No. 3 Tide thrash Gators 42-21 in Tuscaloosa

By Adam Silverstein
September 20, 2014

Photo Credit: Brynn Anderson/Associated Press

Brushing off four lost fumbles and a tie score early in the second half, the No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0, 1-0 SEC) lived up to their national ranking with a 42-21 thrashing of the visiting Florida Gators (2-1, 1-1 SEC) at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Saturday afternoon.

The Crimson Tide scored 21 unanswered points to end the contest, converting seven-straight third downs in the second half (two for touchdowns) and overpowering a Gators defense that could not get itself off the field.

UA racked up 645 yards of total offense in the contest, the most given up by a UF team in a single game in school history, and 449 passing yards, second-most allowed by the Gators in one contest.

With the loss, Florida head coach Will Muschamp fell to 4-13 against ranked opponents as the Gators lost their fourth-straight game to the Crimson Tide dating back to 2008.

Alabama quarterback Blake Simms set career-highs with 445 yards and four touchdowns on 23-of-33 passing (one interception), while Florida redshirt junior QB Jeff Driskel was a severely underwhelming 9-of-28 for 93 yards with one touchdown and two picks.

The Gators forced four turnovers (three fumbles) on the afternoon and scored 21 points off those Tide miscues. Driskel’s two picks – and an exchange fumble from UF junior running back Matt Jones – gave the home team plenty of opportunities to get back in the game.

Alabama attacked Florida right out of the gate, responding to a Gators three-and-out with a one-play, 87-yard drive via a touchdown pass from Sims to Kenyan Blake.

UF failed to answer its hosts on the next series but got some help from its defense with redshirt sophomore defensive back Marcus Maye forcing a fumble and sophomore cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III picking it up. Facing a 3rd and 7 from the Crimson Tide 28, Driskel hit redshirt junior wide receiver Valdez Showers for a touchdown – the Gators’ first in Tuscaloosa since 1998 – to tie the game 7-7 early in the first quarter.

Defense came up big again for Florida on the ensuing possession when sophomore safety Keanu Neal, with help from redshirt senior linebacker Neiron Ball, forced and recovered a fumble, returning it 49 yards for the first touchdown of his career.

The Gators would not hold on to their 14-7 lead for long, however, as a miscommunication on the back end (attributed to junior DB Brian Poole) led to Sims hooking up with WR Amari Cooper for a 79-yard touchdown that evened the contest at 14-14 with 4:12 remaining in the opening quarter.

Driskel was intercepted on 3rd and 13 before the end of the quarter, but Florida’s defense once again mitigated the offense’s ineptitude when redshirt senior defensive tackle Leon Orr forced a fumble that was picked up by junior defensive end Dante Fowler Jr., who fumbled and recovered the ball again on his own.

UF took over at the Alabama 35 but was unable to take advantage of the opportunity, and the Gators’ offense faltered a few series later when Jones fumbled a handoff from Driskel. Luckily for Florida, Alabama was unable to take advantage of that miscue either.

It did not take long for the game’s sixth turnover to occur as Ball deflected a Sims pass, which was grabbed out of the air by Gators junior LB Antonio Morrison on the first drive of the second half. Two plays later, Driskel crossed the goal line on a 14-yard quarterback keeper that knotted the score at 21.

The Crimson Tide responded by going to the ground, running the ball 11 times on a 16-play, 66-yard scoring drive that took 7:15 off the clock. Alabama converted five third downs on the drive with RB Derrick Henry erasing a 3rd and 23 with a 29-yard gain on a screen pass; he rumbled into the end zone one play later to put UA up 28-21 with 5:27 remaining in the third quarter, finishing with 140 yards on 21 touches.

A three-and-out for Florida gave the ball right back to Alabama, which traveled 80 yards on eight plays in 3:07 to take a 35-21 lead. Sims left the game with a shoulder injury – he would later return – but the Crimson Tide did not slow down one bit. Alabama converted two more third downs; the second was Cooper leaping over Hargreaves to haul in a four-yard touchdown on a fade route.

