Late field goal lifts LSU over Florida 30-27

By Adam Silverstein
October 11, 2014

An intense, hard-fought, back-and-forth affair Saturday night at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida, came to a close as Colby Delahoussaye booted a career-long 50-yard field goal to push the LSU Tigers (5-2, 1-2 SEC) to a 30-27 victory over the Florida Gators (4-2, 2-2 SEC).

LSU benefited from three forced turnovers – all coughed up by Florida redshirt junior quarterback Jeff Driskel – tough running and some questionable penalty calls throughout the contest, while the Gators had multiple chances to win the game late but came up short by making numerous mistakes on both sides of the ball.

Freshman running back Leonard Fournette was beastly for the Tigers, taking 27 carries for 140 yards and two touchdowns. LSU sophomore wide receiver Travin Dural also broke through for 52 yards and a one-handed touchdown, hauling in a huge 41-yard reception on 3rd and 25 late in the game to put his team in position to score.

For Florida, Driskel completed 14-of-25 passes for 183 yards and a touchdown, but a fumbled early in the contest and a late interception (one of two for the game) that led to Delahoussaye’s game-winning field goal. He also carried the ball a team-high 21 times for 71 yards and another score.

Redshirt senior WR Andre Debose was the Gators’ best playmaker on Saturday, returning one punt 62 yards for a touchdown and another 53 yards to set up a second Florida score. He also had one carry for 35 yards. Sophomore WR Demarcus Robinson, the beneficiary of a 73-yard bomb from Driskel late in the fourth quarter, led the wideouts with 104 yards on the evening, and freshman RB Brandon Powell took six receptions for 66 yards.

After a five-yard run that gave LSU 2nd and 5 and its own 37-yard line, the Tigers committed a personal foul, lost six yards on a fumbled snap and then gave up six more on a sack by Gators redshirt sophomore defensive end Alex McCalister. LSU punted the ball deep on 4th and 32, only to have Debose field the punt for FLorida, reverse field and take off for a 62-yard return touchdown, the first of his career on a punt.

The Tigers were able to answer back almost immediately, however, as Driskel fumbled a keeper, the first play from scrimmage for the Gators, when Florida’s offense touched the ball next. LSU jumped on the back of Fournette, who carried the ball twice for 28 yards and rumbled into the end zone to tie the game 7-7.

Driskel quickly rebounded from his miscue to lead the Gators on an eight-play, 75-yard scoring drive. Debose opened the possession with a 35-yard rush over the left end, and Driskel took over from there, completing two short passes and keeping the ball four times for 33 yards, including a nine-yard touchdown rumble.

Florida forced LSU to stall at its own 33 and got the ball right back but was only able to muster a field goal. Driskel hit Powell for a 21-yard gain down the right sideline, but the Gators eventually stalled inside the red zone and brought on redshirt senior kicker Frankie Velez to boot a 34-yarder and spot UF a 17-7 lead.

A 12-play, 75-yard drive for the Tigers got the visitors right back in the game, as LSU used runs of 16, 11, 20 and 15 yards to move down the field on the Gators with ease. Faced with 4th and Goal at the UF one-yard line, head coach Les Miles went for it and converted with senior RB Kenny Hilliard taking a toss in for the score.

After swapping three-and-outs to open the second half, LSU was able to take the lead on a 13-play, 65-yard drive that took 8:16 off the clock and was assisted by two big penalties on Florida. The Tigers converted a 3rd and 17 on a questionable holding on Gators junior defensive back Brian Poole and got an extra opportunity to score when pass interference was called on redshirt senior DE Bryan Cox Jr. in the end zone on 3rd and Goal from the four-yard line. Fournette busted through the line for his second touchdown of the day, but a missed extra point gave LSU a 20-17 advantage with less than four minutes to play in the third quarter.

Struggling to put anything together offensively in the second half, Florida got another boost from Debose on a punt return. Avoiding some tacklers, Debose jetted off 53 yards down the field, giving the Gators great field position at the Tigers’ 11-yard line with less than seven minutes to play. Two snaps later, Driskel completed an 11-yard crossing pass to Robinson to put UF ahead 24-20 with 6:10 left in the game.

Florida looked to be on its way to victory as an 11-yard sack from junior DE Dante Fowler Jr. and a substitution penalty backed LSU up with a 3rd and 25 on its own 33-yard line. Instead, Tigers sophomore QB Anthony Jennings completed a 41-yard pass to Dural, who found himself wide open due to a busted coverage. Two plays later, Jennings hit Dural for an 11-yard fade touchdown, which the wideout hauled in with one hand to give his team a 27-24 advantage with 2:40 remaining.

