What you need to know about the year-long suspension of Florida Gators QB Will Grier

By Adam Silverstein
October 13, 2015

With so much misinformation and so many opinions tossed around Monday during and after the announcement that Florida Gators redshirt freshman quarterback Will Grier would be suspended one calendar year for testing positive for a substance on the NCAA’s banned substance policy, OnlyGators.com thought it best to take a closer look at each part of this story in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

Grier, who was on pace for the Gators’ best quarterbacking season since Tim Tebow in 2009, will end his 2015 season with 1,204 yards and 12 total touchdowns to three interceptions. He amassed a 5-0 record as a starter but played in six games for Florida and completed 65.8 percent of his passes.

What is Grier suspended for? Grier tested positive for a substance on the NCAA’s banned list. It is not known what banned substance he took, though multiple reports note that it was a performance-enhancing drug. A source confirmed as much to OnlyGators.com later Monday afternoon. The school will not release the substance for which Grier tested positive, noting that it is up to the family to allow the school to provide such information.

Did he take it on purpose? Grier and Florida claim the player was taking an over-the-counter supplement that, unknown to Grier, contained the banned substance. However, Grier also admitted that he did not run the supplement and its contents by the Gators’ medical staff, which is a common practice for players when taking anything from aspirin to cough medicine to dietary supplements.

How long will Grier be out? According to NCAA bylaws, Grier’s suspension will last one calendar year (365 days) from the first day of his suspension (Oct. 12, 2015). As such, he will miss the remainder of the 2015 campaign and be suspended for the first six games of the 2016 season.

What class will Grier be when he returns? Contrary to some misinformation on Monday, Grier will be a redshirt sophomore when he returns to the field in 2016. NCAA bylaws note that he will miss a calendar year and lose a season of eligibility but were not particularly clearly written. The year of eligibility Grier will lose is the same year he will sit out; in other words, he cannot take a redshirt in order to recover the time he has lost as a college football player. Grier took a redshirt as a true freshman in 2014.

Can the Gators appeal the punishment? Yes. And they will. But Florida will not appeal the suspension as a whole, especially not after Grier admitted to taking an over-the-counter supplement he did not clear with the medical staff. Instead, the Gators will appeal on the length of the suspension, asking the NCAA for leniency. Florida hopes the NCAA will consider reinstating Grier ahead of the start of the 2016 season; its argument will likely be that Grier unwittingly took the banned substance and made a mistake rather than acting purposely against NCAA rules. The Gators could also contest the actual banned substance on the list if trainers believe it is foolish for it to be on the list in the first place. UF could also make arguments about the process used to collect, transport and test the samples in hopes of finding either a loophole or situation in which the NCAA made a mistake.

Despite all the different avenues the team could go down, an overturn on appeal or reduction of Grier’s suspension is unlikely.

How does this affect Florida in 2015? While some believe the drop-off between Grier and sophomore QB Treon Harris is minor, that is not the contention here at OnlyGators.com. Harris, who will be the Gators’ starter for the remainder of the season, is simply unable to make the myriad throws Grier can, especially on the boundaries and in tight windows. Though Harris is certainly better with his legs and has proven he can be an effective player, Grier’s steady development was an important part of Florida’s 2015 season, and that is halted – for all intents and purposes – despite his play earning him the starting job after the second week of the campaign.

Who will serve as Harris’ backup? Redshirt senior transfer Josh Grady will move into second-string duties with Harris starting and Grier sidelined. Grady for his career is 4-of-8 for 30 yards with two interceptions. Simply put, Harris better not go down or the Gators’ season is really over.

What does this mean for the team in 2016? Unless Grier’s year-long suspension gets reduced, one would expect Harris to return as the starter at Florida in 2016. That would make him potentially a starter for 18-20 games in his career by the time Grier returns during the middle of the season. It may be difficult for Grier to take back the job from Harris, especially if the latter is playing well during that campaign, meaning 2016 could be a wasted season for him as a backup. The Gators have three-star QB Kyle Trask (Manvel, TX) committed for 2016 after losing out on many of their top targets during the cycle. Grier’s extended absence could lead to Florida pressing harder for a flip or second signal caller in the 2016 class. Addition: Walk-on quarterback Luke Del Rio will finish his NCAA-mandated transfer season and be eligible to play for the Gators in 2016 as a redshirt junior, possibly serving as a backup for Harris at least until Grier is cleared to play.