Driskel’s second interception – a throw into double coverage – ended the game for the Gators early in the fourth quarter as the Tide simply trucked 60 yards down the field on eight plays with Cooper catching his second fade touchdown in as many possessions. He finished with 10 receptions for 201 yards to go along with his three scores.

The off week comes at a much-needed time for a Florida team that will need to regroup before it continues its season at Tennessee in two weeks.


  1. NYC Gator says:

    Can we just fire Muschamp now? Why prolong the inevitable? Does anyone still think this wasn’t the worst hire of Jeremy Foley’s career?

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Not the worst hire. Look at virtually every Women’s bball coach. He can’t seem to figure out what it takes to win that sport.

      As far as football, as frustrating and annoying as I find our play on the field, I would still rather have WM than the Zooker. At least the kids are either watched and taught much better or they are a higher caliber of person in general, or both. Even with the painful losses, I am glad we aren’t on the police blotter very much the last 4 years.

  2. James Carruthers says:

    It’s way past time. Fire Will Muschamp now!

  3. Bill says:

    Year 4 and we aren’t competitive.
    What excuses will the supporters use now?

    We were never ever this bad under Zook

  4. Ken (CA) says:

    Yes, Bama is a very good team, but that said, how incredibly embarrassing. About the only positive was that we have a nice ball hawking defense.

    Now for the negatives –
    Our secondary stinks
    Our Tackling stinks
    Darius Cummings should have been benched for a stupid late hit 10 yards out of bounds.
    our 3rd down defense stinks
    our pass rush stinks against anyone with any beef at all
    our offensive line stinks
    Driskel I may have to admit is really overrated and as much as I have defended, he doesn’t seem to get it
    our offrensive play calling even with Roper was predictable. With 3rd and 2 in the 3rd quarter after 2 Jones rushes was there anyone watching that wasn’t certain it was going to be another handoff to Jones?
    Our receivers need to wear a lot more stick-um

    When Nick Saban takes pity on you with 6 minutes to go, you know you should hang your head

    Again, I understand Bama is a very good team, but they played very poorly for most of the day, and I can’t believe that Champ felt good about a defense that “only missed a couple of coverages” when interviewed at the half that gave up 372 yards passing in the first half

    This definitely was a winnable game if the offense had done anything at all and the defense didn’t get totally gassed in the last 1 1/2 quarters, even as poorly as they covered all day.

    After Kentucky last week and getting blistered this week, I am not convinced at all that this team is significantly better than it was last year, and while they fought through it, our 2 best players, Fowler and Hargreaves may or may not have been injured more than it appears as many times as they were looked after by trainers.

  5. G8TRKYLR says:

    Will repeat earlier post, 1:40 left in first half, 3 timeouts, and we run it out on the road against a top 10 team…coward. Driskel can not complete passes longer than 5 yards consistently, and we could not recognize that Bama would rush the ball with a backup in for the first 8 plays. Wanted to believe, but sorry Foley, time for change…

    • Michael Jones says:

      BRAVO!!! My thoughts exactly. Chicken s–t. That’s what got us beat against UGA our 11-2 year. Overly conservative, “play not to lose,” chicken s–t offensive football.

      The worst thing that can happen with Muschamp is for our defense to score, because that’s how he expects the rest of the game to go. I’m surprised when he doesn’t direct the OC to punt on 1st down.

