FOUR BITS: Noah, Foley, Mizzou, Donovan

By Adam Silverstein
October 21, 2013

1 » You will be seeing plenty of center Joakim Noah on ESPN during the 2013-14 NBA season and not just because the Chicago Bulls are expected to be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Noah was chosen to star in one of ESPN‘s comical NBA on ESPN tour bus television advertisements, which you can check out below.

Though Noah has recovered from the plantar fasciitis that forced him to miss large chunks of the last two seasons, he was recently shut down for the remainder of the preseason due to a groin injury. According to the Chicago Tribune, he is in “serious jeopardy” of not being available for the Bulls’ season opener, though the player is not concerned. “I want to be out there,” Noah said. “We’re looking good. But I have to be healthy. It sucks, especially this early in the season. … Of course I would rather be playing right now. But we have to do the right thing. This is the right thing to do. Just move forward and let it heal. I’ll be back in no time.”

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2 » Columnist Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun caught up with Florida Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley following his team’s devastating 36-17 road loss to the Missouri Tigers. Asked about the future of head coach Will Muschamp, who is 22-11 overall and has lost five of his last six games against ranked opponents, Foley was defiant that no one was leaving any time soon. “[Muschamp’s] not going anywhere, and I’m not going anywhere,” Foley said, according to Dooley. Muschamp is signed through the end of the 2017 season and has received a pair of one-year contract extensions since being hired prior to the 2011 campaign.

3 » Credit the Mizzou student section for not just pulling off a quality Gator Chomp taunt but doing so both in unison and in time with Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

4 » According to ESPN’s Andy Katz, Florida basketball will be holding its annual “secret scrimmage” on Oct. 26 but will actually play away from home when the team travels to Valdosta, GA, to take on Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Gators hosted Rollins College – featuring former UF players Adam Allen and Kyle McClanahan – last season and squared off with UCF (and former Florida assistant Donnie Jones) the year prior. College basketball teams are allowed to play a combination of two total scrimmages or exhibition games though head coach Billy Donovan has always opted for one of each. He will not be able to discuss Saturday’s scrimmage. The Gators will face Florida Southern in an exhibition game on Friday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. in Gainesville, FL.


  1. SWFL Joe says:

    I hope Muschamp puts that chomp on a continuous loop in the meeting rooms, weight room, training room, locker room and dining hall.

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    I just don’t see where we go with Muschamp. This team is so putrid it isn’t even watchable. I had lots of cringing last 2 seasons, but was able to stick it out. Even before it got out of hand on Saturday I found myself channel surfing and just flipping back now and then to see if it got any better. Even if he gets the perfect personnel and goes 14-0, with his offensive philosophy, games are going to continue to be incredibly boring to watch and the slightest mistake is “well, here we go again” mentality for the viewer.

    I haven’t seen a team this out of sync and unwatchable since pre-Pell days. Even Galen Hall at least had the excuse that he was on probation, and as boring as offenses were, got to watch Emmitt.

    Defense may win championships, but offense fills the stands and the TV ratings. No offense = no watch. that 6-3 defensive struggle LSU had a couple of years ago was often touted as one of the worst SEC games in many years…

    • G2 says:

      I don’t know….2010-11 was pretty difficult to watch but I feel your pain. Now the defense has taken a huge step back. Champs dangerously close to loosing the casual fan (boring football), even some avid fans are jumping ship.
      Florida football was built on offense and scoring, with some really good defensive teams thrown in along the way. We know that formula can work (3 national titles in a 12 year period), this conservative 2 yards up the middle crap is doomed to fail. Muschamps too old school to be a great fit at UF. Another year is only going to put us in a bigger hole!Foley may get the message when attendance drops to new lows.

  3. Alex says:

    I’m somewhere in the upper left-hand corner of that video. I have to say, we must have some of the whiniest fans in college football. Granted, we were getting whipped, but the people around me we’re even crying about Taylor’s drive. Calm down and enjoy the game, y’all.

  4. Matthew says:

    Enjoy that game?!? Are you on crack?

  5. Oldflyer says:

    Hey Ken, nobody is making you watch. Go have some cheese and whine.

    Missouri is 5th and Miami is 6th in the BCS. LSU, even after the ambush at Ole Miss is 13th. I would say that on the putrid index your post is worse than the Gator’s play.

    Hurry and you may find room on the FSU bandwagon; but it is filling fast.

    • fphingator says:

      Oldflier hit the nail. Foley has added so much more to the athletic department than football.How Gators many won medals at the olympics? Get off the bandwagon then,losing with integrity is worth more than selling your soul. OSU is winning big go root for the Bucks.

  6. b hays says:

    I agree with Joe!! Play that video continuously…in every single room on the football complex!! Gotta dig deep and find a way to beat Georgia! Would help soften the blow of this season some! Go Gators!!

  7. Jared says:

    Facts are facts and Muschamp is just not getting the job done. Our offense is so bad that our defense actually seemed to give up. Right now we will be in a dog fight with Vandy to be bowl eligible. Its year 3 and we have the worst offense in the SEC. I am sorry but that’s not acceptable.