What about 2017? Harris will be a senior, Grier a redshirt junior and four-star prospect Jake Allen (Fort Lauderdale, FL) a true freshman. Will Grier stick around if Harris wins the job, potentially making him wait two-and-a-half seasons to start for Florida again in 2018? Would Harris transfer if Grier beats him out, despite being the Gators’ primary starter for most of two seasons? Things could get really tricky for Florida in two years, as Grier’s suspension eating into the 2016 campaign will everyone guessing as to what happens to the team.


  1. Max McCullough says:

    i believe in Harris period.

  2. GatorDan87 says:

    Isn’t Jake Allen Class of 2017 not ’16 as noted above?

    • Yes, that’s my mistake.

      • atlzamgator says:


        I litigate cases involving OTC supplements. First, if he took something that is a “banned substance” that does NOT mean it’s a DRUG. That term has a very specific definition, and agencies like the FDA define it in a way that is precise.

        So for example caffeine is ok the NCAA is ok, but guarana extracted caffeine.

        Until the substance is identified, no one has any idea what in the world the ingredient is. In many instances, an OTC will state that it contains a “proprietary blend” of so called natural ingredients. DMAA is one of those in the news recently – and many experts say DMAA is NOT natural.

        Drug Free Sports calls any “stimulant” a drug- so taking in caffeine through for example, 30 cups of coffee would meet that term. Right?

        The average person hears PED and concludes steroids. That is not correct. Indeed, someone with a flu is usually given a dose pak of “steroids” – such as a Medrol dose pak — when ill.

        The great thing about a place like OGGA is that you can spend much more time reporting and educating as well.

        Someone out there has to be the fact checker. Someone has to get it right. Allowing rumor as news reporting kills credibility.

        • Appreciate you stopping by and providing an expert opinion. A source told me – and others have reported similarly – that the type of substance Grier was suspended for falls under the PED category. No, that does not mean it is a steroid. That is just the categorization.

  3. Wardog says:

    really man? Jake Allen is a 2017 recruit. he won’t be here next year. thought this was a pretty good read but come on it looks really bad that you don’t know that.

  4. GatorDan87 says:

    Geeze, cut Adam some slack. This site is fantastic. We all make mistakes (as evidence yesterday).

  5. TheRealCaruso says:


    As always, thanks for your diligence in reporting. Your conscience ability to sift through the silt to find foundational, relevant information is refreshing and a reason I continue to come back to you, instead of other sites for Gator news.

  6. Mike The Red says:

    Treon can get the job done. I am more concerned about our OL and running game. The change at QB may prove a blessing in disguise.

    For that matter, our defense struggled the last time we faced a team that decided to grind out yards on the ground (UT).

    The shakeup at QB is the least of our concerns. Move on.

    Go Gators!!! It is going to be a great game.

  7. G8trATL says:

    Great Post.
    Question: Yesterday at the press conference the Coach kept saying they would hand out the name of the supplement at the conclusion of the press conference. Did that not happen?

    Comment: I agree 100% it’s going to be a huge step back with Harris. I know what he did last year, and what he can do with his legs. However LONG TERM, the QB must be able to make difficult throws in “tight windows” as well as throw on the run (bootlegs). While the 2nd half against Mizzou was not a fair representation of how Grier has progressed this season he has come a long way each week.
    Most importantly Reading defenses in the SEC over a full season as SEC Defenses are too fast and too many teams have great coaches not to exploit the QB’s weakness. I’m just looking at the big picture.. Deep down I know coach Mac will put in more short throws to TE’s and maybe screen passes to RB’s etc and use the speed we have. However I’m sure the opponents defense would be just fine keeping Harris in the pocket all day and dare him to make difficult throws.