  6. brian says:

    Never thought I’d see a gator defense that can’t tackle. Was afraid the early forced turnovers would result in high tackling, ball stripping. Is Matt Jones hurt? I know he delivered some hurt early, but disappeared from the game plan. I suppose so JD could wow with that lateral movement and vision. He threw well after the game had been decided, though.
    Why Foley couldn’t get Strong is beyond belief. I thought Strong had a stipulation at Louisville that said Fla. was the sole team he could opt out for w little or no penalty. Wonder how his out clause reads at Texas.
    Now that the state has 5 teams able to recruit, not to mention the snake oil salesman in Columbus sneaking around, Strong would have ensured gator supremacy.
    What a joke we’re not ranked as Mizzu struggles at INDIANA. But they do have a QB with a catchy name the media loves to repeat.
    It aint over. Agree with Bama-Lover Danielson,though. Beat Tenn and maybe pull it together.
    go gators

  7. 1974Gator says:

    Tough atmosphere. Big boy football was the theme of the day. Our boys were outmatched by a good Bama team. We were ineffective on both sides of the ball. I thought the most glaring problem was very bad tackling fundamentals. A close second, though we tightened up in the second half, was our pass defense. Very suspect (400+ yds is embarrassing). We were never in the game if not for the turnovers. Hopefully, they learned something today that will prepare them to put a whooping on their other SEC opponents. I’m not confident they will. Coach Boom can’t expect to weather one or two more like this.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      We didn’t tighten it up in the second half, they stopped throwing because they were grinding clock and at that point running successfully as WM successfully broke yet another gator record….most yards ever allowed by UF

      • 1974Gator says:

        I consider not allowing anymore 70+ yd TD passes tightening up. They were tied with us in the 3rd qrtr and still throwing until the 4th qrtr.

  8. What an embarrasing program! We are now a football program steeped in TOTAL mediocraty! What in the world is wrong with Foley! Get him ouutta here.

  9. Gatoralum88 says:

    Pathetic D + pathetic O = another inept looking loss. Although they weren’t supposed to win this game, I didn’t expect the disparity to be that far apart. The Tide shot themselves in the foot so many times with penalties & turnovers & STILL won by 21…& it wasn’t even that close. Even worse was when Saban took pity & chose not to kick a late field goal despite his team needing practice in that area. Kiffin toyed with the Gators DB’s with his play calling & made Sims look like a Heisman candidate. Also, didn’t the D get the memo that Cooper’s pretty good? How could he get so wide open on his long touchdown??? IMO, Muschump isn’t the defensive genius many like to think he is. Meanwhile, it looked like Muschump was calling the offensive plays as well. Where was the up-tempo? It certainly didn’t look anything like Duke’s offense last year.

    The program has clearly fallen to the lower echelon of the league & recruiting is falling fast according to all of those experts. I don’t see them beating Georgia, LSU, or FSU & UT, Mizzou, & SC will be toss ups. We could be looking at another losing season. The writing has been on the wall for a while now & I foresee Muschump’s seat only getting hotter. It’s time for Foley to suck up his pride & start thinking about a possible replacement. What will be left to blame for not making a bowl game this time around? The weather? Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone as obvious as Meyer was when Zook was given the hook. Mullen perhaps? He’s done fairly well in God forsaken Starkville. Chizik is a former Gator with a NC on his resume as well as the appropriate temperament on the sideline which I’d prefer. I’d take either. Until it happens, we’ll have to continue listening to Muschump continue to say “I assure you, we’ll get things cleaned up” & downplay how bad everything really is.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      You can’t go up tempo when most of your drives are 3 and out. We didn’t have a single sustained drive all day, I think our longest drive was 40 yards or so. drive/#play chart for UF would look pretty dismal and I am sure it is somewhere, but I don’t have the interest to look for it. If it hadn’t been for the turnovers, we would have been shut out. easily.

  10. G2 says:

    The Muschamp experiment needs to be over. We are years away from competing for any championship. While we are at it, can we hire a real Defensive Coordinator? Not sure we’ll beat Tenn, if not the nosedive begins.
    PS> Why not put Treon in the last couple of drives, couldn’t do any worse and needs the PT. Three games into the season and he’s barely played.

  11. Michael Jones says:

    It says a lot about the mindset of a coach who gets the ball with 2 minutes left in the half at his own 20, down 7, and feels good about running out the clock. I know that all you Muschamp-lovers will defend him by explaining about all the bad things that could happen. But that’s not the way winners think. That’s the way losers think. Winners go on the attack. Winners think about the good things that can happen. What do you think Spurrier, or Miles, or Rich, or Fisher, or Saban would have done in that situation? Be content to only be losing by a little? I hardly think so.

