Replacing Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator

By Adam Silverstein
December 9, 2011

With the surprise resignation of Florida Gators offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who decided to take the head coaching job with the Kansas Jayhawks on Thursday, still the big news of the day, one of the major questions arising is a simple one: Who will replace him? OGGOA has complied a list of candidates who could replace Weis:

Kerwin Bell
Head Coach – Jacksonville Dolphins

Hire him: Bell is almost everything Florida is looking for in an offensive coordinator. He’s talented, runs a pro-style offense at Jacksonville, has professional experience as a player (four years in the NFL, four in the CFL) and coach (two years as offensive coordinator of the Toronto Argonauts) and is a Florida alumnus who was a quarterback on the Gators football team from 1983-87. His JU team features a strong down-field passing game but is also balanced with a solid running attack. Bell told The Gainesville Sun directly that he would be interested in returning to Florida, and a source close to him told OGGOA Thursday evening that he would listen to any offer head coach Will Muschamp might have for him. With orange and blue coursing through his veins, Bell would be loyal to the program and would have no designs on leaving anytime soon.

Hold up: Despite his success both with Toronto (2000-01) and Jacksonville (2007-present), Bell is relatively inexperienced as a college football coach. He spent six years as the top man at Trinity Catholic High School between the two jobs and is currently a coach in the FCS, which is a far cry from the SEC. Weis had total control over Florida’s offense, and it remains to be seen if Muschamp (inexperienced in his own right as a head coach) would be comfortable giving Bell that same power.

Brian White
Running Backs Coach – Florida Gators

Hire him: One of the most experienced coaches currently on staff, White has been an offensive coordinator before during his time at Wisconsin and has been a part of two national championship teams. He is one of the Gators’ best recruiters and is multiple on offense, already proving his ability to coach up running backs and tight ends at Florida. (He also coached quarterbacks and wide receivers at UNLV.) White is well-known and trusted by the players considering he is one of two holdovers remaining from Urban Meyer’s regime and has been with the team since 2009. He could be the safest move in terms of continuity, especially in recruiting where he has excelled during his time at UF.

Hold up: Though he has served previously as both an offensive coordinator and passing game coordinator, White has not called plays since 2007. He will have what may be considered a tryout at the 2012 Gator Bowl, where he will temporarily take over for Weis as Muschamp looks to make a permanent decision on a future offensive coordinator. White is also not the “sexiest” candidate – he has absolutely no NFL coaching experience, something that Muschamp appeared to lean on with his first staff.

Bell and White individually may each be capable of running the Gators’ offense, but hiring co-offensive coordinators is not out of the realm of possibility for Muschamp. Bell (quarterbacks) and White (running backs) each specialize in a different area of the offense and could serve as passing game coordinator and running game coordinator, respectively. Florida had co-defensive coordinators under Meyer with Greg Mattison and Charlie Strong, and the defense was the backbone of the team while both were on staff. Expect Muschamp to give this idea serious consideration as Bell would love to return to the Gators but would likely want more than a “quarterbacks coach” title and White will feel he is deserving of additional responsibilities (and money) considering his work ethic and experience.

[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]Al Borges
Offensive Coordinator – Michigan Wolverines

Hire him: Currently helping turn around Michigan, Borges has served as a college offensive coordinator for 25 years, getting his start back in 1986. He spent four years with Auburn (2004-07), crossing paths with Muschamp during his final two years with the team. When you talk about experience – Borges has it – and his pro-style offense has proven that it can be tailored to utilize speed and quickness.

Hold up: Another candidate without professional experience, Borges’s resume should be enough to overcome that. However, he just took the Wolverines job this year and – considering that offense is on the upswing – probably won’t be too inclined to change jobs after one year. Although he has been an offensive coordinator for a quarter century, he has done it at nine different stops and spent two years or less at five of them, only staying at Portland State, UCLA and Auburn long-term.

Stan Hixon
Wide Receivers Coach – Buffalo Bills

Hire him: He has never served as an offensive coordinator, but it might be time for the 54-year-old to take a step up to the next level. With coaching experience on both levels (14 years in college, 13 in the NFL), Hixon moves on at will and picks his poison. He worked at LSU for four years (three alongside Muschamp) and has plenty of experience both coaching in the SEC and recruiting top-tier players. He left that job to take one with the Washington Redskins, where he stuck for seven years, and has spent the last two coaching pass catchers with the Buffalo Bills (under head coach Chain Gailey – former UF player and GA). Hixon was born in Lakeland, FL and could see Florida as a great opportunity. He is well-known for getting the most out of unknown players and helping them reach their full potential.

