FOUR BITS: Wambach, Tebow, Graham, JUCO

By Adam Silverstein
October 22, 2011

1 » Former Florida Gators striker Abby Wambach, who served as captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team that competed for the 2011 World Cup this summer in Germany, was named Sportswoman of the Year this week by the Women’s Sports Foundation. Wambach scored four goals for the United States in the World Cup and led the Americans all the way to the final match where they eventually lost to Japan on penalty kicks. She was awarded the Silver Ball and Bronze Boot awards by FIFA for her efforts over the course of the event.

2 » With the immense amount of coverage Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has received this week, some appear to believe that he will be starting his first career NFL game on Sunday. That would be incorrect. Tebow actually started the final three games of the 2010 season and led Denver to a 1-2 record including a come-from-behind victory and near come-from-behind win in the final two contests. Stepping on the field against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Tebow will actually be making his fourth career start, though this one is without a coaching change and with the season still very young.

3 » The hype may be surrounding Tebow on Sunday, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Earnest Graham is probably the bigger story. Graham, who has not rushed for 100 yards in a season since 2008, accomplished that feat last week filling in as the team’s starter for the injured LeGarrette Blount. After serving as a reserve rusher for Tampa Bay from 2004-06, Graham became the team’s primary starter from 2007-08 when he ran the ball a combined 354 times for 1,461 yards and 10 touchdowns. He has returned to a backup role since but continued to be productive carrying the ball; this year he’s averaging 5.5 yards per carry – the best mark of his career.

4 » Florida is looking to the junior college ranks for some help up front, targeting three linemen from the state of Mississippi according to the Orlando Sentinel’s Chris Hays. Their primary target, he reports, is East Mississippi Community College defensive tackle Brandon Moore, though they are also looking at DT Damien Jacobs and Northwest Mississippi Community College offensive tackleDonald Dawkins. With the other two players already committed to Tennessee and Oklahoma State, respectively, Moore is undecided and is looking to make his choice after this season is over. “I’ve had interest in Florida since high school,” Moore told the Sentinel. “Right now I’m just focused on getting my schoolwork right and this football season. We’re 7-0 and we want to keep that going.”


  1. DRU2012 says:

    Going the Juco-route is “new territory” for us, but a welcome move, all things considered. In fact, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to linemen only–here’s hoping maybe they run across some last-chance, once-touted-now-looking for-redemption QB too.
    I know, not much chance of that, but at least we’re out there LOOKING now.
    With all the “5-Star Clowns” and talented losers the last regime saddled us with, replacing them and filling the large number of open scholarships we already have leaves a lot of room for the wholesale, fundamental changes required and intended by the new Head Coach and his staff.

  2. dp says:

    I agree….some hungry, wanting to prove something JUCO kids might be just what we need. I tired of getting pushed around…I want some tough bad ass football players to come in and start knocking some people ( qb’s in particular) on their tail. Go Gators

  3. SaraGator says:

    Adam forgot another bit of news from today: Gators did NOT lose today!

    Go Gators!

  4. aziatic41 says:

    I agree with you guys totally. Juco kids are usually hungry and ready to play right away. With good lineman being so hard to find and land in the high school ranks, I think this is a very clever idea by Muschamp by going the juco route to find some big mean nasty lineman. You see every week how Alabama and LSU lineman are just destroying opponents and really controlling games. When we play you aren’t seeing anything even close to that. We really need to change the culture of our team right now. We need physical intimidating explosive playmakers at all positions. I’d also like for Muschamp to go after a big physical inside linebacker and a playmaking wide receiver from the juco ranks.

    Here at UF the expectations are to win now! Rebuilding years for us is still being competitive and winning 9 or 10 games, not winning 6 or 7. Lets get this thing turned around. We need to win our remaining games to boost recruiting, confidence, etc..

    • SC Gator says:

      Ehh… yes and know. On the whole the only Juco players that actually tend to work out well finishing off their college careers are ones that would have been 4 and 5 star guys going to those same colleges from the get-go had grades, off field issues, or transfers not sent them down to the Juco level in the first place. Problem is, those players tend to be few and their is usually a reason why they were at a Juco in the first place.

      Still, when it works it works well. See Cam Newton or RFN for good examples.

  5. dp says:

    Hey Adam…will the Gator celebration today be televised?

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