    How far the mighty have fallen.

    Will Muschamp. Defensive genius. Gets over 600 yards hung on him today as Bama sets a record for most yardage ever against the Gators. That record has held through some pretty bad Gator teams.

    Come on. . . let’s hear it. . . tell me how I’m a troll and negative and a horrible Gator fan. But while you’re at it, explain to me how we immediately put up a website to fire Ron Zook (now THAT was a classless move), a good recruiter and class act, and yet this guy is still around.

    And don’t tell me how close the game was for awhile. We don’t do moral victories at UF.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Not defending WM, but I can get where he is coming from. only down 7 after giving up 370 yds passing in the first half. another quick 3 and out and they could quick strike and suddenly it is 14 with them getting the ball to start the 2nd half. I don’t have any particular issues with him seeing if they could break out some yardage and when no big run happened, just letting it go until the 2nd half. Plenty to criticize about today, but I get that one.

      • Michael Jones says:

        I often agree with you, Ken, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. That’s the exact mentality that I’m talking about. The “afraid of losing” mentality. Can’t win championships with an attitude like that. That’s not the way winners think.

        And, for that matter, who cares if you lose by 7 or 70? A loss is a loss and we were clearly in a shoot out. A championship coach never lets an opportunity to put points on the board go by. I could see backed up at your own 5 with 10 seconds left. But at your 20 with 2 minutes and down by 7? Got to try something other than 3 straight dive plays.

        I’m afraid that Gator Nation is getting our expectations lowered. The bar on what is acceptable seems to get lower every week.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          I can see where you are coming from and I get it, but like I said not defending him, just understand what he was likely thinking at that point in time with a defense he already knew was getting gassed. Came out in 3rd quarter had the immediate turnover and tied it up, which made the 2 minute drill choice seem even better. If everything hadn’t fallen apart after that, no one would be saying a thing about that choice today, now it is simply piling on the everything else.

          There is plenty to criticize today that really has no acceptable alternative choice as that did, so focusing on that is pretty trivial to me in the big picture. That was kind of the point I was trying to make. I do agree that 3 straight dive plays was too conservative, they could at least tried something on the edge, high percentage bubble screen, something to move the ball, but aside from the ultra conservative play calling the decision itself in the large scheme of criticisms of yesterday’s performance isn’t something to dwell on for me.

          • Michael Jones says:

            And I get your points. We’re actually not that far apart except for that I think it’s a bigger deal than you do. I think it’s representative of an overall philosophy that’s been hurting us badly since he got here. It’s something that bugged me a lot when it happened and stayed with me. I don’t view it as petty or piling on although you’re right that if we win then nobody is saying much about it.

            Reasonable minds can differ on this one and we do, but, like I said, we’re not miles apart. Especially since I wasn’t calling for 3 Hail Mary’s just something that had a little better chance of getting us into scoring position than 3 straight dive plays clearly intended to run out the clock. That’s not conservative football. That’s scared football.

  12. Mike the Red says:

    Last week some of us were criticized for expressing concern about the qb and secondary. This week, Driskel was 9-28. We gave up 645 yards (most in school history) of which 449 were passing.

    The conclusions are self evident.

  13. Daniel M. says:

    Most yards given up in history of Florida football. I’m speechless.

  14. SW FL Joe says:

    Driskel finished with a QB rating of 57.5. There is no OC that can overcome that much incompetence.

  15. James Carruthers says:

    Muschamp should never have been hired. Period. He’s had his opportunity and has failed with nothing going forward. Foley needs to go too. Don’t delay. Fire them now.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      While we are emotionally negative, what do we gain by firing him now? It is the middle of the season and recruiting is still going on. Who would replace him? We still have a ton of top talent considering us, and maybe he can right the ship at least enough to get some of them on board. It isn’t like we are going to get anyone to replace him at this point in the season and that would just create more instability if we put durkin or roper with an “interim” tag on their title.

