Your first Tim Tebow update for Wednesday

By Adam Silverstein
October 7, 2009

On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer divulged a little additional information about the status of quarterback Tim Tebow following his concussion.

Meyer stated he was aware of the “grade” of Tebow’s concussion but did not want to share that information publicly (nor should he). [Note: it is widely believed Tebow suffered a Grade II or III concussion.] Additionally, Meyer said he was told after Tuesday’s practice to game plan for Saturday night at No. 4 LSU Tigers “as if there’s a chance Tim could play,” but “there’s [also] a chance he won’t play.” Meyer added that is “going to be pretty much the response until the foot hits the ball.”

Meyer said Tuesday he is planning to give Tebow some chest contact during practice on Wednesday as long as he is cleared.

Former NFL quarterback Gary Danielson, who will be covering the game for CBS as an analyst, believes this is all for naught as he does not see Tebow playing on Saturday. “I just think he’s missed too much time. I think he’s too important long-term to the team.”


  1. Daniel M. says:

    Cantu’s guidelines put it at a grade II. Other guidelines put it at a grade III.

    With Cantu’s guidelines loss of consicousness less than 5 minutes is a Grade II. Anything longer than 5 minutes is a grade II.

    Other guidelines put any loss of consciousness at a grade III. I’m curious how long he was unconscious? When it happened it appeared to me that he likely suffered a spinal injury. His head was snapped forward violently. After the enormous relief of seeing him sit upright I thought maybe he received a stinger.

    I’m certainly not trying to say he wasn’t concussed, but the force of the contact didn’t initially appear as great as hits that are commonly seen in college and NFL. It looked more like an injury due to a forward snapping motion IMO.

    I”m just hugely relieved that he appears to be recovering. I hope in the future that we’ll get the details on exactly what the injury was.

  2. Chris C. says:

    Tebow Stinks! Gators lose by 20.

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