Twitter Chatter: Former Gators comment as Florida gets blasted 42-13 by Missouri

By Adam Silverstein
October 19, 2014

In a new feature here on, we take a look at what former and current Florida Gators players had to say on social media during and after the game.

Florida (3-3, 2-3 SEC) was roasted 42-13 at home by the Missouri Tigers (5-2, 2-1 SEC), which forced six turnovers, scored four return touchdowns (two on special teams) and absolutely obliterated the Gators on Saturday evening during homecoming at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.

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  1. Ken (CA) says:

    “questioning the player evaluation now” Is that slamming the evaluation on who to recruit, or setting the depth chart or both, any idea?

  2. Razzlegator says:

    All of the coaches in waiting sure are quiet with the #FreeTreon thing. Everything I read from the ‘pundits’ said manna would fall from above if we just changed QBs. What I saw looked more like day old manna.

    • 305Gator says:

      I need your help here since I did not wacth the debacle, I mean the game.
      I understand Treon had a strip sack fumble. But I believe so did Driskel.
      I believe Driskel threw a pick 6.
      I understand the only points put forth were with Treon at QB.
      The box score says that Treon played better since he was more productive.
      Treon is a true freshman.
      Driskel is a redshirt junior.
      Treon has very limited game time experience.
      Driskel has 3 years of starting experience.
      Yet Treon plays better than Driskel.
      Where do you come off implying that changing the QB is not the right thing to do?
      It is obvious that the QB and the HC need to be changed and we can take our lumps with a true freshman that has upside instead of a junior who plays worse each and every week.

      • Razzlegator says:

        Since you didn’t watch the game you didn’t see Treon stink it up at the beginning of the game when he was playing Mizzou’s first string. At the end of the game when it was all over but the shouting he was playing against their second and third string. He didn’t look that great then either. Why? Because he’s a wet behind the ears 18 year old kid. Driskel sucks? Thanks for that news flash. Here’s one for you. Based on their performances, a whole lot of players on this team suck. Especially last night.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          Well, I watched the game, and yes Treon had trouble when he first came in, shock of shocks after a week with no practice for a true freshman and just last week getting some first string snaps to get more reps.

          I also saw when he first game in lots of handoffs, and then passing it in obvious passing situations where he was going to get serious pressure. The started the game with a screen to driskel. How about instead of a bunch of handoffs a screen or a quick out from Harris on first or 2nd down rather than 3rd and long and getting half of UT rushing him? He settled in and played better as the game went along. Got some confidence, got some experience. He is going to take some lumps as he did last night, but he is the future and Driskel isn’t. That being the case, get him in there and get the experience so that he won’t be like every other backup under WM who only sees significant time on the field post-injury to someone in front of him

  3. DJ Chemist says:

    I do not know for sure, but I think it is fair to question to ask. “Did we really see enough talent on our offensive side of the ball to say we can compete week in and out on this schedule?” We know we have been out recruited by the rest of the top tier schools in terms of offensive line and wide receiver. Just a real hard game to watch. Sad to see opposing defences exploit our weaknesses so easily.

  4. W2 says:

    Driskel is the Man. Coach is the Man. Go Gators.

  5. Timmy says:

    Add Tate Casey’s Instagram to this post. The coaches are a joke.
    If he isn’t gone today then Foley needs to pack his bags as well

  6. ga8or22 says:

    Already hearing the Dump Muschamp calls picking up to a loud roar. However their suggestions are not accessible – like Mullen, Strong, Stoops or SOS. No new blood being offered.

  7. boston _gator says:

    Treon is definitely less experienced and prone to freshman mistakes, but he seems to have better innate instincts. Needs developing. Use the rest of this season.

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