      • Gatorgrad79 says:

        Who will we hire ??? Gene Chizik, Kirby Smart, Rick Neuheisel and I’m sure there are others that are even better fits…..we should have the $$ to get the best. This is John Brantley the sequel…the talent will not translate to actual play, but we will hold on to the status quo to the bitter end (or until Treon Harris and Will Grier both transfer)….How’s that new OC workin’ out for us?? …..and I can’t even talk about how the D got sliced and diced….

        • Michael Jones says:

          You left out the best and most obvious choice who was overlooked all along: Dan Mullen. He apparently isn’t sexy enough for Foley or some of our fans but he’s one of the best coaches out there and he has a history with us. . a pretty good one.

          • Mullen is now 3-20 vs. ranked opponents as a head coach.

            • Michael Jones says:

              Mullen didn’t inherit the talent at MSU that Muschamp inherited at UF and will NEVER have the recruiting advantages or opportunities at MSU that he would have at UF. He’s taken a joke of a program and made it respectable, whereas Muschamp has taken a respectable program and made it a joke.

              MSU was 7-6 last year and UF was 4-8. MSU is 4-0 this year and UF is 2-1. Mullen is 1-0 against ranked opponents this year and Muschamp is 0-1. MSU is on the way up. UF is on the way down.

              It’s not even close. Plus Mullen coaches and has to recruit in the west, the tougher division of the two.

            • sean kidd says:

              MIKE LEACH!!!!!!

        • Ken (CA) says:

          I am amazed at Chizik’s name even being remotely considered. He has lost at every stop he has been at except one year where he came in and had an amazing QB and talent already loaded for him. He won with him, then promptly sent the team back to the abyss.

          Aside from that, just think, Texas could have WM as its head coach today and we could have Charley Strong as we should have to begin with. I would be happy with Dan Mullin but he isn’t going to walk out on MSU in the middle of the season, especially after just beating LSU. And you seriously think Kirby Smart is going to leave Bama in the middle of the year? Not to mention, Smart is the same unproven “learn it on the job” project that WM was when he came in.

          As far as Neuheisel, he is a west coast coach and didn’t even do well in his last stint in the Pac 12. You are emotionally stretching not thinking realistically.

          • Gatorgrad79 says:

            Ken – you are correct. I am emotional, not thinking straight, and just desperate that this painful slide be stopped now before recruiting is set back ANOTHER 10 years!!!

  16. gatorboi352 says:

    The worst part about this all… The WORST part??

    Michael J. was right all along.

  17. G8TRKYLE says:

    Mike the Red, preach it. Seriously, someone please convince me we are better than 4-8 this year, who is it? This is pathetic.

    • Gatorgrad79 says:

      G8TRKYLE – No, we are likely to finish worse than last year…beat Tenn? 50/50 at best, LSU – NO, Mizzou – No, UGA – NO, Vandy – 50/50, SC – NO, Eastern KY – hmmmm, fsu – NO. So we are looking at 3 & 8 MAYBE 4 & 7, but for sure 2nd year in a row not Bowl eligible. (I reserve the right to revise this prediction if Treon becomes the starter and the team unity does not disintegrate like last year)

  18. USA says:

    Foley needs to fire Muschamp now and make Roper the interim Head Coach. Also we need a new defensive coordinator. DJ Durkin is awful. He has no brains. His 3rd down defense has been horrible for the past 3 years now. On 3rd and 23 you give up a first down on a simple screen. Why are you playing man-to-man in that situation. We should be dropping 8 in that situation.
    I knew Cooper would have a field day. Demarcus Robinson’s game last week was a fluke. But then again he doesn’t have a QB who can get him the ball either. Bama is good but not as good as we made them look. Blake Sims had a monster game against us. Over 400yds passing and 4tds. He put up way better numbers against us than he did against any of the other cupcake teams Bama has played before us.

