FOUR BITS: Antwine done. Marsh, Howard back. Deonte frustrated. Three Hadens? UGA game.

By Adam Silverstein
October 27, 2009

1 » Updating a previous report on the injury sustained by defensive tackle Brandon Antwine (shoulder), it looks as if he could be sidelined for the season, according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. Antwine is deciding whether or not to undergo surgery on his shoulder, which would be the second time in his career an injury would sideline him for the season (torn ACL, 2008). The Florida Gators have struggled to keep the interior of their defensive line healthy this season, relying on back-ups and third-stringers to fill in for most of the games. However, starters Lawrence Marsh (ankle) and Jaye Howard (knee) are both expected to return Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs.

2 » Fans and media have been frustrated with the production from wide receiver Deonte Thompson this season, but it is actually Thompson who is frustrated with the lack of opportunities he has had to produce for the Gators. Several times on Saturday, Thompson was wide open and visibly seen trying to get quarterback Tim Tebow’s attention. When Tebow did not look his way, Thompson “was seen making hand gestures […] as if to say, ‘forget it.’” Head coach Urban Meyer plans to speak with him about his frustrations. “I’ll have a little chat with Deonte about that,” Meyer said. “Because we don’t need that. We need to go as hard as we can, and that’s what we do right now. I don’t mind guys that play very hard, and I think they share their frustration that competitors have. He plays very hard, he blocks well, he runs good routes. That’s fine. But if you ask (about it) again next week, there’s a chance Deonte won’t be playing.”

Two more interesting BITS after the jump…

3 » Four-star safety Jordan Haden, younger brother of Florida cornerback Joe, is committed to the Gators for 2010 and will be joining his brother on campus in the spring to get a head start on next season. But could there be another Haden joining the fold? According to Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel, brother Josh, a running back, is transferring from the Boston College Eagles, though his destination is unknown. Should Josh transfer to Florida and Joe not declare for the NFL Draft, there could be three Hadens on the Gators in 2010.

4 » The Gators appear vulnerable while the Bulldogs are coming off their most impressive game of the 2009 season. But even if Florida is ripe to be had, has Georgia ripened enough to take them down? If they have, the Bulldogs will still have to contend with the Gators’ defense, a major concern for head coach Mark Richt. One thing the Florida-Georgia game does do is shatter national championship dreams; it has happened a few times of note according to the Florida Times-Union.


  1. FightinGator says:

    That’s bs from Meyer on Deonte. Deonte is right. But nobody comains about tebow to Papa meyer. He clearly favors tebow above all other players. Has Meyer ever said anything negative about Tim. Is he allowed to be called out like any other player for his mistakes and weaknesses. Acc to meyer no

  2. miamigator says:

    It looks like Tebow has given up on the long route, not having much time & being pressed to complete something so they can dive the middle with futility for 3 yards & a first down before TT scrambles for the last 2.

  3. miamigator says:

    Tebow will NOT have time to throw the bomb working out of an empty backfield… The rush is obvious… DUH Understand Addazio?

  4. miamigator says:

    If the DAWGS have not gameplanned for this Gator offense, they should be fired as many UGA fans are screaming! (Their win over Vandy can’t be considered much of an accomplishment.)

  5. Brittany says:

    FightenGator- I would agree that Coach Meyer favors Tebow to all the other players. And while Thompson may be correct that he is not getting the ball even when he is open that doesn’t give him the right to show his fustration on the field. As cheesy as it is the old saying ‘there is no I in Team’ is true. Thompson showing frustration on the field shows that there could possibly be a rift in the team and that will only fire up our opponets and they don’t need any more incentive to beat us.

    As far as the Bulldogs are concerned I don’t see them beating us. I think that we will step it up fot this game and get it done. I’m not going to go as far as to say that it will be a total beatdown like last year but our boys haven’t forgotten 2007, and I think they wll pull it all together to get the win.

  6. TO STEVE/hartts –

    Tried e-mailing you back but ATT bounced it back to me saying my e-mail account was “blocked.” When it gets fixed, I will e-mail you back. To sum up my e-mail: “thank you.”

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