Video of Will Muschamp’s rant after non-call by officials during Florida-Auburn game

By Adam Silverstein
October 16, 2011

Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp exploded during the first quarter of Saturday’s eventual 17-6 loss to the No. 24 Auburn Tigers when he perceived that officials failed to properly penalize Auburn running back Onterior McCalebb for interfering with Florida redshirt senior RB Chris Rainey during an punt return.

Rainey wound up muffing the punt, which was ruled to be recovered by the Tigers. The turnover resulted in a touchdown for Auburn a few plays later.

Muschamp unleashed a somewhat explicit verbal tirade that was caught by ESPN‘s microphones. Timothy Burke of was able to isolate the audio from the broadcast and compiled the video below.


  1. Ryan says:

    I like the passion from muschamp, but I think as the head coach that his tirades are counterproductive. He needs to be able to calm down, get in his players aces and motivate them – not scare the crap out of them. That man is going to have a heart attack.

  2. Will W says:

    Coach – appreciate your passion. Feel like we got jobbed on that one.

  3. zurbo says:

    Maybe Will should concentrate more on his coaching staff that doesn’t get these players ready to play. These players really show a complete lack of discipline out there.

  4. WarEagle says:

    Was he mad? Classiness Mr. Muschamp.

    • Gator John says:

      You mean “class” like the Aubrun “coach” that was doing the gator chomp on the sidelines after the last field goal? You know who I;m talking about…the guy who follows Chizik around with his hat backwords, acting like a 12 year old. If tha’s your idea of class, no thank you.
      Go troll somewhere else. I suggest a Bama borad…or are you scared to go to one?

      • MB says:

        I guess the aubie fan thought it was okay and classy when Muschamp did the same thing while employed by auburn? Talk about having 2 different definitions for “classy”

  5. Gator John says:

    I don’t mind Muschamp’s rant so much. I think it was warranted. The refs missed a very important call. After that, he went off again when Rainey was held coming out of the backfield on a screen. Again, I don’t mind the passion. What I find bothersome is when the defense is on the field, You see Weiss sitting on the bench next to whatever quirterback is playing at the time, and he looks disinterested. You would think he would have the offense together going over assignments or adjusments. I Understand most OCs call the game from the box, but I would bet that while the offense is on the sidelines, they are not just sitting there watching the game. I haven’t made a game this year, and all I can see is what they show on TV, but this doesn’t seem like there is anything being done with the offense during tha game. I could be wrong.

    • g8ter27 says:

      It took me 7 games to get there but I was thinking the exact same thing last night. Who is talking to the offense while our defense is on the field?

    • Brett says:

      Pretty sure he is sitting next to the quarterback because both of ours are inexperienced. Clearly the other position coaches are with the rest of the offense. Weis is also QB coach.

  6. Joe says:

    Muschamp has been quoted and saying he wants the team to respond to adversity with poise and mental toughness. Too bad he can’t do the same.

    • Basshole says:

      The refs blew that call, and I think he was in the right to call them out for it. It’s treading a fine line, but let the refs know they missed one can sometimes lead to make up calls.

      Also, I love the line: “Throw the flag, be a f***ing man!”

  7. g8ter27 says:

    He should put on a big red nose and huge red shoes for that act. And another thing, Dee Finley. Where is the locker room leadership? How does a team allow (not talk the kid out of quitting) a player to quit….not transfer quit, in the middleof a season. He ould have transferred at the end of the year, how much playing time will he get now to further his football career? This kid just flat out quit on his team in the middle of a season. I am sure there will be hundreds of D-1 schools wanting to pick up a guy with that character trait.

    • Gator John says:

      How do you know they didn’t try to talk him out of quitting? Sounds to me like there is something else besides playing time for him to leave the team mid-season. Could even have nothing to do with football.

    • CeeThree says:

      I’m sure they did try to talk him out of it, Will even stated they spoke together, and he told Dee to think about it some more and they’d meet again later. Dee in his statement that was released said he needs to focus on his classwork. Yes, it’s unfortunate he left mid-season, but there are bigger things in life then football, and he obviously has his reasons and things he needs to focus on, get over it.

  8. scooterp says:

    I don’t mind the explosions if it is going to inspire the team. That hardly seems to be the case judging, from their performance. Muschamp really needs to find something successful that this team can cling onto, within the next few games or I’m afraid he is going to lose the team. I get the Alabama meltdown when Brantley went down and even the LSU beating can be rationalized, but there is no excuse for last night. If they go into J’ville with a healthy JB in 2 weeks and lay another egg – then we will have officially hit rock bottom as a program (Zook included). There is too much talent on this team to play this sloppy and at times look uninspired.

    If we beat UGA and atleast win one between FSU & SCar, while looking competitive and finish 8-4, then you could pass this season off as a team in transition. Otherwise it could get ugly for Muschamp.

    • zurbo says:

      beat UGA? are you drunk?

    • Gator John says:

      We have had alot of injuries, probably more than we realize. A win vs uga is possible if we can get some more key players healthy. We were 2 plays away from winning that game last night. Both were overthrown passes, one to a wide open Reed that would have been a TD and the other would have given us a first down but Thompson just couldn’t reach. I agree Boom will have to find something positive to keep the team motivated. What that is, I don’t know. But there is always hope….

