Week 7: Gators post-game news and notes

By Adam Silverstein
October 17, 2010

The No. 22/22 Florida Gators (4-3, 2-3 SEC) lost their third-straight game on Saturday, falling 10-7 to the Mississippi State Bulldogs (5-2, 2-2 SEC) on homecoming at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, FL. With so much to discuss, OGGOA presents some important notes and quotes following the contest.


A handful of times in his post-game press conference, head coach Urban Meyer uttered the above phrase, and based on Florida’s performance over the last three contests it is quite obvious that sentiment is true. For the Gators, it all starts with health and execution, two things the team has been severely lacking lately.

“Obviously we got to get a lot better, Meyer said. “When you’re dealing with health issues, that’s part of it. We are going to have a chance to reflect a little bit here on the bye week and make some adjustments.” His biggest disappointment right now? “Finding a way to win a game. We’ve won a lot of games around here as guys made a play here, made a play there. You find a way to win a game. If you look back there’s been some big time wins around here where guys stepped up and made a play. We just have to do that. Right now we’re not.”


Prior to kickoff, Meyer was told “we were going to be without a tailback” by the training staff. That is one of the reasons Florida spread the ball five-wide to start the game and attempted to run the offense through the air rather than on the ground. “We were going to come out throwing, it just wasn’t real successful at it so we had to find ways to create movement, move the ball,” he said.

That proved to be difficult for the Gators as some of the running backs, who may not have been playing in different circumstances, got injured again as the game went on. “We were down to zero backs at one point today,” Meyer said. “[Junior starter Jeff] Demps came out, [redshirt senior Emmanuel] Moody had a thigh strain, [sophomore Mike Gillislee] had a sprained ankle. I thought there were some guys who made some spark plug plays like [freshman quarterback] Trey [Burton] and [sophomore wide receiver] Omarius Hines.”

“We even ran Omarius on a couple counter plays because it’s tough to get the run game going. We had a couple direct snaps to [Burton]. Even on third downs because we were misfiring a little bit too. I thought [Burton] provided a spark and he’s one of our only runners. […] Omarius is a good runner. Barebones now.”


Mississippi State was successful in milking the clock in the second half by running the ball on 27 of 28 plays in that period with their one non-run being a shovel pass. An astounding 26 of those 27 runs gained positive yardage. In fact, on their final offensive possession, the Bulldogs wasted almost six minutes of precious playing time before punting the ball and leaving Florida on their own four with just two minutes remaining.

After the game Meyer noted that MSU succeeded by always being plus-one (having an extra blocker) and chipping away a few yards at a time – something UF used to do routinely when they had a power rushing quarterback and strong offensive line.


In a game Florida entered with apparently no healthy running backs and plenty of other injuries, the Gators had four more players hurt – three early on in the contest. Redshirt freshman wide receiver Andre Debose went down with an ankle sprain on a kickoff return, redshirt freshman linebacker Jelani Jenkins suffered a concussion while playing defense and redshirt junior defensive tackle Jaye Howard also hurt his ankle at some point in the first half. UF even lost their kickoff specialist during the game.

QUOTES (After the break…)

Meyer on the team as a whole: “We’re not very good. We’re not very good. We just got to get some guys healthy. We were down to zero backs at one point today. Demps came out, Moody had a thigh strain, Gilly had a sprained ankle. I thought there were some guys who made some spark plug plays like Trey and Omarius Hines. We just didn’t get her done. We’re not very good right now. “

Meyer on red zone issues: “We missed a field goal, even our kickoff guy got hurt. Lack of execution. We’re not very good right now.”

Meyer on taking shots into the end zone at the end: “We did. We had a couple plays called but they were dropping eight defenders.”

Meyer on struggles with blitz pick-up: “We missed a couple protection checks. You can point the fingers all over the place, but it was picked up and there was a missed assignment twice. And I think we missed a check one time.”

Meyer on if the offense needs a major rehaul: “I think so. You have to be able to run the ball. I think the offensive line gets hammered pretty good. Whether it’s deserving or not, there’s enough blame to go everywhere. We’re not certainly in the position to say that yet. But we have to have some run game. And right now when Jeff Demps misses his fourth game…he certainly wasn’t himself tonight. He hadn’t practiced in a long time. We just gotta get him back and get him healthy. Same with Gilly. All three of them were out. They told me before the game that we were going to be without a tailback.”

Meyer on if he is hesitant to kick a field goal with any distance: “Yup. Yes. [Senior punter] Chas [Henry] is trying.”