As was the case all game, the Gators found a way to answer immediately with Driskel hitting Robinson on a 73-yard bomb down the right sideline. Florida was unable to convert a touchdown from two yards out, however, as senior tight end Tevin Westbrook dropped a third-down pass in the end zone. Instead, UF tied the game 27-27 on an 18-yard field goal by Velez.

The Gators had another chance to score and win the game with 1:01 left, but after gaining some significant yardage, Driskel threw an interception across the middle, which was returned down to Florida’s 35-yard line. Junior WR Latroy Pittman was seriously injured on the play and taken off the field on a stretcher.

LSU took over with no timeouts and appeared to mismanage the clock after running a play, but the head referee called an official timeout, put seven seconds back on he clock and allowed Delahoussaye to attempt and convert a 50-yard game-winning field goal, which clinched the victory for the Tigers.


  1. Ken (CA) says:

    Wow, what an embarrassment…again.

    so many dropped passes, so many bad throw. I love how they kept giving credit to LSU D for how stout they were…uh yea…none of them been watching our hapless offense all year?

    WM has got to be the worst game-day coach of a major college program I have seen in a very long time. He knew they were going to run it all game long because their QB was as bad as ours, and yet the defense seldom stepped up to stop it. More broken coverages. How many times can they flare it to the FB in the flat before they put someone on the coverage?

    And offense? ewwww….even a halfway competent offense would have scored another 3-4 TDs against that “stout” defense.

    With the homecoming of Spurrier, I thought that the infamous “Gator Choke” (those of you older folks out there know exactly what I am talking about) had been exorcised. Now, every football game I watch all I can think of is “how are we going to screw this one up this time?”

    • Ken (CA) says:

      And the amazing thing as crappy as we are on both sides of the ball most of the time, we still control our own destiny in winning the SEC east if we beat Mizzou, USC, UGA, Vandy.

  2. 1974Gator says:

    The MF Muschamp owes me a new 42″ flat screen!

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Another swindle in the swamp…my favorite was the blatant PI that was deemed uncatchable when it landed 2 yards in front of Roberson. Then again we failed to score from the 2 on 3 tries so whatever…guess we don’t make the Outback bowl this year

    • Dave Massey says:

      Not to mention the intentional grounding call that was made then waved off I guess because there was a receiver somewhere on the field. I must say the officiating in the SEC has been terrible all year long and not just against Florida. That offensive pass interference call against Auburn was a total joke.

      But Florida didn’t lose the game because of the officiating. The penalties called against them were for the most part correct.

      The players continual critical mistakes cost this game. Dropped touchdown pass, blown coverage on 3rd and 25, 3 interceptions (fire the ball at a receiver five yards away, come on), etc. Stupid mistakes. This is on the players not the coaching.

      • Kaleb Wolfe says:

        I couldn’t agree more with your comments Mr. Dave Massey. All of what you just mentioned is certainly a recipe for a loss.

      • MIchael Jones says:

        Surprised to hear you say that about the Auburn call. The WR only got enough separation to catch that pass by pushing off on the DB.

        The Gators got jobbed, though. The no call on the pass interference on the deep ball to Robinson was a joke. The only reason that the ball appeared to be uncatchable was because the DB was pulling him back by his jersey.

        • Kaleb Wolfe says:

          These SEC refs are just never going to be fair with Florida. I watch SEC games all the time & it always seems to me that they prefer to hold UF to a different “standard”. Almost reminded me of the ACC refs calling the 2nd half of the 2012 FSU game in Tallahassee. Although we still played through some really questionable terrible calls & got the win that night.

        • Dave Massey says:

          The DB initiated contact at least 20 yards down the field, well beyond the 5 yard rule. Even the announcers thought it was a lousy call. If anything it should have been called illegal contact and really should have been no call. The receiver was only trying to stop the illegal contact. DB’s and receiver are constantly pushing off of each other, where is the line going to be consistently drawn? You and Mississippi State fans are the only ones that feel that wasn’t a bad call. That is probably because you are such a Dan Mullen lover.

          • Michael Jones says:

            Ha ha. . and you probably think it was such a bad call because for some reason it’s tough for you to choke down the reality that Dan Mullen is a better coach than anything we’ve had at UF for awhile.