  9. G8trpls says:

    I have an idea why doesn’t Coach Boom yell at his guy’s trying to fair catch a punt? They have one job catch the ball, and they can’t. One more thing is Rainey on drugs?

  10. BDoc says:

    Regarding Muschamp’s rant, I can understand the passion behind it because not only did it look like an easy call to make, but allowing those types of plays to go unpenalized could have gotten Rainey injured at some point. As a fan, I like knowing my team’s coach is as pissed off as I am when a call is blatantly missed, but I also understand that at some point he’s really going to have to pick & choose what he gets so fired up about.

    And this team is extremely young without a lot depth. Unfortunately, quite a few of the players are learning what it’s like to play SEC football on the fly. Hopefully the penalties can get reduced as the season goes on, and I was encouraged by the more consistent performance the defense put in last night.

  11. Bobg says:

    With regards to the call, I think it has become very nebulous as to what the rule is. There used to be a halo around the receiver–no more. It has been my impression for years now that if the gunner did not touch the receiver before the ball arrived it was a no-call.

  12. Aligator says:

    Everyone, our team is very thin and what was working the first few games is not even in place right now. When Brantley and Demps get healthy, hopefully we will return to some level of functionality. 8-4 was a reality for this year, no one wanted to accept that. That does not mean that we are losers, we are just rebuilding and we have a very young team, just like Urban did when he came in.

  13. Ken (CA) says:

    Watch the replay as well. It would have helped matters if after the muff Rainey didn’t turn to the left and cry to the ref, but rather actually made en effort to dive on the ball. We may have kept posession if he followed through with the play.

  14. aziatic41 says:

    Despite the blown call, Rainey did a horrible job of fielding the punts last night. Sometimes I wonder if Rainey actually knows whats happening on the field or does he just rely on pure reaction and instincts when he sees or have the ball is in his hands. Its good to have an explosive god-gifted speedy athlete like Rainey but if you don’t have the awareness to play cerebral and situational football you will not win many games in the SEC no matter how much talent you have.

    We need some one to step it up on the offensive end. Frankie Hammond has talent but he has no one who can get him the ball. Also I think Jordan Reed needs to polish his pass catching skills. He stepped out of bounds on one play and dropped a td pass on another play. I think Reed should have stayed at quarterback. He does not look comfortable playing tight end.

  15. CeeThree says:

    wow, it’s even better on video.. my favorite line “YOU GUYS GOT NO GUTS MAN!”

  16. Greg says:

    Don’t mind it one bit. That was a missed call. Period. I can appreciate how he handled it. Looking our for his player and calling out a blatant mistake on the refs behalf.

  17. ziggy says:

    I think the rant was warranted. Also, I don’t think that it’s all Rainey’s fault that the punts were being muffed. Clark also muffed a punt that actually put the game out of reach. You have to give credit to Auburn for coaching there punter to kick the ball abnormally high so that the ball gets lost in the bright lights. Neither Rainey nor Clark seemed to know where the ball was coming down until the very last second. I remember one of the commentators say that “it was a 40 yard punt, but went 60 yards high…”. Next time, we need to where tinted face shields.

  18. Jesse says:

    Special teams (less Sturgis) was disasterous once again. DJ Durkin needs to go. Rainey goes from hero to goat. What happened? He used to be reliable but I think we need someone else to return (catch) punts. Other than that the offense looked like Addazio was roaming the sidelines. I thought Gillislee was going to get the ball more than 3 times. We need some power. Its easy for opposing teams to stop rainey when they know he is going to be the only one to touch the GD ball the whole game. Earth to Weis…. the defense has known since last year that when Burton is under center, we aren’t a threat to pass. Honestly, this game reminded me of the MSU game last year. Although I agree with Muschamp on the non-call, we played undisciplined and we won’t win anymore games this year if we continue playing this way. I wasn’t expecting much this year and now, I’m expecting less but I like Muschamp and I am confident that he will steer us in the right direction. I appreciate the enthusiasm on the sideline but he needs to tone it down a notch and look after his health.

  19. CH says:

    Has everyone forgotten that the Coach is also a mentor to the players? Yes it was a bad call, but who would teach their son to react to “unfair” adversity by throwing a fit? Let the refs know how you feel and then move on. If I were a parent of a high school star athlete – Coach Boom doesn’t get in the door. But maybe I’m in the minority. Of course, its easy to find the source of discipline issues on the field when the coach can’t control himself either.
    As for the team – no one had any expectations this year, especially thinking of all the injuries. Sucks to have Demps and JB on the sidelines, but its not fair to make assessments of the team or the coaches ability based on the players that are healthy enough to play. Let Coach recruit his guys (big and strong – not necessarily speed) and we’ll see.

  20. aziatic41 says:

    With the recent news of Marcus Lattimore(USC) being ruled out for the season today, we still have a chance to win the SEC East, as bad as this season has been.. If we beat UGA and USC which is easier said than done then we’ll be in a good position to win the EAST. The good thing is we don’t have to go on the road in a hostile environment anymore this year, besides maybe at USC. But its nowhere near as loud in Carolina like it is in Jordan Hare, and Death Valley.

    I’ve seen stranger things happen. Remember last season? And our defense played real well at Auburn and I could see them kinda grow up during that game despite the tough loss. Keep fighting Gators, its a long season!!

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