10/30: D.J. Humphries (MCL) out 2-4 weeks

By Adam Silverstein
October 30, 2013

Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp made his scheduled appearance Wednesday on the Southeastern Conference‘s weekly coaches teleconference and touched on a number of topics surrounding his team heading into Saturday’s neutral-site contest against the Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville, FL.


While he was practicing to save his starting left tackle job on Monday, sophomore D.J. Humphries sprained his MCL and has been ruled out of action for the next 2-4 weeks, Muschamp announced. “He’s a quick-recovery guy. It’s the other knee that he had sprained from earlier in the season. So we’re hoping just two weeks on it and get him back out there,” he said.

Humphries will be replaced on the left side of the line by redshirt sophomore Tyler Moore, who was on his way to losing his starting right tackle job after another poor performance last week. Junior transfer Trenton Brown will start at right tackle in his place. Redshirt junior left guard Max Garcia may also play some left tackle in Saturday’s game as he cross-trained at the position during the bye week.


The rest of the injury news was positive for a change.

Redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy (shoulder) is fine and redshirt junior linebacker Ronald Powell (ankle) practiced Tuesday for the first time in more than two weeks. He and senior defensive tackle Damien Jacobs (head) are both “good to go” for the game. Redshirt junior LB Darrin Kitchens (shoulder) was also able to practice Tuesday, but his status remains up in the air at this time.


» Freshmen DTs Joey Ivie and Jay-nard Bostwick have been playing well in practice and may see the field on Saturday. Both players are currently redshirt candidates as neither has stepped on the field this season.

» On whether freshman running back Kelvin Taylor reminds Muschamp of Fred Taylor: “I don’t think that’s fair with Kelvin, to compare him to his father. Kelvin’s his own player and he’s a really good football player. He’s got natural running instincts. He’s a one-cut runner, gets the ball north and south. He’s a guy that’s got some special ability. But the thing that’s really struck me as we’ve moved forward in the season is him doing a better job in protection and some of the other things you got to do at the running back position besides running the ball. He’s really worked extremely hard off the field on those things, and I’m really proud of him.”

» On if he feels bad for Georgia with their injury problems: “Not necessarily. I hurt for young men. These guys put a lot of time and effort into playing college football, and it’s hard, no matter where you are. By the time you put in offseason workouts, spring practice, summer workouts, people don’t realize the amount of time and effort they put in to playing college football. … You don’t want anyone to get hurt. That’s not good for anybody. That’s not good for college football.”

» On Bulldogs RB Todd Gurley: “He’s a back that, whether they block him or not, he gains positive yards. You don’t see many negative plays when he’s in the game. He runs. The thing that strikes me with the guy is he competes, he competes on every run. He goes after it every play. He’s a guy that’s certainly got the speed to take it the distance at any time. … He’s a big, physical back that’s got really good speed. He’s got the combination you want. He catches the ball out of the backfield well, he protects. He’s a complete back, no question.”


  1. cline says:

    This injury stuff is insane. Some evaluations should be made as to how we practice or the cleats we use or something. too many knee issues for there not to be an issue somewhere.

  2. aziatic41 says:

    Another key injury. Not a surprise. Our injuries under Muschamp’s tenure have been horrific and ridiculous. Kind of like our offense. Another injury doesn’t surprise me.

  3. GatorCooken says:

    I personally think it’s coincidence and has just been an unclucky season, but with all this Olympic training that Dillman is doing, I wonder if we’re focusing on the correct muscles that need to be strong. Gotta keep those quads and hammys strong and loose for the season. Are we still working on flexibility? Just my wonderings…

  4. g8ter27 says:

    On pulling a red shirt off two kids to play mop up in a game where we likely get our asses handed to us anyway. “Sounds like a good idea, saw those two standing there on the sideline last week and was like”who is that?” so thought I would throw them in there mid 4th quarter this week and take away there red shirt”.

  5. g8ter27 says:

    Will uses the wrong form of “their” as well.

  6. SWFL Joe says:

    So a guy who has lost his right tackle job because he is a turnstile is now the guy in charge of protecting our only serviceable QB’s blindside. Yeah, this is going to end well.

    • G2 says:

      Could get almost comical. They load the box since we don’t throw well, stuff the run and we are done.
      Murphy better sack up….roll out and throw downfield, otherwise we don’t even move the ball.
      Champ better pull something out of his ars, he needs this game!

    • gatorboi352 says:

      Perhaps Will is crying out for help, and this is his way of saying he wants to be fired? We should all look inward at our own demons.

      Seriously its like he’s writing the How To For Dummy’s on tanking at your job.

  7. Sam Andreu says:

    Have been reading ‘Champs quotes all year. Dunno if it’s his language or paraphrasing by the writers or just me… Does it seem like he uses “you hope THEY block” or “you hope they do this”.? It seems like he doesn’t own his team and it’s actions. Hate to see all these kids get hurt. Don’t believe anybody would have ever guessed it would be this way. It “feels” like there is someone smart enough at the UFAA TO GET “THESE” PROBLEMS SOLVED.

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