Meyer on if the injuries remind him of 2005: “We went through a four-week period there where we were dead in the water.”

Meyer on redshirt junior WR Deonte Thompson’s drops: “We still have confidence in Denote, we’re not going to throw him under the bus. He’s just gotta get a little better.”

Senior safety Ahmad Black: “I practice with my offense every day. I believe in them. I got confidence in them. I’m their biggest fan.”

Senior center Mike Pouncey: “Around here at Florida we’re so used to winning, we’re not used to losing. Only thing we can do is go out and practice hard.”

Redshirt junior QB John Brantley: “We got coach [Steve] Addazio‘s back. We got coach Meyer’s back. Whatever they want to do, we’re on board.”

Burton: “We’re not executing, I can tell you that. We gotta learn how to execute.”


  1. St Aug Sailor says:

    Dammit, Adan…………..

    Meyer had a breakdown……

    He’ll never be the same…………..

    I love hin for two NC’s but he’s brokw……………the passion, the drive you need to achive that again is gone………


  2. Escambia94 says:

    SOS is not going to come and save us. First we need to give the current staff time to fix this, because they are mathematically in the hunt for the SEC East, their lowest hanging goal to maintain employment. If they make the East, they get 2011 to make changes with a new roster. If they fail, then we can look into new coaches–head coach, OC, or all the above.

  3. SaraGator says:

    A true freshman Burton has the wisest quote: “We’re not executing, I can tell you that. We gotta learn how to execute.”

  4. jamesorlando says:

    OK, let see GA,SC,FSU are licking their chops right now,I see 5-7with the only W from Vandy and another 3 L for 5-7 season, shocking.

  5. jamesorlando says:

    oh, my apology we should get another W from Appa St make it 6-6. No Bowl for you.
    Coach Meyer should stay with the same defense philosophy, for offense, give up on pro-style QB, get
    dual threat QB,big back, OL that run block well, imagine if we still have Cam Newton we would be 6-1
    with only losss to AL instead of L to Miss St, LSU and L to GA,SC, FSU, W over Vandy 17-14, and Appa St who cares about this score. I was laughing at GA 2 weeks ago

  6. zach says:

    i have given up on Deonte Thompson. We have all been waiting on him to breakout and it doesnt look like it will happen.

  7. John S says:

    Trying to be productive and somewhat positive we have to make sure as a fan base we do not implode right now. The program can easily turn around in one off-season. We lost a lot of good staff in a short time and given the fact that our coach was a bit of a time bomb, it was difficult to replace them all.

    I ‘m still not certain if Brantley is talented or not, he’s never been given 3 seconds in the pocket this season. Maybe we’ll have Loeffler call the plays from the booth. I think we can still win 1 of the big 3 against FSU, UGA, or USC. With a win over Vandy and the cream puff, we’ll hit seven and maybe end up in a middle tier bowl. We have the talent to survive a bad recruiting year.

    Maybe in the bye week, they will watch some tape, and decide that given the poor protection we should go with a six man line with a tail back. Walk to the line, see what the defense is giving us and run or pass out of it. If we want Burton to run the ball, leave Brantley in the back field to make the defense at least consider the pass. Leave the reads and routes the same. Stay in that formation for an entire drive, see what happens. It won’t be perfect, but at least the defense will play us fair. This five wide crap is stupid to begin with, but insane given how poor our line is. Also the four wide with a scrawny tailback is equally dumb. That is equally on Meyer and Addazio. Addazio is not really the OC, he’s just the guy reading off the game plan. This is Meyer’s offense, he can fix it, just probably not this year.

  8. Escambia94 says:

    We keep talking offense. What about the defense? What can the Gators do to fix that? I thought the 5-2 against the run worked well, but against the MSU’s 24 straight dives/runs we remained in 4-3, got bullied around, and lost containment. Besides execution, what else is wrong?

  9. joe says:

    Don’t be foolish fellow Gators. A top tier program doesn’t just die in one season. If you think Urban needs to be fired because of this find some PERSPECTIVE.

  10. joe says:

    MSU only scored 10 points, our defense is holding it’s own. Game experience is what these guys need.