            Aren’t you the one who criticized him because he ALMOST didn’t win at Death Valley on a Saturday night? lol. That was one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read on here. Talk about having to dig deep to find something negative to say.

            Can’t imagine what a person would have against Mullen, but it takes all kinds I guess.

    • Gatorgrad79 says:

      Thank God we will not have to go to a shitty bowl and watch a shitty game/loss!

  4. Champ supporter says:

    I know many will call for Muschamp to be fired, which I get. I really do. But how can you blow an assignment on 3rd and 25? Poole could not have possibly thought it was a zone when Neal was in the middle of the field? How can you drop a TD when you are sitting there wide open? How do you throw over the middle in traffic – why are you throwing a 4 yard pass in the first place over the middle with no timeouts and less than a minute to play?

    Adam, do you have any idea about why Kelvin Taylor isn’t playing? Is Adam Lane too far behind? Why couldn’t we use that bowling ball on the goal line at the end of the game?

    • Champ supporter says:

      Also another question, why was time put back on the clock? I have never seen that before. How do you do that in that situation?

      • Ken (CA) says:

        listen to the ref, he said why to put time back on the clock. The Gators were staying piled after being warned to get up causing a delay of game. Because they refused to unpile, trying to run out the clock, the clock was reset to when the warning was issued for them to get up. it is standard, although rare

        • Kaleb Wolfe says:

          Hmnn I didn’t see a period at the end of your final sentence, so much for proper punctuation. Kidding of course but anyways let’s just let sleeping dogs lie alright. Basically our team lost a game we could’ve won & everyone is understandably aggravated. There’s nothing that can be said that hasn’t been already said.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      “I know many will call for Muschamp to be fired, which I get. I really do. But how can you blow an assignment on 3rd and 25?”

      Poor coaching from the “elite” defensive/secondary coach.

      • Dave Massey says:

        It’s not poor coaching when the players don’t do what the coaches teach them to do. That one is on the players, not the coaching.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          Poor execution on a consistent basis I think is absolutely due to poor coaching. Either the coaches aren’t teaching them to u se the talent that they have to get it right, or if they don’t have the talent to do that, the coaches are trying to make them do things that they aren’t capable of. If this were a now and then thing, I would agree, but as it happens consistently multiple times a game, I think coaching is absolutely accountable for the poor execution.

          Maybe they aren’t getting enough reps in practice, maybe they are practicing too many things, I don’t know, but whatever it is, it falls upon the coaches to come up with a process and a scheme that will allow the players to be successful at whatever level they are capable of.

          • Kaleb Wolfe says:

            I couldn’t agree more, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. It ultimately begins & ends with the coaching staff.

        • MIchael Jones says:


          • Kaleb Wolfe says:

            That play is completely inexcusable especially taking into consideration the quarterback & just the sheer make up of this LSU team on offense so far this season. I guess they went to zone & then nobody noticed the receiver wide open as hell. Ughh it just makes me plum sick thinking about it. So much for a head coach who handles the safeties in practice every week in practice.

          • Dave Massey says:

            Using all capitals shows immaturity, it doesn’t get your point across any better. How much coaching does it take to catch a football? How much coaching does it take to cover receivers? The only way that play happens on third down is if they send in two different signals to the secondary or one of the players doesn’t play his assignment. The coaches can’t stand on the field and hold these guys by the hand and tell them what to do on every play. That is on the players to follow instructions, period.

            • Michael Jones says:

              I never know what’s going to hit one of you guys wrong on this site. I used all capitals as a point of emphasis. So now that makes me immature? I am so so sorry for breaching whatever rule of etiquette that is. Good lord.

              All I know is that if a coach is going to take credit for the wins then he has to take credit for the losses. If a coach is going to be credited for good play, then he has to be credited for bad play. If we had stopped them, then it would have been because we’re well-coached, right? Since we DIDN’T (whoops. . there I go again) stop them, how can the reverse not be true?

              I think Ken said it best. . we’re not talking about an isolated incidence of futility. . we’re talking about a pattern of it. . bad coaching, bad personnel, bad whatever. . it always falls back on the coach once he’s been around as long as Muschamp has.

