Two Gators offensive linemen leave program early

By Adam Silverstein
December 1, 2014

A pair of Florida Gators offensive lineman have announced over the last two weeks that they will be leaving the program earlier than most expected.

Last week, redshirt junior Tyler Moore said he will forgo his final season of eligibility and declare for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Moore, who took a year off from college football after transferring from Nebraska prior to the 2012 season and spent that year at a community college, struggled with consistency during his time at Florida. He played in seven games and made five starts for Florida in 2013 before suffering a season-ending injury himself. He started six games for the Gators in 2014, playing in all 12 regular-season contests.

Also departing from Florida is junior Drew Sarvary, an incoming transfer in 2014 who was expected to provide experienced depth for the Gators. Savary announced on his Facebook page that he will retire from college football due to a severe concussion he suffered against LSU a few weeks ago.

“Due to the severity of it and the prolonging symptoms, the UF medical staff and I have came to a conclusion that it would no longer be safe to play. I wanted to thank everyone who has ever helped me get where I am today. One chapter of my life closes as another one opens. #gogators #ibleedorangeandblue”

With Moore and Sarvary both gone from the program with eligibility remaining, Florida’s offensive line will be lacking depth in 2015. The Gators will also be losing a three seniors – starting center Max Garcia (fifth-year), starting right tackle Chaz Green (fifth-year) and six-game starting right guard Trenton Brown (a transfer) – and may see junior starting left tackle D.J. Humphries join Moore and leave early for the draft.

That would leave Florida with nine scholarship linemen on its roster entering next season, in addition to any that commit as part of the Gators’ in-flux 2015 recruiting class.


  1. 1974Gator says:

    This could be disastrous! O-line signees very rarely contribute their first year and are normally redshirted to give them a year to learn the next level, gain weight and muscle. Adam, do you or anyone have a positive twist on this?

  2. Oldflyer says:

    Believe it or not, the news from Moore and Sarvay is not all bad. It gives the Gator Nation another excuse to blame Muschamp for all of their woes for the next five years or so. If we start hearing stories of ED, then we know it has gone too far.

    • 305Gator says:

      We don’t need any excuses to blame Muschamp for anything. His overall record is fact, not excuse. His team’s offensive rankings are fact, not excuses. His achievement of being the only coach in the history of college football to lose when his defense gives up 120 yards or less a game is fact not excuse. Being the only coach to lose while netting 4 INts in a game is fact not excuse. Having the distinction of being the only coach in Florida history to lose to a Div 2 team is fact, not excuse.
      You could say that he has failed in recruiting enough O linemen as well.
      Many things you can say the are fact and bottom line he did not win enough games, at least he has owned up to that one.

      • Oldflyer says:

        Like I said. Thank you.

        The fact that you are still harping on 2013 exposes you. Anyone but a fool would consider that a throw away year, move on and not continue to obsess about it.

        Lost less games in 2014 than Spurrier and Charlie Strong; same number as Sumlin to name a few. But, only Champ can’t coach?

        Rant and rave on. I fully expect some folks to dwell on Muschamp’s shortcomings for the foreseeable future. Hell, some cry babies are still wailing about Zook.

        • 305Gator says:

          The only one ranting and raving is you about Muschamp being slighted, are you his crazy uncle? Why is it so hard for you to realize the guy can’t figure out how to run an offense? If don’t score you lose, ask Muschamp he knows, that is when he isn’t blaming Westbrook or Harris.
          But it’s OK we need a Muschamp apologist. You fit the bill.

          • Frank says:

            Wrong. There’s more than one crazy uncle…I’m with Oldflyer. We should never have fired Coach. We will regret it. Fire away…

  3. W2 says:

    Whew 305 laid it all out good job. Never heard a team not have enough O-lineman that’s usually a stacked position. Maybe whomever the coach is can get some Jr. College guys in.

  4. W2 says:

    Sorry fellas Coach had to go. He handcuffed the OC’s and only understood the defensive side of the ball. Good guy just not the right HC for UF. Go Gators

  5. 1974Gator says:

    This article was about O-lineman being in short supply. Muschamp leaving is OLD NEWS. Focus boys focus.

  6. Gator4Life says:

    Hey fellas let’s rally up for next year. I’m in Florida and never saw so many AL fans. Go home or welcome to the swamp! Go GATORS.

    • 305Gator says:

      You must be in the panhandle area, they call that the redneck riviera for a reason. Down in the 305 we have our Gators, Noles and Canes all well represented and no toilet -paper -detergent box yahoos at all.
      By all means let’s rally up and go get ’em next year. With a new coach and a competent QB from the get go we can win right away.
      Go Gators!

      • Gator4Life says:

        Oh yes I’m down here not by choice but in full Gator mode every day. And you are so right.Gator strong all day long.Thanks new chat friends.

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