  11. donnie wise says:

    we have 3 major problems, 1. the o-line play is the worst i have seen since before galen hall was our coach. 2. we dont have a healthy rb thats worth a damn. moody is garbage, at this point we may have to burn browns redshirt if demps and gillese cant get healthy.3. qb play. its not jhons fault and this goes back to the o line. hes not a mobile qb at all and the line is collapesing so quick it forces him to sling it, when the line does block he is so gun shy he dosent go through his progressions and is missing the deep threat and/or open receviver. I honestly think we will see a big change in strategey when we play georgia in 13 days.if the ship dosent turn around after the by week we may be seeing the end of the meyer era by his choice. as for all the critics of him and our staff……..GET REAL, this man has done more for our program then any coach that has ever been here period. and addazio is the man that kept the train rolling when urbs was wavering so get off the guy, if half the population had that mans balls the us would be that much better.

  12. HardToKillGtr says:

    We are the Gotta Gators. Gotta get better, gotta find a way to win, gotta execute. Also, many of our players have an injury gene. One thing for sure, when our 300# OL can not take down the man in front of him it means our guys are not tough enough. Some coach needs to keep his foot up their butts 24 hours a day. Football is not a nice game. I don’t ever want to see our head coach and players look like they are about to cry during the after game interviews. Sabin did not have a hang dog look after he lost. He was ticked off.

  13. jack jarman says:

    Coach Meyer
    During the game I’ve noticed you show no emotion anymore I think that transfers to the players

  14. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I am quite happy with the defense at this point with all the loss of NFL talent they have done a good job of mixing in the young guys and mixing up schemes…the offense however is just a complete disaster and it goes back to last year…with Tebow a solid O-line and weapons all over the field the offense completely under achieved…I think most of us thought Meyer knew how good the defense was and was playing conservative but still questioned the pathetic play calling….now it’s obvious we don’t have the right OC and scoring 7 points against an average defense at home is just defenseless

  15. npgator says:

    Burton is the only guy on the offense who has a pulse! Since our offensive line cannot block and give Brantley any time we should stick with Burton.

  16. Joe says:

    “We were down to zero backs at one point today,” Meyer said
    In a game Florida entered with apparently no healthy running backs

    I guess Mack Brown is no longer on the team. Too bad we sure could have used him.

  17. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Good to see Meyer critisize the O-line since his OC thinks they are getting the job done…I know back in week 2-3 I went back and watched the game again and focused on several breakdowns on key plays and the O-line had mis assignments on almost every one…and it wasn’t like great trickery by the defense…it was just them lining up not shifting or even blitzing and lineman going completely unblocked!!!! I am sure lack of practicing with all the injuries hasn’t helped but these are experience lineman.

  18. g8ter27 says:

    I agree Myer has shown much less emotion or “fire” this year but to say he should be fired is retarded. I guess they made a decision way back to redshirt Mack Brown and at this point I see no reason to play him and ruin his redshirt for hopefully a 5 loss team. Our offensive line sucks. They cannot pass block at all and cannot run blok anymore either. They play soft. Adam, it is painfully obvious now that brantley just does not fit into our system. This o-line and coaching staff know the apread…its what they do. Don’t get me wrong, it is not all Brantley’s fault but he just does not work in this system. We need to go with Burton unless it is an obvious passing situation. I get the frustration on defense but when you give up 240 total yards, hold them to 54 or so plays compared to our 70 plus and give up only 10 points…you should win the game.

  19. Oscar says:

    Anyone suggesting to fire Meyer needs to check if they have gotten a concussion. That is the most ridiculous suggestion one can make at this point.

    Once again the offense and especially the offensive line stinks up the game. Meyer deserves some fault, but Addazio is the damn offensive coordinator of this pathetic, anemic, unprepared, under-performing group. He can have all the “balls” that you want, but his job is to coordinate the offense, prepare his offensive lineman for games, etc. If you want to keep him around because he “held the program together” while Meyer took his leave of absence, you are nuts. He is spread too thin with his responsibilities and it shows. Let him focus on what he knows (offensive line coach) and let someone else step in as offensive coordinator.
    This year is wasted, decide what kind of team you want to be and recruit accordingly.

  20. harvin757 says:

    how many weeks in a row can florida be out coached??? is any1 coaching this team? We have top 10 talent but the worst offensive coordinator in the history of football…the play calling is the most vanilla play calling ive ever seen in football 2 years in a row we dont have a WR that can get open????? thats bull crap david nelson starts for the bills…..hernandez starts for the patriots and cooper plays for the eagles and addazio couldnt get them open at allllllllll last year. The line sucks well guess who coaches the line???? if mullen was coaching florida not only would we have won the national championship last year….we would have beat MSU sat night by 35 thats how bad its gotten

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