    To say I’m very concerned does not make me any less than a Gator fan.

  8. Taylor says:

    According to everything I’ve read, Jake Allen is a c/o ’17 recruit. So he won’t be on campus as a true freshman until the fall of 2017.

  9. Cole says:

    We need to sign a couple of more QBs in the offseason. There are always transfers available. I think Harris will do a good job. He’s talented and we have a good coaching staff. Yes he’s not the pocket passer that Grier was but he’s effective in his own way. The kid can throw and the kid is a gamer. Grier can be replaced! People also forget that our offense was subpar against Mizz last week with Grier. We only scored 14 points. And also against Tennessee our offense struggled. If not for that Grier 4th down completion against those guys you all would have been calling for Treon to regain the starting job. Its a game of inches, but we’ll be fine with Treon.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      All the decent ones are already signed, that is why he scrounged up Del Rio, Trask, and Grady

      • Dave Massey says:

        He’s talking about this offseason so there will be a whole new batch of graduate transfers out there.Question is, are there any good ones, and can Florida get them. I would say we need to get one decent one at least for depth if nothing else. And pursue the hell out of top freshmen QB’s. NSD is a long ways away. Harris will get us through and do okay but can he help us compete for the top four in the country? No, IMHO.

      • Dave Massey says:

        Does Driskel have any eligibility left?, Never mind, JK

  10. Dave Massey says:

    I agree there is a big dropoff from Grier to Harris and if Harris goes down we are really screwed.

    Adam, won’t Del Rio be eligible next year at QB too?

  11. Ken (CA) says:

    I can’t recall the last time I saw a PED suspension by the NCAA. Is there much of a precedent at all on appeals?

    The way you describe it, it almost sounds like Grier would be better off transferring for a fresh start after the suspension to somewhere that will need a QB immediately, barring a complete breakdown by Harris (which who knows, he has shown his own lack of judgment)

    • Dave Massey says:

      Like I said in a different post, can anybody name the last 3 people suspended by the NCAA for PED’s. I have trouble believing that there is so little of it in college when people in the pros are getting suspended all the time.

      If Grier transfers he still has to sit out a year under the transfer rules and would lose a year of eligibility as he has already used his redshirt. He can’t go anywhere and start immediately, except maybe JC and I don’t know all the rules on that. Still think he would have to sit the first six even there and what good would that do anybody. If he did transfer it might open up the possibility of a freshman commit as some might be shying away from Florida as he will have three years of eligibility left after this year. Personally, I hope he stays and redeems himself.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        He can go to an FCS school and play immediately. He would likely dominate at that level as well.

        • Dave Massey says:

          Last time I looked the FCS was part of the NCAA. This is an NCAA suspension. Why wouldn’t he have to serve the suspension at an FCS school?

          • Ken (CA) says:

            Apparently you didn’t read the part in the thread that said “after the suspension”

            • Dave Massey says:

              I read the thread. You also said Grier could play immediately at an FCS school. Now you’re splitting hairs. In other words, he can start playing at an FCS school at the same time he could start playing at Florida. That also means finding an FCS school willing to burn a scholarship for a half year QB who may or may not stick around. What would be the point in him doing that. That he can go play with the little kids? I think he has bigger aspirations than that. And what is your point anyways.

              • Ken (CA) says:

                Actually, you are the one splitting hairs, I don’t know why you have suddenly come back and decided to be argumentative on almost every post to everyone. The gist of the thread was once the suspension is over, unless Harris completely implodes he will be firmly established so what would be best for Grier. He could be 2nd string and hope he might eventually start again, he could lose another year of eligibility and transfer, or he could go to an FCS school and play immediately. Being a big fish in a small pond could be quite good for him. get playing time, show his skills, plenty of FCS players are in the NFL. If he would spend the remainder of his UF career as a backup, that may not be in his best interest, so the discussion was pondering what might work best for him. Plenty of FCS schools would be happy to have a QB of his caliber for half the season and the playoffs, and likely a full season after that, because there is no way he is going to the NFL after 6 starts in college and a year off then 6 more starts (maybe) at whatever level he decides is best for him.