        • mjGator says:

          Muschamp said in his post-game comments that it was a blown coverage. He sent in the call and “10 players got it and one didn’t.” First, I don’t like a head Coach blaming a player in that situation. Second, I do see that as a coaching issue. Well coached teams know the situation, are prepared and don’t blow situations like that. There is chaos on the sideline. Did you happen to notice during LSU’s second to last series, it was third down and long, and everyone in the stadium knew we needed to call timeout immediately after the play if LSU was stopped. When that happened, Muschamp was 30 yards away from the official and went running as fast as he could to get down there to call timeout . . . after almost tripping over his headset in the process. Not a huge deal, but it showed the lack of control, lack of forethought and lack of preparation in that situation. He did show some pretty good speed for a middle-aged chubby guy though!

      • Michael J. says:

        The coaches can only put the players in a position to make a play, they can’t do it for them. Like Marcus Maye against Miami last year, Keanu Neal should have easily been in position to stop the long pass on third and 25. What was he doing standing in the middle of the field? I don’t blame the coaches. Of course they knew what LSU was going to do, but UF doesn’t have good enough players to stop them. Dante Fowler was dominated by La ‘el Collins for most of the game, LSU ran right at him and as good as Fournette is, LSU opened up some huge holes for him to run through. It’s not the coaches fault that they try to win the game by moving into field goal position with plenty of time on the clock to have your quarterback make a poor decision that gives LSU a chance to win. No, I don’t blame the coaches, I blame the players. For whatever reason you want to make, Florida doesn’t have smart ones. That’s not to say that the staff doesn’t need to be fired, after all someone has to held responsible for UF’s continuing mediocre record.

  5. Gators need Gatoraid says:

    The Gators did their best job in trying to LOSE a game

  6. Thatguy15 says:

    Why are we so garbage? Why can’t we ever do anything offensively? Why aren’t we improving in the offense? I asked these questions every time I watch a game. We definitely beat ourselves this game. We could of had a great home win, and we let it get away.

  7. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    Oh yeah also get Debose the damn ball as much as possible maybe with Pittman’s injury they’ll finally try to run Debose the boy is a pure playmaker without him we have no chance sadly with the way the defense but Debose runs like a deer & is the only true runner who sees the opening immediately he also could’ve been out there after the deep Robinson pass catch & great run but if you atleast put Debose on the field as a diversion if you’re going to refuse to use him my god I know everyone is a say they can call better plays but seriously I would’ve scored down there, I just wish we tried to run option plays have more guys in motion remember when Tebow also a running quarterback would pitch it to hell anybody down there along the goal line & we’d always score a touchdown effortlessly also what was strange was that we being the most penalized team in the SEC only commited one personal foul in the entire 1st half when Debose pops that guy in the Face mask but after that it’s like the refs just were throwing yellow flags on top of that big play after big play plus adding clock time for LSU I swear the refs in this conference hate us pure & simple damn it man well I’m proud of the offense as well as Driskel for showing heart also Debose was easily the player of the game he must get more carries use him like Pervy Harvin get creative sheeze also as I’ve said many times he’d burn anyone deep with man on man coverage all Driskel would have to do is put enough air underneath it just like he finally did with Demarcus Robinson, we let this game slip away as a real Gator fan like so many of us right now I’m just simply heartbroken & I seriously mean that with all sincerity & I know what we are all truly sick & tired of feeling so disappointed & heartbroken the Gators sadly are really the best thing & only thing going my life right now when they win it makes me feel as good as I possibly can it used to be different but things in my life have changed after the loss of my mother anyways I’m tired of having these heart attack games Im an alumni my dad & granddad alumni , I just want to get back to enjoying watching the Florida Gators that’s all.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      paragraphs and breaking into separate sentences can really be your friend…that post is pretty unreadable

      • Kaleb Wolfe says:

        Sorry Ken(CA), I’ll make sure I use proper punctuation in the future. I was just so mad & frustrated. I was also in to big of a hurry. I promise I know how to punctuate & I will.

      • Daniel M. says:

        I quit reading that about 4 lines in.

        • Kaleb Wolfe says:

          Well I’m sincerely sorry, that’s all I can say. I assure you I’m seriously done with making anymore comments on this site so no worries. Go Gators!!!

    • MIchael Jones says:

      You’re right about Debose. He gets the ball on a jet sweep in the 1st quarter and hits it big. Then the Gators never go back to again. This administration is famous for that. Used to do that with Omarius Hines all the time. Herky jerky helter skelter personnel and playcalling decisions. No rhyme, no rhythm, no continuity, no reason.

      In the meantime, continue to run Driskel right, Driskel left, and Driskel up the middle when the whole stadium knows its coming.

      Put a 170 pound freshman to run the ball up the middle on the goal line.