Hold up: Hixon has never been an offensive coordinator. He hasn’t called plays for any extensive period of time and has not coached in college in nearly a decade. Some position coaches remain such for a reason, and Hixon may have turned down offensive coordinator opportunities in the past in order to concentrate on the job he does best.

Bobby Williams
Tight Ends/Special Teams Coach – Alabama Crimson Tide

Hire him: Another coach with a history alongside Muschamp (at LSU and the Miami Dolphins), Williams has served under Nick Saban for seven years coaching wide receivers, running backs and tight ends. He was a head coach for three years at Michigan State (beat Florida 37-34 in the 2000 Citrus Bowl) and has extensive SEC recruiting experience. Williams’s versatility is a major plus.

Hold up: Like Hixon, Williams has never been an offensive coordinator and play caller, but his time as a head coach adds another level of experience. His loyalty to Saban is obvious and many believe the chances of him leaving his side are not good.

Paul Chryst
Offensive Coordinator – Wisconsin Badgers

Hire him: Considered one of the best offensive coordinators in the game right now, Chryst would be a huge hire for Muschamp and the Gators. He’s had immense success with Wisconsin and would do great as the “head coach of the offense” with total control over the unit.

Hold up: Chryst has been a candidate for head coaching jobs and may be unlikely to move from Wisconsin unless it is to run his own program. Florida is undoubtedly a step up but probably not enough of a difference for him to move across the country. A year or two of immense success with the Gators could springboard him to a top job, but he is doing fine up north and may be able to pick his spot sooner than later staying put.

Scott Linehan, Brian Schottenheimer, Mike Mularkey
Offensive Coordinators – NFL

Breakdown: Linehan, Scottenheimer and Mularkey all have connections to the program but each has his own reason for not giving much thought to the Florida job. Linehan, who was offensive coordinator under Saban with the Dolphins while Muschamp was there, is leading a burgeoning unit with the Detroit Lions and is unlikely to leave a secure job and take a cut in pay unless he really wants to get back into the college game. Mularkey, a former Gators tight end, has never coached at the college level and is closer to a NFL head coaching job as current offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons than he is to leaving the team and going to Florida. Schottenheimer, currently the New York Jets’ offensive coordinator, was a backup quarterback under Steve Spurrier at UF but also has no college coaching or recruiting experience. He would be the most likely out of the three to have any interest in the job considering he is heavily criticized as Jets’ offensive coordinator and could be on the outs up in New York.

Steve Spurrier, Jr.
Wide Receivers Coach – South Carolina Gamecocks

Hire him: Spurrier, Jr. has been a WR coach at Oklahoma and Arizona and spent time working under his father at Florida, with the Redskins and now at South Carolina. He played college football at Duke and got his master’s degree at UF. He may feel it is finally time to step out of his father’s shadow and up into an offensive coordinator job, and returning home could be especially sweet for him.

Hold up: According to a number of people – including his father – Spurrier Jr. is not ready to be an offensive coordinator. He’s had opportunities to call plays and lead the offense at USC only to have his father demote him back to WR coach and call the plays himself. He probably won’t be a legitimate candidate, but you never know.[/EXPAND]


  1. npgator says:

    I like that co-offensive coordinators with those two. I love the thought of Bell coming back but I also realize the importance of keeping White happy.

  2. goldengator says:

    The idea of Bell and White as CO-Offensive coordinators is superb and I genuinely hope it happens. With Weis leaving, CWM could give White a substantial raise and hire Bell at $350k+ and actually be paying less than he was to Weis.
    Bell would have a fantastic opportunity and we wouldn’t risk losing White like we did Billy Gonzales and increasing staff tension. Personally, I love the idea!
    Come on CWM!!

  3. straygator says:

    Kind of surprised there’s not more discussion about Jedd Fisch, the current UMiami OC, coming to Gainesville to be UF’s new OC. He started his coaching career as a UF grad assistant under Spurrier, has nine years of NFL experience (most recently in Seattle on the same staff as our DC Dan Quinn), and he did pretty well in his first year in Coral Gables (26.5 ppg, 377.8 ypg).

  4. Lee B says:

    The depth of the article / analysis is excellent. Keep up the good work.

  5. John S says:

    Love the piece Adam, Thanks. I would be excited for a lot of these guys. I do hope for the White/Bell mix. I listen to Bell’s radio show a lot, and he seems like the right guy, and he has done well to bring some good players to fairly unknown JU. I know Muschamp is in love with the NFL experience thing, but it seems like the new and successful offenses are coming out of college systems. One rule…no canes or walkers on the sidelines.

