “They love it there. They love Coach Meyer and Coach Addazio. I love what everybody up there has done for my boys. They’re happy and they love being Gators. They don’t have to go to the NFL this year.”

It seems Webster was passionate about this subject in response to what Bruce Black, the father of Florida junior safety Ahmad Black, said about the boys’ NFL aspirationsy.


  1. Abe says:

    How much would it cost for all of us to pitch in and pay the scouts that grade the Pouncey Twins to tell them they aren’t 1st or 2nd rounders.

  2. Brittany says:

    It’s almost certain that they would go in the 1st/2nd round, and as sad as I will be to see them go I think it’s probably for the best that they declare.

  3. I would not necessarily say that. There are a lot of good offensive linemen coming out this year. I would imagine that Maurkice, as a center, would be a lock for the second round at worst. But you never know how teams may view Mike.

  4. Brittany says:

    True, crazier things have happened, but I see them as a 1st/2nd lock. But if they aren’t, then that’s good for the Gators that they will be coming back. (And I know that may sound mean but it’s not, I want them to have successful NFL careers but I wouldn’t be devastated if they decided to play their senior year.)

  5. Ana says:

    Thank God for parents like Mrs. Webster. I was beginning to lose my faith in sports parents.

  6. Aligator says:

    Maurkice would be second round, Mike would be fourth, right on Adam. That then should tell us where they will be, I think that if they come back and the line plays much better next year, their stock will only rise. Remember, they will also get insurance policies for themselves in case there are injury issues and they can not play again. That will set them up for life too.

    I wonder if Ahmad’s day has always been that controlling. That is pretty passive aggressive? It is sad that he is pumping his kid fill of whatever like that. They are so thick with talent back there, why is it always about the money with some people?

  7. Aligator says:

    has anyone heard any more on carlos dunlap for the Sugar Bowl? do you think his dad was serious about him staying for one more year and getting his degree, especially since he just became a full time starter this year and he pulled this stunt? There may be a drop in stock due to maturity issues and his dad may want him to finish strong?

  8. Brittany says:

    ‘I wonder if Ahmad’s day has always been that controlling.’

    He probably has, I was so irked by his ‘I would let him stay’ comment. Ahmad is an adult and his parents should not come out saying they ‘let’ him do anything. I know that parents have a say in what their children do but the way he said it bothered me.

  9. ReptilesRule says:

    Don’t worry, all those sleazy agents will be telling them both that they will be the No #! pick of the draft. They neeed to listen to their coaches and the REAL experts.

  10. Dunlap’s future is being kept quiet…both for the Sugar Bowl and for the NFL. I am quite sure he has or will submit papers for an evaluation, but he probably will not make a decision until after it is decided what he role will be in January.

  11. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    I would bet the farm on Dunlap going pro….he is lock to go in the top 10 and will probably still go top 5 and would be crazy to come back with that kind of money at stake

  12. ko classic says:

    Drew you may have been correct TWO WEEKS AGO. Things have changed. Not saying whether he is going or staying but a kid who has been nothing but good now has the CHARACTER label slapped on him. It may be worth millions to rehabilitate his image.

  13. Aligator says:

    yep ko classic and his father said he wants him to finish school and leaving was not even an option yet. I would gather though, they will see what his status is like before they do make a decision.

  14. Drew – I said all season that Dunlap would be a top five pick and potentially even No. 1 overall depending what team got the pick. And as evidenced in the article above, there are plenty of reasons to come out this season. However, from listening to what his father had to say two weeks ago and hearing what Urban Meyer said about Dunlap, I think there is at least a 50/50 chance he stays in school.

  15. Wondering Watcher says:

    Is Darren Heitner NFLPA certified? If not, is he qualified to comment? I looked at his site and he hasnt finished his law degree, so I dont think he is even allowed to rep players.

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