      • Kaleb Wolfe says:

        You hit the nail exactly on the head my friend.

        • Michael Jones says:

          Hang in there, bro. Keep commenting. There are people who contribute and then there are people who mainly try to undercut those who contribute. Don’t let the latter stop you from contributing.

          • Kaleb Wolfe says:

            Thank you Mr. Michael Jones I truly appreciate that. I understand guys are frustrated. Hell I’m just as pissed & frustrated as anyone else. Whenever I rarely ever comment on this site. Somebody always likes to take a shot at me especially whenever God Forbid my comment is longer than 3 sentences. I was just venting & at the time on my iPhone I just had so much to say I said screw it. It’s not like I was writing a damn term paper back at UF lol ya know. If anyone else ever comments on here even if I know that their comment was was just blatantly wrong. I still never jump on them. I just see it as a completely futile & pointless act to get into some silly ass pissing contest over the Internet. I hate drama & have much better things to do with my time. None of these guys would say these “cute” little comments to my face, now that I can assure you anyways, I have been guilty of texting a few comments that were God forbid too long probably just like this commebt I’m texting right now lol but last night after the game I just was venting & was typing way too fast & just was as frustrated as everyone else but none of this bothers me because everybody for the most part has said what’s already needed to be said we do have some very well informed as well as very passionate fans on this comment board. It’s only when I see where anyone has left something I believe to be important out, now that’s usually when I decide to chime in. Look I know football. I played football every year I was able too. I always was a starter & I understand it better than most. Not bragging it’s just a fact. I especially love college football & I know Florida Gator Football inside & out. I’ve haven’t missed a game since I was 9 years old & I’m now 32. The day I stop loving my Florida Gators…will be the day my heart stops pumping blood my brother. Again thank you for your comment & I due sincerly apologize for the length of this reply. You & others have already said everything that needed to be said unfortunately I don’t think this coaching staff is busy reading what we have say but then again maybe they should. Ha good luck brother & don’t sweat it guys it’s all justcyclical you can’t keep the Gators down forever it’s only been 5 seasons since we were worth a damn. Trust me…we will be back!!! The sun will rise again on the University of Florida football program. Go Gators!!!

          • Kaleb Wolfe says:

            Thank Mr. Michael Jones I really appreciate that brother.

            • Michael Jones says:

              You got it, my man. Adam is the only one who gets paid for doing this. The rest of us are just amateurs who, for the most part, love our Gators. I appreciate your passion, Kaleb.

      • Dave Massey says:

        Weren’t you one of the people saying that Driskel needed to be running the ball far more?

        • Michael Jones says:

          Absolutely, Dave, and I stand by that. Do you find an inconsistency in my two comments?

          Driskel’s ability to run is a weapon that we should utilize effectively and we haven’t been. It doesn’t mean that we go from the extreme of under-utilizing him to calling nothing but Driskel left/right/middle. It doesn’t mean that we become predictable. It doesn’t mean that we continue to not keep the opposing defense off-balance with our playcalling. It doesn’t mean that we don’t call anything else. It doesn’t mean that once LSU caught on and made the adjustment that we continue to run it over and over in critical situations. All of which should be fairly obvious.

          Come on, you’re better (and brighter) than that. Furthermore, you and I usually agree, so I hope that just because we aren’t agreeing today that we don’t turn into pissing-contest buddies. I get sick of that. None of this is personal as far as I’m concerned. We all love the Gators (right, Michael J.? lol) and we’re all just throwing ideas around. Reasonable minds can differ.

  8. james hunt says:

    I think AD Foley has to decide if Muschamp should be the coach– year 4 / majority of players are his recruits/ ineffective
    offense, undiscipline defense/ what about next year and the year after ? is this acceptable gator football 6-6, 7-5, 5-7 every year ? Mr.Foley should cut the loss, fires Muschamp and get someone else.

    • Kaleb Wolfe says:

      Please somebody throw $6 million dollars at Guz Malzahn to come to UF. Then we will start playing in the big games vs. the big boys.

  9. BIGGATOR says:

    18 dropped passes,pass interference penalty’s,3 turnovers,and blown coverage on a 3rd and 25,are you kidding me! sloppy,sloppy,sloppy! coach,take a little advice from someone who’s been there,start benching players who can’t get it done! trust me,it it is a great motivator and it will light a fire under their A$$! GO GATORS!