  19. gradygator says:

    Adam, sign me up for the majority!! Time for me to eat crow. This was pathetic. I have tried as hard as I can to defend these guys and yes Bama is great especially at home but this was more than just embarrassing. In fairness, our players are completely outclassed. Our starting RB is small compared to their backup. Our best receiver is no Amari Cooper. And our first string QB is not as good as their backup. However, adding to our deficit of five star players was a coaching staff that didn’t coach. Defense was horendous. Simms had ALL DAY. And MJ, I agree 100% with you, I lost all respect for our staff when they ran out the clock with over 1 min left. If you can’t play to win, then I see no further reason to support you. Muschamp, Roper, and DJ Durkin all seem like a great guys and good coaches but sadly this just aint gonna work out.

    • SW FL Joe says:

      Welcome to the dark side

    • Michael Jones says:

      My hat’s off to you, Gradygator, and in fairness to you and in the interest of full disclosure, I was writing comments exactly likes yours not too long ago myself. I was supporting Muschamp and defending him against all comers. But I’ve seen too much. Even listening to him being interviewed now makes me cringe.

      Last year’s record didn’t even bother me as much as the sight of our players obviously quitting (that’s the only way UF loses to UGA. . plus I was at the Vandy game and the things I saw, the body language on the sideline, things the camera doesn’t pick up, etc., were sickening). It’s a bad bad sign when a team quits on their coach.

      I harbor no ill will towards the man. I wish him the best. But I don’t see how he’s the right man for the job.

      A good buddy of mine observed early in this process that WM seemed to be overwhelmed by the UF HC job. I argued against him in favor of WM. Looks like he was right and I was wrong.

  20. Tom says:

    I would love to hear how anyone who supports muschamp. Record lows keep piling up under him.
    Year 4

  21. SJ210 says:

    Can’t recall a Gator team this devoid of talent. Who from this team will play in the NFL? Hargreaves and Fowler maybe? Although Amari Cooper might laugh at that and aside from his 2 fumble recoveries on one play Fowler was invisible. If we compared rosters with FSU who from our team would start there? VH3 probably only one. The overall ineptitude of this program was laid bare today. Dominated in every facet of the game. Gave up a school record 645 yards of offense. Managed only 200 yards of offense despite starting many drives with great field position. Couldn’t put together a sustained drive. Absolutely nothing has changed from last season. Tennessee has to be licking their chops to face us.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Actually, there is quite a lot of talent on this team, it just isn’t being utilized very well. Hargreaves and Fowler of course, Chaz Green, D.J. Humphries (DNP), Jones/Taylor, Christy, Robinson just to name a few that are almost certainly playing on Sunday, and a lot of our younger players that haven’t seen much playing time yet. Probably more folks whose names we don’t here much in the trenches as well

      • SJ210 says:

        Green is an often-injured, 5th year senior. Humphries is not very good and also gets hurt a lot. Doubt either play on Sundays. If Kelvin Taylor’s last name was Smith nobody would’ve heard of him. He’s been invisible against KY and Bama. Matt Jones perhaps due to his size/speed combo. So if we have to hang our hats on our punter, we’re in deep doo-doo. The lack of elite talent on this team is painfully obvious.

    • To says:

      His recruiting has been sub par. Any coach could land classes like he does at a school like Florida. Ever since he got here the impact players have been heading to tally.

      There have been some of us trumpeting this all along. The supporters will have you believe he has been recruiting at Meyers level

      • LegoGator says:

        Look at how many stars are by the recruits in the sidebar here! Can you believe how inept Muschamp is that they can’t do anything with that group? Four years of this! Just craptastic.

  22. Champ supporter says:

    I understand the disappointment of this loss and how bad it was, but why are we so shocked and outraged? Did you really expect a different outcome? All of the question marks got exposed today – Driskell ability, oline/dline depth and performance, and inexperienced secondary. So why the shock? Be real. We just aren’t there.