    Muschamp was a risk because this is his 1st head coaching job. I am confident a coach like Petrino could have us competing for an SEC Championship with this team next year. I think he’s perfect cause he’ s a great qb coach, recruiter and he knows Florida would be his last chance. IMO, why give Muschamp another year when better options are out there.

    • W says:

      Sorry, I can’t get on board with this at all.

      -Our defense didn’t give up; they were overmatched and undermanned. Missing the two best DTs on the roster, having a starting safety ejected on the first play, and having several others playing below 100% will probably result in some ugly numbers. It’s convenient to your argument to say the offense made them give up, but the defense was just in no position to win us that game.

      -It’s year 3 and we have a quarterback who just made his fourth collegiate start, an injured starting running back, no RB who knows anything about pass pro, a totally mismatched OL because our starting RT is out, poor OL coaching, no tight end production to speak of, and the fact that Trey Burton (a Meyer recruit) is our most consistent receiving target says something about the state of our passing game.

      -What about Petrino’s track record makes you think he would be any different results-wise than Muschamp? If you show me evidence, I’ll buy your argument. A school being a coach’s “last chance” probably has no impact on his ability to coach. Either you’re a good coach or you’re not.

      -The better options that are out there are probably headed for the two most lucrative jobs in college football, USC and Texas. If we’re going to try and upgrade from Muschamp, we’re going to go for one of the big boys, and the only big boys on the move this offseason will go to those two schools.

  8. Rich says:

    I have to admit, I’m a bit concerned. I have never doubted Muschamp at all but I’m starting to at least consider the possibility that he needs to get us to the next level. I know the man can recruit, I know he works his butt off and I know he is a players coach. I can also appreciate we are down so many starters. But, look at our team vs. Miami, most everyone who matters was playing and the offense still was not producing. We have not been consistent on offense since #15 walked off the field at the Sugar Bowl for the last time.

    I’m not calling for Muschamp to be fired, I’m not in panic mode but it’s clear this team is 6-6 at best and that is just not right. It’s his third season and we put 150 yards offense up on Missouri?

    He needs some more firepower recruiting Offensive skill players. He can coach and recruit the best on defense but clearly we need firepower on offense.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I have to agree with all of that Rich. As concerning as how putrid the offense remains is the fact that we are one of the most penalized teams in the country as well. Miami, LSU, Mizzou none of which have particularly great defenses – at least until our offense showed up to make them look stout and impressive. One missing right tackle doesn’t excuse how poor this line has produced in pass OR run protection all season. Even when they add in the extra lineman we still are lucky to get a few yards.

      Yes we are decimated by injuries, and the defense was clearly gassed at the end of Mizzou and LSU, but that was primarily because the offense produced nothing most of the day. We have also clearly had a huge drop off defending against the run with Easley out for the year, but still have mostly managed to hold in the crunch.

      Our special teams and offense however are horrid, aside from the 100 yard return, they are complete liabilities and ineffectual.

  9. 305Gator says:

    You fellas need to relax. It is premature to call for Muschamp to be fired at this stage. We do need big time improvement on the offensive side of the ball, QB and O line are the most glaring needs. We have the RB, problem is he hasn’t been used much, we need kelvin Taylor to be the starting RB. Our offensive woes will not be fixed this season for lack of personnel, so we have to look at next year, we have the potential QB coming in Wil Grier, we need to recruit more O linemen. We need to light a fire under those TEs we have or go get some others.
    This season is over since we will not be going to Atlanta. I do think we will find a way to beat Georgia and win enough games to become bowl eligible but the offense needs to wake up during this off week. Muschamp needs to put all the offensive coaches and players on notice. The changes he made with the kicker and punter seem to be working, let’s hope he can do the same for the offense, should have done it 2 losses ago.

  10. Michael Jones says:

    I’m with Oldflyer, W, and 305Gator on this one. Also agree with Alex that, sadly, we have some of the whiniest fans in the nation. I am not surprised to hear that they were complaining even while Taylor’ was running beautifully during that drive. We’re miserable when we lose, and we’re miserable when we win. Perfect example is Ken whining about going 14-0 but it being “boring.” Unbelievable.

    A true football fan appreciates good defense just as much as good offense. This isn’t flag football or arena football. It’s SEC football. You want fireworks and special effects? Go watch a retread Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have to confess that I’ve done my fair share of bitching and moaning about Muschamp’s offense. But his recent public statements suggest that he’s admitting that adjustments are necessary, so I’m good with that. We’ve had ungodly injuries this season–more than our fair share. Last year’s season was unbelievable and judging by how some of those guys are performing in the NFL I can see why. I say Muschamp’s earned a pass on this season and deserves at least a few more years to recruit his kind of lineman (particularly on offense) and see where this goes.

    I think it’s way too early to give up on Muschamp.

    Note to all of you who refer to USC, Texas, and others as the “big boys,” you really need to see someone about self-esteem counseling. We’re big boys too. I’d put the Gator job right up there with any program in this country. Shame on you and your small-mindedness. That inferiority complex crap is contagious. Knock it off.

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