LSU fans’ prank calls: Fair or Foul?

By Adam Silverstein
October 5, 2009

LSU Tigers fans are famous (make that “infamous”) for acquiring the cell phone numbers of opponents’ players and leaving messages on said players’ voicemails. Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow knows this well; he was the victim of numerous prank calls the week before UF visited Tiger Stadium in 2007. In fact, you may very well have seen him dial on his hand and put it up to his ear after he scored a rushing touchdown during that game.

In what should come as a surprise to no one, LSU’s fans are at it again, prank calling head coach Urban Meyer, offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, wide receiver Riley Cooper, QB John Brantley and others.

While I see this as good-hearted fun, it is a bit disturbing how easily these fans (or one fan in particular) seem to be acquiring these numbers. More importantly, I am quite sure that the messages left on these players’ phones are “Go Tigers.” Instead, they are most likely vulgar and profanity filled.

So I ask you, the OGGOA reader, to be unbiased and comment below. Is this phone call prank fair or foul?


  1. Emory&Henry says:


    I think you’re right about the content of the calls. Tebow implied that the messages he received were obscene.

    As soon as this type of behavior occurs outside the game environment, it goes from heckling to harassment. Phone harassment is illegal [] and why should athletes not be afforded the same protection as any other citizen?

  2. Adam Silverstein says:

    Good post.

  3. ZURBO says:


    You cant blame people from LSU calling other players. They go to LSU! What else are they gonna do? Bang their sisters?

  4. Kelly says:


    Although I do have to kinda agree with ZURBO… seriously? What else can LSU fans accomplish? This is like their “shining moment” for the year… The amount of immaturity & stupidity from those fans is expected.

    We all know that Gator Nation wouldn’t do a thing like that…

    These guys getting prank called don’t deserve this, but all its doing is putting more fuel to the fire. Have they not thought about that? Obviously not.

  5. Daniel M. says:

    Bang their sisters? Don’t call Fair on the phone calls then throw out a UM-esque shot at them. That’s foul! We are enjoying sitting atop the college football world. We have no need to disparage our opponent with sophomoric comments.

  6. Kaity says:


    We used to have a group on facebook “Poke the Opposing Team’s QB” and people would post links to player’s profiles. That’s about as far as contacting the enemy should ever go.

    Depending on what they’re saying on these messages, it’s borderline harassment.

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