              • Dave Massey says:

                I’m not going to debate this any further with you, we are not going to agree. Grier’s best bet is to stay at Florida, IMO and I still doubt he will be here five years, and maybe not even four. Not sure where you’re going with the argumentative comment with everyone. If you’re referring to that nole hole trolling on here, I apologize for nothing. If you’re talking about egg boy he is the one that made a personal slur against me and I felt I responded appropriately. Not sure who else you are talking about except yourself. I didn’t realize you were so thin skinned. If I disagree with what somebody, you included, I think I have the right to respond in an appropriate manner. I never meant anything personal against you and like and agree with the overwhelming majority of your comment. Sorry if you took it personally.

                P.S.- You are not going to like my response to your other response about the test, fairly warned, lol

            • Dave Massey says:

              I read the thread. Perhaps you should go back and read how you responded to my comment after the one where you refer to “after the suspension” where you said he could go to an FCS school and play immediately. You’re trying to split hairs. He can’t play at an FCS school any sooner than he could play at Florida. And why in the world would he want to go play with the little schools anyways as opposed to playing at a prestigious school in the most prestigious conference in college football. That would make no sense at all. I could see him transferring to a P5 school long before that. Not to mention finding a school willing to burn a scholarship on a guy that might play half a year and be gone.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        To be clear, however, I am not suggesting he transfer or that his transfer would be good for UF. I was just thinking that it might be the best situation for him personally.

        • Dave Massey says:

          I doubt he will transfer and I also doubt he will stay here for 5 years considering how the NFL covets QB’s with his size and skills. He would easily be a first or second round pick after next year.

          • Iamtheeggman says:

            I know you are delusional, but thinking Grier is a first or second round draft choice tells me that you need to start taking your meds or need to be committed. I guess you just can’t help yourself, can you? No one, and I mean no one, has talked about Grier being an NFL prospect, unlike Winston, who was considered the top pick in the draft in his first year on the field. How silly can you get?

            • Dave Massey says:

              Grier was the Gatorade NPOY. I don’t know what rock you have been under but there has been plenty of talk about his pro potential. I never compared him to Winston or said he was a top pick candidate. Frankly, I don’t care anything about Winston. One person on here said that Grier was the best QB the Gators have ever had and that would certainly put him in top two round draft consideration. He has all the tools that NFL teams covet. If he comes back next year and has an outstanding year, or part of a year, he could easily be considered a top two round pick. It doesn’t take all that much for QB’s to get in that territory. NFL teams are willing to take guys at QB and develop them unlike at other positions. Especially teams that have a great QB already like Brady or Rodgers, they know they won’t be around forever. The future will tell. I don’t have a problem with you not agreeing with me but when you make childish comments like you did you just look like the arrogant ass you are. So grow up.

  12. GatorGrad98 says:

    GREAT article Adam, thanks!!! It is amazing the stories I have read & what people have been putting in their posts around the web. I know I can always get accurate, non-dramatized, information from Only Gators!!!

  13. Sharon Milner says:

    Grier’s suspension is a sad and unfortunate thing for the Gators right now as LSU comes up.
    It does seem a harsh penalty, especially if the substance is legal but also banned by the NCAA,

    Maybe the suspension could be changed to include ending of this year.

    It is unfortunate all around just as the Gators are making a great comeback.

  14. GatorDan15 says:

    Hey Wardog. I’m certain that Adam has forgotten more about UF football than you know. I would hope that your tone was kidding but not sure.

  15. Mr2Bits says:

    Added note, PED and Steroid are two completely different things…what Grier failed was for PED’s which can be found in half of whats in your medicine cabinet. Whether he knew this and tried to hide it or took it unknowingly is between him and God but I hope this will never happen to any Gator going forward again.