    • Michael J. says:

      Who are you going to replace them with? It’s not like UF has all these talented players just sitting in the cupboard waiting to be used. There is not a Winston or Manziel on the bench coming to rescue Florida. I think you’ll find out that the newest flavor of the month, Treon Harris, is not the answer. It’s the culture developed under Muschamp. There was no logical reason for LSU to win. They still have a poor quarterback and you can easily predict what they are going to do on offense. But, UF still couldn’t stop LSU from executing and LSU didn’t beat themselves. They had zero turnovers and were patient, they just stuck to their gameplan and UF’s defense couldn’t stop them.

      • BIGGATOR says:

        at the quarterback position,i agree. but, you can’t honestly tell me that no other players,on the bench,can run a simple route and actually catch a ball!you’re losing with you’re so-called best players,so what are you going to lose,(that you’re not already losing) by giving someone else a shot! if talent is only one position deep,than the gator program is really crappy! and if that’s so,i agree it’s time to clean house! go gators!

      • Michael Jones says:

        How would you or anyone else know what talent we have to replace them with? Our 2nd string guys (who usually have just as many recruiting stars as the guy ahead of them) rarely or never see the field until someone gets injured. We don’t develop talent at UF. One of our biggest problems.

  10. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    Well we worked in practice on dropping passes so much for that & Adam I believe Quinton Dunbar’s consecutive 32 game streak with a reception just was broke, I guess Ike Hilliard’s record is safe & rightfully so cuz early in the 1st half a senior wide reciever in Quinton Dunbar drops a wide open pass there’s was no soul eveb near him & even Jeff threw it perfectly. Also all the comments that have been made tonight by everyone have been right on point seriously smart comments guys. (Sigh this one hurts) according to Muschamp VH3 & Latroy Pittman should be “fine”. Hopefully they will cuz we will definetly need VH3 against a dangerous Missouri passing attack.

  11. Champ supporter says:

    What’s up with Kelvin Taylor? The guy is retweeting about not getting the ball and transferring…

    • Kaleb Wolfe says:

      Wow for real? I know one thing if I’m Adam Lane I’d definetly look into transferring…He’s “supposedly” the hardest tail back to tackle in practice but yet never gets to run, I remember Lane looking pretty good in the spring game.

    • Michael J. says:

      Who cares? Taylor is vastly overrated. Remember the propaganda about him being faster and quicker coming into this season? He still lacks quickness and speed. If he’s actually saying stuff like that, let him go. He sounds like another athlete that thinks he’s entitled when he has yet to actually do anything on the field. He needs to stay, if he’s the best player, he’ll gt on the field. I don’t think he would be as effective as Powell catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s not a good pass catcher and is not as quick or fast as Powell.

      • Kaleb Wolfe says:

        Taylor is a bust much like Jeff Driskel both players while in highschool faced sub par small high school competition, unfortunately we sorta were stuck with him due to him being a legacy, but he’s no where near as talented as his father was & Kelvin even started out bigger physically coming out of highschool, in hind sight I sure wish that the “so-called lifetime Gator Fan” Derrick Henry had signed with us. We really could’ve used him last night.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        Seriously? Because WM is so well known for putting the best and most talented on the field. Clearly Tabor should have seen the field earlier he has been a major playmaker the last 2 games. Why did he get to play? Because he was more talented and better? Nope, he finally got PT because of injury so he was put in. How many others are sitting on the bench in the same situation?

    • Dave Massey says:

      Me, me, me, me….that’s the problem with half these guys, it’s not team first. He didn’t do crap when he got the ball.

    • MIchael Jones says:

      That’s what this goofball coaching administration does. It falls in and out of love with players faster than a 13 yr old gets crushes. This superstar 5 star that we chose to recruit over Derrick Henry for goodness sakes now can’t even get on the field? After being everybody’s darling just last year? What/where/how did he do anything so wrong?

      Same with Fulwood.

      I wonder if Kent Taylor–the #1 tightend recruit in the nation–would have caught that pass that Westbrook couldn’t hold onto?

  12. W says:

    Hahahaha, Kaleb Wolfe might have set a record for longest spewing of BS and he DIDN’T EVEN USE PUNCTUATION! What a power move.

    • Kaleb Wolfe says:

      Ha well atleast I set some kind of record gee thanks man. Looks like Ike Hilliard’s consecutive game record of atleast 1 reception for 35 games is safe. Especially after Senior Wide Reciever Quinton Dunbar’s dropped pass tonight. After being so wide open & as well as dropping a very rare perfectly thrown Jeff Driskel pass he doesn’t deserve to break the record. I don’t believe he was ever thrown to again for the rest of the game.

