Monday press conference – Gators vs. Razorbacks

By Adam Silverstein
October 12, 2009

Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer and senior quarterback Tim Tebow (along with other players and coaches) speak with the media every Monday afternoon. Here are some notes from their press conferences. More information and quotes will come later.


– Champions: offensive linemen Maurkice & Mike Pouncey, running back Emmanuel Moody, wide receivers Deonte Thompson, Riley Cooper and David Nelson, tight end Aaron Hernandez, linebackers Brandon Spikes, Ryan Stamper and A.J. Jones, safety Major Wright and cornerbacks Joe Haden and Janoris Jenkins.

– One of the reasons Florida is not throwing the ball as much as last year are problems in pass protection. Until that improves, even throwing short routes is difficult. Meyer hopes to see more from Thompson and Nelson (who he said are getting better) this week and in the future, but their pass protection must improve.

– Wide receivers Omarius Hines, Frankie Hammond, Jr. and T.J. Lawrence have not earned playing time yet. Carl Moore‘s back injury is concerning. OGGOA has already reported he will be out for the season; Meyer mentioned redshirting him (he should).

– Both Meyer and Tebow said Arkansas Razorbacks are not a trap game because the team is aware of how good they are playing. Meyer said Ole Miss Rebels were very much an unknown last year. Tebow said Arkansas could theoretically beat the Gators.

Urban Meyer Press Conferencq Quotes


– He and Spikes are going to need to find ways to motivate the team coming off of a huge win in Death Valley.

– Team doctors checked with him both during and after the game and will continue to monitor his health and status through the week.

– Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young spoke with Tebow during the week and gave him helpful advice about dealing with concussions.

– Tebow recognized the Gators are going to need to score more because of how high-powered Arkansas’ offense has been playing.


  1. Gatorfan33 says:

    Well I am not going to tell Urban how to coach this team but it seems to me that as long as we are running dive plays over and over and over that the line is always going to be crowded and 5 linemen will never be able to pass protect against 8. We have one of the best pass catching TE’s in the country so starting running slants across the middle and start using Deonte Thompson (who was hailed as the next Percy) to start running some Percy type plays. If we don’t get a passing game soon we will not make it to the SEC title game much less the National title game. The passing game IMO is the most glaring weakness on this entire team.

  2. I agree that the Gators need to spread the field, and you are right – it starts with taking one of the best tight ends in the country in Hernandez and letting him to get the ball on slants and posts. As far as your comment about Deonte being hailed as the next Percy – that has never been the case. Deonte was hailed as more of a true No. 1 wide receiver that the Gators had been missing since Chad Jackson. Andre Debose is being hailed as the “next” Percy – and he’s injured. But the thesis of your comment is certainly correct – Florida needs to improve the passing game big-time!

  3. Gatorfan33 says:

    My bad, I got the two mixed up but he still needs to contribute more just like Nelson does.

  4. BDoc says:

    At times it does feel like the passing game isn’t really working, but if you look at the numbers from this point in time last year as compared to this year you’ll see that they’re pretty similar.

    Through 5 games last year the offense was averaging 211yds through the air. This year, it’s averaging 201yds passing per game. This year’s team even has more passing TD’s than last year’s through the first 5 games(11 vs 8). Last year’s passing offense ended the season ranked #61 in the country based on throwing for 213yds per game. The passing game isn’t quite as bad as some people think(myself included at points), though there is definitely room for improvement.

  5. Good stats BDoc. Probably should have looked at that myself.

    33 – no problemo.

  6. John Pole says:

    I don’t think our passing game is really that much of a worry. Quite frankly, if we can keep running dives up the middle and picking up 5-6 yards, why bother throwing it? Our defense isn’t letting other teams do anything, so let’s milk the clock and drive methodically down the field.

    If it gets to the point where our defense is struggling, we definitely still have weapons and can move things around and air it out a little bit. There just hasn’t been any reason to thus far, I don’t think.

  7. Daniel M. says:

    Much todo about nothing.

  8. Sarasota 'cane says:

    HELL YEAH!!! I think the Dolphin’s found their new quaterback(s)!

    Go Dolphin’s!!!

  9. FightinGator says:

    I for one am happy to have a strong run pass balance. We used to be criticized for our pure passing. We tend to make them when we need them so it keeps D’s honest knowing we can pick up15 or 20 in the middle of a 5 minute power run drive. A huge threat. Love it. But yes to see a bit mire would hit the sweet spot.

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