  16. SW FL Joe says:

    Doesn’t Luke Del Rio become eligible for 2016? And if so, is he even close to being a viable option in beating out either Harris or Grier?

  17. Michael Jones says:

    Wanted to compliment you, Adam, for how quickly you broke the Will Grier story. Guys in my office were looking for something online with no luck. I told them to check OGGOA, and there it was.

    • Thank you, but I did not break the story. I wrote a post citing the initial report that was out there. About 20 minutes later, I was able to confirm that story.

      • Dave Massey says:

        Adam, I’m reading reports that some people were posting as early as Friday that Grier had failed a drug test. Any knowledge or comment on that?

        • Florida would not have allowed Grier to play in a game had he been ineligible. Even if the Gators had been notified prior to the game, the suspension was not handed down and he was eligible to play.

          • Ken (CA) says:

            It is entirely possible that he failed Sampled A but Sample B had not been tested yet to confirm as well.

            • Dave Massey says:

              Enemies of UF are taking to blogs and questioning the integrity of Foley and Mac for playing him after being notified of a failed drug test despite the fact that the suspension wasn’t official until after the Zou game. Not sure I disagree with them.

              • Ken (CA) says:

                Who cares what enemies of UF say? I don’t even see any point in going out and reading their trash talk. Foley has always worked with the highest level of integrity in all sports since he took over and I am sure he as well as Mac would never have played Grier if there was any doubt about his eligibility.

              • Dave Massey says:

                Got some bad news for you bro, but these posts were all on a Gator message board. They were so accurate that unless you believe in clairvoyance or mind reading that this poster had very inside information. So accurate were the posts that he either has to be a member of the UAA or was getting direct info from someone in the UAA. He started making the posts on Friday and turned out he was dead accurate. It certainly looks like Florida was aware on Friday of the failed drug test and did not get informed in the middle of the game as some people are claiming. I’m sure there was a conversation with Grier and he either admittied taking a supplement with the banned substance in it or said he had no idea how he could have tested positive. You choose which version you want to believe. But it looks to me like Florida did know about it long before kickoff and chose to play him anyways. You can sit there and say that he wasn’t ineligible yet and you would be right as the suspension wasn’t handed down until after the game. Now convince me if all that is accurate that there was high integrity involved in that decision. I don’t believe it was the right thing to play him if there was knowledge of a failed PED test even if the suspension wasn’t official yet. And that is what all the vultures are jumping on. Time will tell us the truth.

              • Florida likely learned the A sample was a positive test before the game but did not learn that the B sample confirmed the positive until after the game on Sunday. Gators did nothing wrong rule-wise or morally by playing their best player while eligible for a game.

              • Dave Massey says:

                I totally agree that they did nothing against the rules. But you said it yourself, they played their best player while eligible for the game. We will have to agree to disagree that was morally correct especially if Grier was asked and admitted to taking a banned substance even if he did it unknowingly. I don’t know if they would have made the same decision on somebody else, the appearances are not good is all I’m saying.

              • Ken (CA) says:

                We have no idea if the conversation even took place, none of us were there. You are making a whole lot of assumptions. They easily could have waited for sample B to come back to mention it. If what Grier said is true and he unknowingly took it as part of an OTC supplement, then he likely had no idea he had taken anything banned. It is a circular argument and quite meaningless.

              • Dave Massey says:

                Sorry to keep you waiting but I was out of the country. There is a difference between facts, deduction, and assumption.
                It is a fact that on the Friday before the Mizzou game that it was all over the internet that Grier had failed a test for PED’s. This was long before the ‘regular’ media reported it on Monday. One of the first posters who said this on a Gator bulletin board also was the one who reported that “Harris, among others were going to be suspended ” for the Tennessee game for failed drug tests. Even Warchant had people posting that Grier had failed a PED test on Friday. It would be an assumption that several relatives of Nostradamus didn’t make all these posts or that they were lucky guesses.

