Brown being pursued, Riggs stays silent

By Adam Silverstein
October 22, 2009

It should be no surprise to Florida Gators fans that if a player is committed or being sought after by the Orange and Blue, Tennessee Volunteers head coach Lane Kiffin is one step behind trying to swipe them away. The same goes for four star running back commitment Mack Brown (Lithonia, GA), who committed to the Gators back on July 24.

Brown, who contends that his “commitment [to Florida] is strong,” said the Vols, Alabama Crimson Tide and North Carolina Tar Heels are still pursuing him. In fact, Kiffin even made a theatrical entrance to one of his games in an attempt to impress. “I saw a red helicopter over my head and I was like, ‘who’s in that up there?’” Brown told Rivals. It was Kiffin, of course, angling for Brown to take a visit to Knoxville, TN. The only visit Brown has planned is one to Gainesville, FL, for the Gators game against the Florida State Seminoles. “I talk to Florida every two days at least,” he said. “They like my running style and they want me to come in at 215 (pounds) to be an every down runner.”

Then there is four-star cornerback recruit Cody Riggs, who I had the chance to watch in-person a few weeks ago when his St. Thomas Aquinas High School team took on Byrnes High School from South Carolina in a game that pitted the top two teams in the nation head-to-head. Riggs is widely considered to be very close to committing to the Gators, but has yet to do so and is putting off his decision.

Riggs just came back from a visit to South Bend, IN, and came away saying that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have gained ground with him. “I liked it a lot,” Riggs told Rivals. “I was definitely impressed by everything. Now everybody is equal.” Florida will seemingly get the last shot at Riggs, who plans to visit Gainesville in November. “I’ve never been to a game in The Swamp,” he said.

Now onto the speculation. From what I have been told, Brown’s commitment to the Gators is as solid as it gets. Not only did he choose Florida over his home team, the Georgia Bulldogs, he has also had a heavy hand in recruiting his peers to come to Gainesville. Head coach Urban Meyer appears to have made his own commitment to Brown to utilize a more traditional running game in which he would be featured. Riggs, in my opinion, could be more easily swayed considering the Gators’ depth in the secondary.


  1. ReptilesRule says:

    I heard that when Kiffins puny little low rent helicopter went over the stadium that everyone in the stands were looking around to see who had the remote control…

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    A chopper, comon Kiffin, this isn’t frat recruiting. What’s next, rent a plane to fly a banner over the field to “Come Play In Rocky Top” and Fajita night?

    If Kiffen wants to recruit he needs to start passing out nudes and nights out with his wife.

  3. uf_84 says:

    Gator Nation really needs to stop letting this clown get into our heads. He’s just a Spurrier wannabe who doesn’t ammount to a hair on the Ol’ Ball Coache’s arse. He’s got to keep running his stupid mouth to keep his little peeon program in the news and pacify UT’s huge inferiority complex. It’s embarrasing how much of a distraction we’ve let him become. Please stop justifing his ignorant comment’s with replies.

  4. uf_84, I understand where you are coming from. But I don’t think mocking Kiffin (which is what the two guys above you did) is letting him get into their heads. It is just amazing what lengths he is going to in order to try and woo these kids.

  5. Gatorfan33 says:

    It is just a matter of time before he slips up and commits a major recruiting violation. Either that or let his mouth combined with the poor record that UT has get on the nerves of all of the UT boosters and he get fired.

  6. Daniel M. says:

    I was at the recent Palm Beach County High School game that was doused by a close flying helicopter that was releasing mosquito poison. The spray burned everyones eyes. I wonder if Kiffin was in that chopper?

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