Florida Gators down four spots to No. 12 in College Football Playoff Rankings

By Adam Silverstein
November 24, 2015

The fourth edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings were released Tuesday night, and the Florida Gators found themselves at No. 12 in the rankings, down four spots from a week ago despite improving to 10-1 with a 20-14 win against Florida Atlantic.

Florida opened at No. 10 three weeks ago before falling a spot to No. 11 after a close 9-1 win over Vanderbilt. After beating South Carolina, UF moved up three spots to No. 8.

Now, the Gators are not only the eighth one-loss team ranked, it is also slotted behind a pair of two-loss teams in Stanford (No. 9) and Michgian (No. 10).

No. 12 Florida and No. 13 Florida State will square off this week with a victory for the Gators absolutely putting a potential playoff spot on the line in the SEC Championship Game, likely against Alabama. Should UF lose, there’s no telling how far it would fall.

Here’s the new CFP Rankings:

1. Clemson (11-0)
2. Alabama (10-1)
3. Oklahoma (10-1)
4. Iowa (11-0)
5. Michigan State (10-1)
6. Notre Dame (10-1)
7. Baylor (9-1)
8. Ohio State (10-1)
9. Stanford (9-2)
10. Michigan (9-2)
11. Oklahoma State (10-1)
12. Florida (10-1)
13. Florida State (9-2)
14. North Carolina (10-1)
15. Navy (9-1)
16. Northwestern (9-2)
17. Oregon (8-3)
18. Ole Miss (8-3)
19. TCU (9-2)
20. Washington State (8-3)
21. Mississippi State (8-3)
22. UCLA (8-3)
23. Utah (8-3)
24. Toledo (9-1)
25. Temple (9-2)


  1. Sharon Milner says:

    I don’t think the Gators can expect to win Saturday unless there is a huge change in the offensive line. Treon Harris needs to show up.

  2. Dave Massey says:

    This committee is awful. Bring back the BCS system to determine the top four. Far less bias and opinion.

  3. GDave says:

    This is probably where we belong. There’s nothing to bitch about since this is a great place to be after the last 5 years! Coach Mac (and staff) have done a terrific job and the team has played as great as they can. None of us thought for one minute that we’d be here with 10 wins to date! I am a very happy Gator this year! Go Gators!

  4. Ken (CA) says:

    Mildly surprised at that but not shocked. Expected us to drop 1-2 spots, but 4 is a bit crazy. It doesn’t matter anyway. Beat FSU and don’t get blown out against Bama, and we in a NY6 Bowl. Win out we are in the playoff. The team still holds its fate in its own hands

  5. Brandon says:

    College Football…where a win is not always a win in the eyes of the committee.


    I’m not sure the SEC East is awful. Missouri beat BYU after losing to us, South Carolina beat North Carolina, a team that crushed their ACC opponents. TN and Georgia still appear to be good (not great) teams. Kentucky and Vandy have always been bad.. When Bowl games come, SEC teams still seem to beat more opponents than they lose to from other conferences. UF defense does not get credit it deserves and sometimes a defense can win championships for you in low scoring games.

    Michigan has two losses and almost lost to Indiana, if not coming back for an overtime win, I think they are overrated. When lose to Ohio State this week, hopefully they will drop, but can’t tell with this biased panel of experts picking. Pac 10 has proven to be a lesser conference and Stanford still higher than it should be. ND should drop them in rankings

    • Dave Massey says:

      Don’t worry about what half ass u troll says.

      • Spuntly says:

        +1 ^. Don’t even read a sentence of his desperate pleas to tarnish our over achievements this year and to try and make the ACC look like it compares to the SEC. He, regardless of his ever changing username, displays the ignorance and classlessness that is so common among fans of the school out west. Your intelligence will drop a level from littering your brain with such incomprehensible nonsense. It’s not worth it.

  7. Dave Massey says:

    Hey michael j or eggboy or hairyhoney or whatever name you want to call yourself, you are not fooling me. Why don’t you go to the land of Oz and get a heart you cowardly ass OR maybe go mate with a walrus. You are complaining about our schedule. Your half ass u boys have only beaten one 8-3 team, an FCS team. We have beaten two. You failed to mention we beat an 8-3 GA team. You guys have beaten no ranked teams and have only played one, which you lost to. Not to mention you lost to a 3-8 team. I’m sure our offense would be rated a lot higher against that schedule you guys played, which includes five three win teams. While you are in Oz why don’t you pick up a set of balls too.

    • 305Gator says:

      mate with a walrus……………….
      Massey you are too funny man
      Our offensive numbers have declined since Treon became the starter by default but as long as we keep winning who cares.
      We should be able to handle the criminoles as long as Treon doesn’t give the game away.

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