  13. 1974Gator says:

    Sung to the tune of “Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey?” Won’t you come home Dan Mullins, won’t you come home?

  14. Lagator says:

    Worst coach in last 30 years :
    Ron Zook , Steve Addazio, or Will Muschamp? I never thought I’d be able to argue against the first two.

  15. SJ210 says:

    I’ll save Adam some time and summarize WM’s Monday presser.
    “Correctable mistakes, our job as coaches to get them corrected,” followed by overly technical explanation of the coverage call and check on blown 3rd and 25 play.
    “Didn’t realize Kelvin Taylor only had two carries. Gotta get him more involved.” This will be followed later in the week with “So and so has had a great week of practice. We need to find a way to get him more involved.” Recycle and repeat next week after neither of the above happens.
    ” We feel Jeff gives us the best chance to win.” Follow up question asking WM if he is aware that he is the coach of the Gators and not DC of LSU isn’t heard over chuckling coming from rest of room.

  16. MIchael Jones says:

    So once again we make The Hat look like a genius for going for it on 4th and goal from the 1 but we can’t score from 1st and goal from the 2.

    I don’t have anything personal against Muschamp. He’s just in over his head. It’s not like he doesn’t try, he just doesn’t have the ability. You could ask me to run a 3 minute mile, and I could train and try as hard as possible, but I could never do it. Same with Champ coaching these Gators.

    If you want to see how Gator teams used to play and how we should be playing now, then go watch Miss St and see the heart and spirit they play with, the clever scheming and playcalling, and how Mullen has developed and what he has done with 2 and 3 star recruits. For many of us Gators, he was the obvious choice from the start.

    • G2 says:

      So true but Foley had to go and pluck the next Billy The Kid in Muschamp. Ive been pulling for the guy but its just not there on so many levels.
      We are going nowhere until we clean house and start over, just that simple. Unless we get a big name experienced head coach we’ll also blow another year of recruiting.
      Hey, if we can’t beat a down Lsu team at home, who are we gonna beat? Looking at the bright side we could easily be 1-4 at this point

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Michael, I think that is as well said about how most of us are thinking as just about anything posted over the last couple of years.

  17. Paul says:

    I think it’s also fair to say Chris leak is not a good WR coach.

  18. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Same issue offensively as last season – cannot cross the goal line when first down inside the 15, settle for field goal or turnover and can’t consistently complete a forward pass. This is enough reason to get a fresh start as this problem is intensifying and not improving. If champ dares to say one more time “that needs to get better and we’re gonna work on it” I will go insane. Who the hell does he think believes that?! Oh, wait – apparently Foley must believe it….

  19. Bill says:

    Can we put Mushamp out of his misery yet?

  20. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    Why are we obligated to always run the shotgun formation. Even at the damn goal line? Look we have an excellent run blocking fullback in Hunter Joyner right? Could we atleast try to run the I-Formation when we are on the 2 yard line when we really need a touchdown. We used to add an extra offensive lineman in at tight end its like this staff refuses to adapt, I didn’t know when we were getting Roper that we were truly going to stay in the shotgun formation at all times regardless of where ever we are on the field. It’s either the shotgun or the victory formation, if it’s 3rd & short or a goal line situation. God forbid we dare use a fullback to actually lead block for a running back so we could actually convert a 3rd & short or punch in a much needed touchdown. I’m know fan of Brent Pease but atleast he’d of ran a basic goal line formation, unfortunately we have the most stubborn ass coaching staff in all of football right now, they’ll go down sinking before they try to adapt or change to the current situation at hand.

  21. scroud says:

    One thing I didn’t see in any of the comments was the loss of Matt Jones. If he was healthy, we would have won that game going away. Does anyone thing with first and goal from the 2 he wouldn’t have scored.
    That being said, I used to be a lot more down on Driskel and Muschamp, but I think the biggest issue is the receivers. Palmer had a good point on that no call pass interference play. Driskel heaved it down the field but Robinson was high stepping and looking back before he started sprinting. If not for the dropped pass in the endzone we would be pretty positive about the night. As a quarterback, if the receivers keep dropping your passes, that has to affect your performance.
    That said, the coaching did need to adjust, how many times did they gain ten yards running to the left, where was the adjustment. I was happy to see them throw downfield more.
    It is hard to say this but I think we can build on the things from yesterday and the season isn’t lost, hopefully Jones will be healthy and the coaches will start to give other receivers a chance to catch the ball

