Gators football Tuesday 10/20 injury update

By Adam Silverstein
October 20, 2009

Florida Gators seniors, middle linebacker Brandon Spikes (groin, Achilles tendonitis) and defensive end Jermaine Cunningham (groin), both sat out practice on Tuesday. On Monday, head coach Urban Meyer told reporters Spikes is probable for Saturday’s game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Meyer confirmed on Tuesday that both Spikes and Cunningham are probable, so one would assume they were just being given extra time to rest and rehab.

Also off to the side on Tuesday were redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Jaye Howard (knee), junior DE Justin Trattou (biceps tendon) and redshirt junior DT Lawrence Marsh (ankle). Meyer said he is hopeful that Howard will be able to play Saturday, while Marsh and Trattou both remain doubtful.

As far as players who have already been ruled out for the 2009 season, freshman wide receiver Andre Debose (hamstring) is expected to be able to participate in spring practice while sophomore left tackle Matt Patchan (torn ACL) has been ruled out but should be able to return for summer practice.

Additional note: Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, speaking to reporters about his running backs after Tuesday’s practice, noted that he was becoming more and more impressed with the play of redshirt junior Emmanuel Moody. It was noted that Moody saw limited action Saturday because the Arkansas Razorbacks were forcing runs to the edges while Florida prefers to run Moody up the middle. However, Addazio added as a caveat that he also had two other good tailbacks (alluding to sophomore Jeff Demps and redshirt sophomore Chris Rainey) on the team.

Special thanks to Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel and Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post for some of the information contained in this post.


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  2. Gatormiami says:

    Addazio is full of shit! They ran up the middle umpteen times (to no avail) Besides, Moody’s average is 3 carries per game

  3. c00klyn says:

    Runs to the edges???? I’d love to see us throw a couple tosses in for Demps and Rainey, but 90% of our run game is that little shit up the middle… If we’re gonna continue with that play, how bout let Moody get some more touches??

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    Steve…..really? Nobody is buying your bullshit. He is a Moody racist and it shows. If they want to establish the power game then they need to drop the 25 Tebow carries and let Moody tote the rock and make some plays like we know he can.

  5. It really does seem like a cop-out statement, doesn’t it?

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    Yes, we all know his routine. Run Moody 3 -5 plays for 20 yards in the first half and bench him for Tebow dive plays in the 3rd/4th quarter.

  7. Mr2Bits says:

    Damn….I need an edit button or to spell check my post before the submit button….oh well.

  8. Fixed it for you. If you register to the site and create an account, I think you can edit your posts.

  9. BDoc says:

    The way that Moody seems to be underutilized makes me wonder if Meyer only accepted his transfer so that USC would have one less weapon. I understand he’s had some fumbling problems, but Brandon James fumbled at the 8yd line on Saturday and he still saw action on offense later in the game.

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  11. Gatormiami says:

    Addazio is lying to Gator Nation! I counted the dives up the middle on replay of Arkansas game. There were 13, not counting those by Tebow. Moody carried on 2 of those, but Addazio loves for Moody to run up the middle??? And the Gators have 2 other fine RBs??? Demps, Rainey & JAMES have proven that they can’t run up the middle successfully. James doesn’t belong in the backfield…too easy to tackle (My granny could stop him.)….And he’s the one with fumble-itis. Use him as an alternate reciever, but let’s get him back as a return specialist!

    It’s not too late to get the Gators back on track, but Addazio’s comments indicate to me that he’s on the defensive & will say anything to excuse his actions. To me that’s worse than saying he disagrees with 90% of Gator fans who have eyes & understand where the problem lies. Addazio is the problem…and if Urban can’t see it, then he’s not the coach that I thought he was. From comment on this thred, I’m not the only one who sees the truth & tells it like it is!

    I say, Addazio, get back to working on an underperforming O-Line & leave the coordinating to someone with knowledge of the backs & a little imagination. ( Did you notice that Urban felt it neccessary to compliment Addazio on the last drive in his Sunday show? That told me that he’s trying hard to show support for his OC, desrving or NOT.)

  12. Gatormiami says:

    I’m to the point of believing that Moody isn’t carrying because using him would prove that Addazio has been so wrong for so long….

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