UPDATE #2: Gators Nike Pro Combat uniform

By Adam Silverstein
November 17, 2009

OGGOA first reported on Nov. 9 that the Florida Gators will be wearing special uniforms against the Florida State Seminoles in their regular season finale on Nov. 28. Just one day later, we followed up on that story with exclusive information about *almost* every detail we could uncover including a picture of the uniform and other specifications.

Now a week later, OGGOA has once again been provided with exclusive information about the design of the uniform. The Gators’ Nike Pro Combat helmets will be white (see left) with a blue “F” instead of the standard cursive “Gators” design on the sides. The “F” is in the same font featured on Florida’s baseball hats as well as in the end zones at The Swamp. (See elementary mock-up created by yours truly. Probably a darker shade of blue.) We have also learned that the Gators’ Nike Zoom Air cleats will be covered in alligator skin (similar to OGGOA‘s background) with traces of orange and blue.

As the tag line implies, Florida will be wearing these unis as they attempt to “Finish the Mission” of a 12-0 regular season – the first in team history. The University of Florida‘s Sports Information Department is expected to release all of these details and more at some point within the next week. OGGOA will be sure to post anything else we hear definitively about the uniform in the meantime.

Nike’s Pro Combat uniforms are said to be 37% lighter than current designs and utilize a four-way stretch twill that does not hold sweat or water. Additional features include Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, evaporation and cooling zones, more padding zones and improved ventilation and breathability. Players will also wear Nike Vapor Trail 2.0 gloves (above) and Nike Zoom Air cleats that are light weight and feature better cushioning in the heel.


  1. Brittany says:

    These uniforms look and sound awesome, I can’t wait to see them.

  2. Gator says:

    “As the tag line implies, Florida will be wearing these unis as they attempt to “Finish the Mission” of an undefeated regular season – the first in team history.”

    1995’s undefeated regular season says “hi”

  3. Pete says:

    It’s actually a stand (non-italicized) F.
    See this photo here of Tebow wearing it http://lilymommy2000.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/florida-gators.jpg

  4. Actually Pete, that is Tebow wearing a throwback uniform that celebrated the Florida Gators’ 100th anniversary of playing football. The helmet looks like it will be very similar, but the F will be different and more like what is pictured above.

  5. Nuke says:

    the 1995 undefeated regular season!!! hello???!!!

  6. In 1995, the Gators went 11-0 in the regular season, won the SEC Championship and then lost to Nebraska. If the Gators win their next two games, it will be their first 12-0 undefeated regular season. Hello!

  7. Gator says:


    Did you really edit your blog entry so that you could argue with the people who corrected your original post?

  8. Gator,

    Would you have preferred that I left it as incorrect? I changed it as soon as I approved your first comment and well before “Nuke” replied. Thank you for your concern and for reading OGGOA.

  9. Ron Zook says:

    This really is all correctible…

  10. UF Alum says:

    Actually Adam some of us would have preferred that you acknowledged your mistake and thanked the reader for bringing it to your attention instead of splitting hairs over an 11-0 vs. a 12-0 regular season.

  11. Coach Steve says:

    I sure hope this new uni makes our explosives play better

  12. Ron Zook – …haha…it is all correctable with bubble screens and draw plays!

    UF Alum – Obviously you have not been reading this site for a long time because whenever a correction is pointed out, your “preference” that is exactly what I do. In this instance, it was a clarification not a correction. I am not trying to split hairs, just provide for you the best site possible. But I appreciate your contribution and your preference is duly noted. I hope you continue to enjoy the site. Now let’s get back on topic – thank you.

    Coach Steve – I literally laughed out loud when I heard him say “explosives.” Truly comical.

  13. Corch says:

    Is it our mission to win 12 games? No it is not.

    Is it our mission to win 14 games? You betcha

  14. Lane Kiffin says:

    But you do admit that your first entry was incorrect, right?

  15. I wouldn’t have had to clarify it had it been correct. So yes.

  16. Austin Vidrine says:

    Will the helmets go on sell anytime soon?

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