FOUR BITS: Demps, locker room, Sanders, bowl

By Adam Silverstein
November 30, 2010

1 » Though Florida Gators junior running back Jeff Demps has missed most of the regular season after injuring his foot against Tennessee, the school’s track and field coach believes he will be ready for the upcoming season. “In talking to Jeff, everything is status-quo,” head coach Mike Holloway told GatorZone‘s Scott Carter. “The biggest thing with Jeff is: Jeff has another football game to play. When that football game is over, we’ll evaluate where he is going with track. Honestly, they are going through a tough time right now. My main concern is keeping his spirits up so he can keep helping the football team.” Demps won the 2010 NCAA Indoor Championship in the men’s 60-meter dash and the 2010 NCAA Outdoor Championship in the men’s 100-meter dash last season and is expected to be healthy for the team’s Jan. 15, 2011 debut.

2 » Contrary to reports that the Florida football team had damaged and trashed its locker room after the butt-whipping it was handed by the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday, FSU’s equipment staff has denied the story. According to The Florida Times-Union’s Michael DiRocco, the Gators’ equipment staff spoke with their Seminoles counterparts and was assured that the locker room was fine and rumor was false. The Orlando Sentinel also spoke with Florida State, which said the rumors have been “completely blown out of proportion” by those online. “To make it clear [Florida] did not trash the locker room in any way,” school spokesman Rob Wilson told the paper.

3 » Florida redshirt senior defensive tackle Terron Sanders said via his Twitter account that he had surgery on Monday to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. Though Sanders did not miss any time with the injury, the surgery will likely keep him out for the bowl game but get him healthy enough for NFL workouts early next year.

4 » With bowl games set to be announced shortly, all indications are that the Gators will be accepting a bid for the 2010 Gator Bowl, held on New Year’s Day in Jacksonville, FL. Should Florida be offered and decide to participate in the game, they will face a Big Ten opponent which would likely be either Penn State, Iowa or Michigan.

Photo Credit: Jim Burgess


  1. g8ter27 says:

    I think we did tear up the locker room!!! In fact, I saw it!!! it was Addazio! He should be let go for such poor behavior.

  2. HardToKillGtr says:

    Definitely did not tear up anything on the field during the game.

  3. Aligator says:

    I am so glad that at least we will have our skill positions in good shape next year and our defense shoudl be better. there is no way any of these guys can even think about leaving early for the NFL draft, especially with a proposed rookie salary cap and a lockout looming,

  4. g8ter27 says:

    yes I think Will Hill especially sank his hopes for an early entry into the draft. Jenkins, he was projected the 3rd best corner at the start of the year but i wonder where old mel Kiper has him at now?

  5. jhsizemore says:

    In reference to #2 on this list, please cite your sources. I called Wilson to confirm that he did indeed say this, only to find out that it was published in the Orlando Sentinel.,0,1954367.story

  6. Wingtee says:

    Reading between the lines and my
    curious nature , I have a bad feeling that Jeff Demps may forgo football next year and just work at track???? That’s just my intuition no basis for such statement

    • I don’t think there is any justification for that statement and I’m not sure what lines you are reading between? The track coach and team is Demps’ No. 2 priority. He skipped a major national event this year just because he would have missed one or two days of practice (I’m pretty sure we wrote about it). Track will always be there for him – but he’s a football player first.

  7. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Demps is not dumb – there’s no $$ in track after college…

  8. jhsizemore says:

    Adam – True, you did cite in the traditional, textual sense. I should’ve use the word “link” which you did not do. As an avid reader of other kinds of blogs, if something isn’t hyperlinked then I assume that there is nothing to hyperlink too. In other words, I assume that original reporting is being presented. This led me to believe that you had personally spoken with someone at the Orlando Sentinel and that you were reporting this for the first time.

    This impression was furthered by the fact that I had been googling the issue all day and your post was the first semi-official thing I came across that challenged the rumor.

    • jhsizemore- 90 percent of the time I go ahead and link to the article I am discussing. In this case, I was referring to a tweet from said reporter and there was nothing additional to include, therefore I didn’t. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Wingtee says:

    Adam if you would have read my response I said that it was my intuition and feeling that I thought Demps my go with track. I wish you would have read what I wrote rather than jump on my response with both feet. I certainly hope he plays football next year , I just think he is not and he can make more money in track. My justification , if you will would be that his foot is seriously injured and that is his meal ticket.

    I thought you were pretty rude in your response to me but why should I expect anything different ?

    • I read what you wrote and was not being rude in my reply. I didnt and don’t understand what lines you are reading between. I realize you were just throwing it out there and was replying with everything I knew about his situation with track to give you a comprehensive answer. If it came off otherwise, that was not my intention. I often reply to comments quickly as I am doing many other things at the time (writing).

  10. Wingtee says:

    Understand completley, not a problem. Hope we are cool. You were not rude, and even if you were , it’s your site , you can

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