                This is a fact. The only possible sources of Grier’s failed drug test would be the NCAA, the lab, or the Florida Athletic Department. We can rule the NCAA out because they weren’t involved with the Harris drug test. More than likely, the lab wasn’t the source unless the NCAA and Florida use the same lab for drug tests, that would be a deduction. That leaves the Florida Athletic Department as the source. That would be a deduction. And I also deduce it is unlikely the NCAA or the lab would be willing to leak that info. I also deduce someone at Florida would be willing to leak that info. Personally I think Florida has someone with a big damn mouth on the loose, that would also be a deduction.

                If Florida was informed on Friday of a failed drug test by Grier for PED’s I would deduce that within, say two hours at the most that Grier was contacted, asked to ‘report’, and was asked about it. Where I work if someone fails a drug test the lab actually calls the individual first and asks them if there is a reason for the positive test before they even notify my employer. Don’t know if the NCAA works the same way. If Florida didn’t talk to Grier fairly quickly I think that would be wrong of them. If you don’t think Grier was talked to long before game time, then you live in a different universe than the rest of us. That would be a deduction. Grier admitted taking a supplement that he didn’t clear with the athletic department. That is a fact. Florida decided to play him anyways knowing he failed the test and admitted to taking a supplement waiting for the B test results to come back. At that point they knew the B test would come back positive. That is a fact. Even Adam said that Florida likely knew Grier had failed the test before the game. My opinion is that it was a lapse in judgement to play him at that point, whether they had talked to Grier or not. Obviously the rules allowed Florida to play him in the game.

                Will it make any difference in his appeal? Maybe. Maybe he would just be suspended for the first five games next year or maybe the NCAA will still enforce the 365 day suspension from the time they received the positive result on the B sample. What I do know is that the NCAA seems to be a little more lenient on programs that do some self policing before the NCAA completes it’s investigations. Miami is a perfect example of that. They would have gotten a lot more severe penalty had they not done some self policing. Georgia held Gurley out and Ole Miss held Tunsil out. Their suspensions may have been longer without that. Those would be assumptions. Of course, this may be a little different because the NCAA rule is clear that a failed PED test is a 365 day suspension.

                We don’t even know what the supplement was or the ingredient in it that caused the positive test. With lawyers now involved I don’t expect we will know for sure until the NCAA makes a final ruling, if even then. There sure is a lot of speculation out there and that is all it is. Seems Florida/Grier might be making the argument that either the supplement wasn’t on a banned list or that the manufacturer didn’t list the banned ingredient as being in it. If that is the case then the chance of a successful appeal would be better. That would be an assumption.

                ‘Circular’, well that certainly is ecclectic. ‘Silly’, no I would say it is very serious.

  18. Joe Schmoe says:

    Was it the cream or the clear?

  19. BULLGATOR says:

    I think you guys are selling Treon short… Pun intentional. While there is no doubt that Will threw the better short and intermediate ball, but Treon throws better deep ball. More importantly, with him under center. We are now +1 in the running game, which should open up more lanes for Kelvin Taylor.

    In addition, if we had Treon available for the LSU game last year, there is an excellent chance we would have won. This is with the former coach, former offensive coordinator in the former disjunctive offsense. Now with a better offense and a tight end that can actually catch the ball (more than one) this may be a different ballgame.

    In addition, we must not forget that Will Grier was not exactly lighting it up except for the last 10 minutes of the Tennessee game and the Ole Miss game. Otherwise, our offensive performance was rather lackluster. I think most Gator fans looked beyond this, recognizing that Will’s upside was high and that this was a developmental year. But last year Treon was 5-2, almost 6-1. And if he can get that record with the prior staff, imagine what he can do with the present one.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Treon does not throw a better deep ball. I don’t know where people come up with that.

      I am pulling for him. I’m a Gator and I pull for all of our kids, but there is no pass that Treon makes better than Grier.


      • Sammage says:

        I’ve wondered about the ‘throws a better deep ball’ that people keep throwing out there too. I don’t have any special football knowledge, but I’ve been watching it a long time now and his deep throws sure don’t LOOK better to me.