  22. USA says:

    Very tough loss against a horrible LSU team. Driskel actually didn’t play that bad of a game. I like how Roper changed the offense a little with Driskel rushing the ball a lot more. He ran hard and with a purpose all night. He had that bad int in the 4th but honestly the game shouldn’t have came down to that.This should’ve been a blowout win for us, at home in the Swamp with an electric crowd. Muschamp blew a golden opportunity. LSU had a horrible quarterback and terrible offense and suspect defense, yet we still made them look great. The play of the gane was the 3rd and 25 conversion. And that is on the “coaches” not the players. The reason why is because this happens to us consistentily nowadays. Teams roasting us on 3rd and long plays. Why aren’t we playing zone defense on 3rd and 25 ? Instead Mushamp is so cocky he wants to play man-to-man, which put our kids in a terrible situation to succeed in a critical and pressure down. Unbelievable loss. And it was not Driskel’s fault. Its the poor “coaching” guy!

    • Dave Massey says:

      They were in a zone on that third down play, another mental error by the secondary, coaching can’t make players smarter. The players lack of execution the entire game caused this loss. They were put in a position to win and didn’t make the plays to do it. The players are the ones on the field, not the coaches, they clearly don’t follow their instructions. I wouldn’t say that LSU has a horrible offense, No. 7 was the top recruit in the nation and their offensive line whipped our asses all night long, that is the real reason we lost, we couldn’t stop the run even when, you, me, and everyone in the world knew they were going to run left.

      • Michael Jones says:

        Absolutely. Left, left, left. We are not stout enough on that side. Maybe recruit some 5 star DL’s to go along with those 5 star DB’s?

      • Steven says:

        Uhhhh. I’m pretty sure that’s the coaches job.
        Also even if he did play it like he was “supposed to” our D was to go 1 on 1 on 3rd and 25.
        No help over the top? Durkin is awful. Muschamp is awful. Clearly two nice guys for throwing that poor kid under the bus.

      • mjGator says:

        Muschamp said in his post-game comments that he sent the call in and “10 guys got it and one didn’t.” First, I don’t like a coach blaming a player in that situation. Second, well-coached and situationally-prepared teams don’t have such colossal breakdowns at such a critical time in the game. Good coaches make sure the key players know the call. It seems like there is chaos on the sideline. Did you happen to see Muschamp after LSU’s second-to-last possession? After third down, when everyone in the stadium know we needed to call timeout if they didn’t convert, Muschamp was 30 yards from the line of scrimmage (and the official). When the play ended, Muschamp scampered 30 yards to get to the official (while tripping all over his headset cord) to call a timeout. Not a huge deal, but it looked ridiculous and showed a complete lack of awareness of the situation. He was pretty fast though, for a middle-aged chubby guy!

  23. USA says:

    Fournette is the real deal! Also I don’t think Muschamp has done a good job recruiting offensive players. Or developing our offensive players. Our wrs rarely get touches. And they seem to always have a lot of drops or show poor effort tracking the ball in the air. Its clearly time for a change.

  24. Marques W. says:

    Driskel played decent, but not that of a player that has been in a college system for 4 years. What did he do that game that Treon or any other QB in the SEC couldn’t have done? Nothing. His turnovers were terrible. They killed momentum and shaped the game in LSU’s favor. I’ve been in no rush to play a true freshman at QB, but it may be that time. Driskel supporters love to point to his record. If you evaluate those games you’ll remember we had a GREAT defense and some teams that self destructed in those wins (see SC 2012).

    Muschamp has got to go. Sorry. His record is inflated just like Driskel’s is. You can’t convinvce me he hasn’t dumbed down Roper’s offense. Roper is the second OC to come in after having huge offensive success and been turned into a crappy play caller. We fine one running play we think works and run it 30 times in that game, then never again. It starts at the top and Muschamp needs to go.

  25. foxygatorfan says:

    Jeemy Foley must be n dee denial – inble admit hmae a bi mise when he hired Mshamp. Itis depressig to watch te Gatr lose like they did. Dan Mullen seems to be doing well t Mississippi STate.

    The touchdown throw should have ben caught. Jeff Driskell is a Junior and he throws a key nterception. Just throw it away No excuse. The team is not together because it is not coached well. Maybe when fans stop attending games someone wll

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