  6. scooterp says:

    I don’t care about the name or how it resonates with recruits. I want a guy that can game plan and move the ball down the field. If they can do that the recruits will come. Look at Spurrier, he was kind of lazy when it came to recruiting, but the guy’s he did bring in could shred defenses.

  7. Joe says:

    Bell’s offense would be the perfect fit for John Brantley. He could finally reach his full potential. He could end up being the best QB in the country next year and might even win the Heisman. Oh wait,… never mind.

  8. Nick says:

    These are the “A” list guys? What happened to “getting the best offensive coordinator in the country” like coach Boom said?

    • This is a list of potential candidates. There are many others. I did a list of great names to replace Meyer – Muschamp wasn’t even on it. You never know who is going to be hired or who is on the short list.

      • Drew says:

        Adam, quick question for ya, seems as though Robbie Abreu has been tweeting that his “inside” source has said that Muschamp might be targeting M. Shula as our OC. Any thoughts on how you think that would work out? I’m not really that jazzed considering the limited success he’s had everywhere he’s been.

  9. Drew says:

    I’m with you on that. Okie St’s had a nice offense, but Big-12 guys scare me. Doesn’t seem like their O’s pan against SEC defenses. Plus, I swear that system is interchangeable between OC’s. Holderson leaves, in steps the new guy and once again they put up numbers, kind of like the Texas Tech QB’s. No matter who’s there they seem to throw 600 TD’s a season.

  10. Ron Jon says:

    What about major applewhite Adam. He was rumored In the rumor mill.

    • He’s a Texas QB and is already co-OC there…don’t see why he’d want to switch…and he doesn’t have the type of experience Muschamp wants (I think).

      • Drew says:

        I’m hoping he nabs Bell. We need some stability and an actual gator that want’s to be at the university. Not someone using us as a springboard to other jobs.

  11. G8r4life says:

    With Norv Turner possibly getting fired from the Chargers, would he be a viable candidate? I’ve heard that he will have to take an OC job if he wants to coach next year. He has a downfield passing game that features the tight end, but also has a solid running game. He would be the perfect fit. Just my 2 cents! Go Gators!!!!

  12. Ron Jon says:

    I don’t care who it is as long as our offense doesn’t look pathetic again this year. And that is def the word for it. Pathetic

  13. aziatic41 says:

    It seems like a lot of you guys are high on Kerwin Bell. I personally don’t mind who we get, as long as whoever it is can get our offense rolling. Muschamp needs to be really careful with hiring a guy who is a former head coach or striving to become one. Because chances are if the money is right after the season they will leave just like Weis did.

    This is really going to be a tough hire for Muschamp

    • Drew says:

      “Muschamp needs to be really careful with hiring a guy who is a former head coach or striving to become one. Because chances are if the money is right after the season they will leave just like Weis did.” That’s the thinking behind the Bell hire. He wants to be at Florida, even if he were to leave for greener pastures, it sure as hell wouldn’t be after one season. I know he hasn’t been at any high profile jobs, but he’s won everywhere he’s been, just like Meyer did. I’m with you though, I’m not worried about Big names, or NFL experience, I want someone who can get us back to the good ole days of the 90’s where we beat the shit out of everyone.

  14. Huxley Hofmann says:

    Norm Chow

  15. Kyle says:

    Norv turner is Charlie Weis wo the rings… I wouldn’t mind that (pipe dream tho)
    Shula – NO
    Apllewhite- haha NO (ask Bama fans)
    Bell/white – yes
    Chryst- YES
    Shottenheimer – yeah
    Mularky – yes (would have to want college job > NFL job)

  16. KB says:

    I believe that if i was down to Bell and/or White decision that Muschamp would have made the move already so that the coach/coaches can work on recruiting. I say it is safe to say that since the decision is going to be made at the beginning of January when the NFL season ends that Muschamp already has someone in mind who is in the NFL. The only other thing it could be if not an NFL coach is a an offensive Co that is coaching in a Bowl game in early January. Let the speculation begin but it only makes sense to me that if it was going to be White/Bell it would have been done already and they would be hitting the recruiting trail and reassuring the committed recruits about the offense and working on the non committed recruits that were intrigued with playing in a Charlie Wies’s offense. I hope the decision to wait till January does not cost UF on some of these big time play makers we need to get back to where we should be.

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