        • Dave Massey says:

          The problem with Treon is that he didn’t read defenses and go through the progressions as well as Grier did and abandoned the pocket too quickly to run with the ball himself. Coach Mac wants his QB’s to stay in the pocket and let the play develop and get the ball to the playmakers. He doesn’t want his QB’s to run because of the risk of injury at the most critical position on the team. That is a real problem now. Treon got hurt last year. We literally have no other option now. If he gets hurt we are really in trouble. If any one of our WR’s gets hurt or another TE is it going to greatly affect our offense like a QB going down? No. Treon has plenty of talent but he needs to play the way the staff is teaching him.

  20. Robert says:

    Treon is an above average Quarterback. Will Grier may be an NFL Quarterback. With the talent on this team, especially defensively I think that Treon can lead us to a 4-2 record the rest of the season. Vanderbelt and South Carolina will be easy and I still think we are good enough to where we should get a win against one of LSU, Georgia, or Florida State at least. Hopefully it’s Georgia or LSU we beat since that should give us the SEC East Title. As for next season, I think it should be clear that Will Grier will be the QB after his suspension is over, but who knows Treon Harris could impress by then. Either way, we will have a good Quarterback after the half season mark next year. I just hope if Treon doesn’t impress he can atleast keep us in playoff contention next year until Will Grier comes back.

  21. Mike The Red says:

    When Treon leads us to a win over LSU, you all are going to be lining up to sing his praises. Start puckering up folks…

    Go Gators!!! Beat LSU!!!

  22. Timmy T says:

    Treon can and will get the job done the rest of the way. He is steady and solid in all phases of the game. He doesn’t have the upside Will has, but he’s got moxie and a coach who will tap in to his skill set. The defense knows it has to be even better now, too. They will rise to the occcasion as well. Gators end up in Atlanta still, folks

  23. HoneyBee says:

    “The school will not release the substance for which Grier tested positive, noting that it is up to the family to allow the school to provide such information.”

    Seems like there’s more to this story…you sure drugs are not involved? Why such the harsh punishment? This sounds serious.

    On another note, it is really ashame how fans are doubting Harris’s capabilities. The play calling was awful last year and his skill set has yet to be revealed, considering he played against cupcakes this year. I strongly believe this coaching staff will continue to find ways to win games this season. But one thing you cannot deny regarding Harris, he has not turned over the ball, which is good.

  24. Buster says:

    The one question I still haven’t heard answered is how many cfb players are randomnly tested for PEDS in-season by the NCAA.

    Is it a lot, is it a few. What is this number?

    • Dave Massey says:

      How often does the NCAA drug test student-athletes?

      The NCAA randomly drug tests student-athletes for performance-enhancing drugs usually once or twice a year. Per University Athletic Association policy, UF student-athletes are drug tested at least once each semester they are enrolled.

  25. Iamtheeggman says:

    Does it matter? Either Grier is a cheater or a fool. Either way he is getting what he deserves. He either took a substance to knowingly cheat or he was a dumbass who missed the memo on not taking anything, and I mean anything, without clearing it through the medical department. Cheater or fool? Does it really matter/ If he’s a fool, that’s even more glaring since you’d expect your quarterback to be among your brightest athletes. Looking at Grier’s neck makes me think he’s a cheater, though. He says he unknowingly…blah, blah, blah. But what do expect from someone who has just been caught? Them to tell the truth? He’s gone for a year, and he deserves it. He has no one but himself to blame. There is redemption available for him, though. Everett Golson also lost a year because of a different form of cheating, academic. He’s now on a possible Playoff team. That’s something Grier can shoot for.

    • Spuntly says:

      Yes, guilty and should receive punishment, but I believe it could have been an honest mistake. 1 year is a bit much though. I think the appeal will shorten the suspension to the rest of this season. That’s ok though, because we are gonna beat FSU this year with Harris and then beat them again next year with Grier. They are both better than Golson.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      At least he didn’t beat his girlfriend or steal some crab legs. To paraphrase Obi-Wan, “Who’s more foolish? The fool or the fool that cheers for him?”

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