    Is it really in the best interest of the program to have another coaching turnover? I am not defending, but I am seriously just asking. I really do believe Muschamp is a good football coach, but I also understand that everything falls on his shoulders and if he has to go then do what is needed. But I have to believe that it is in the best interest of the program for him to be successful and stick around.

    As far as Driskell, he’s gotten worse. I can not fault play calling. There were plenty of opportunities with open receivers, but man, Treon Harris cannot possibly do any worse that what we saw today. I just do not understand how a redshirt junior can still look so shaky and lack the anticipation on some of these routes. Should we even expect more out of this guy? I thought he was supposed to be more comfortable. QB’s are leaders who inspire, but when was the last time we’ve seen that at Florida.

    Everyone talked about the Alabama game being a barometer game, but I have to believe the Tennessee game is because now we will see what kind of adjustments this staff will make after evaluating these first three games.

    • Gatorgrad79 says:


      • Champ supporter says:

        Stop the foolery! It isn’t in the best interest of any program to lose a coach after the 3 game of the year. The Bama game was a mess, but we are still 2-1 which was everyone’s expectations going into the bye week. I just don’t get the outrage. Yes, the loss was ugly, but who cares a loss is a loss. Spoiled folks would still be complaining if we had loss by 1 point.

        I know everyone is voicing their opinions, but it’s just the 3rd game.

  23. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    DRISKEL is NOT the Answer 9 For 28 for 95 yards you gotta be kidding me…. DEFENSE is supposed to be MUSCHUMP’S calling card well the Delivery Man has NOT delivered. Defense gave up 645 Total Yards PATHETIC… FIRE MUSCHAMP!!! HIRE DAN MULLEN He’s done MORE WITH LESS as opposed to CHUMP

    P.S. Look what MSU just did TONIGHT they BEAT LSU on the ROAD… DAN MULLEN COME HOME. GO GATORS!!

    P.S. MUSCHUMP has made ALL type of Records in the Wrong way Now we gave up more Yards than that BUTT KICKING against Nebraska in 1995

    • Michael Jones says:

      You got that right. Dan Mullen is the man for this job. He has been from day one. A lot of fans (and apparently Foley) have their eyes on bigger-name, sexier candidates, but DAN MULLEN is one of the best, if not THE BEST, coaches out there.


  24. USA says:

    -Dave Massey

    What happened to Demarcus Robinson’s superior talent yesterday ? Wasn’t he a beast. Also, what happened with Driskel ? Isn’t he such a great kid, represents UF well, etc. Redshirt jr goes 9-23 and 2 ints. This is UF and you guys need to get real!

  25. W2 says:

    I said it when Brisett transferred that they let the wrong QB leave. Driskel is Aweful.

    • Gatorgrad79 says:

      and if they don’t make an immediate change and the team thinks Driskell will be back next year, Harris and Grier will transfer also…

    • G2 says:

      I always thought Brisett was the guy too but he had his chance to take over the job and didn’t. Any good team needs 2 good qb’s, weve got Jeff and 2 true freshman. Do think Treon is going to be the guy to run the spread, need a running qb. WM is slow to make changes, ie KT last year.

  26. gatorboi352 says:

    Saw on Twitter today that Southern Miss had more passing yards against Bama in the 1st quarter than we had against them the whole game.

  27. Aurelio says:

    So anyone else lamenting the fact that we should have done everything possible to get Dan Mullen from Miss State. Seriously that is who we needed as our next head coach. Maybe next year?

    • Champ supporter says:

      What has he done that makes him so great?

      • UFGATORFAN100 says:

        He”s DONE MORE WITH LESS. MULLEN has kept Mississippi Talent in State. Imagine what He can do in Florida. Recruits like Richardson and others may NOT leave state of Florida.

        MULLEN has DONE MORE With LESS….. MISCHIEF I call Him that cause he is NOT a CHAMP has DONE LESS with MORE…..

  28. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    Correction ON AUTO Correct it meant to say MUSCHUMP

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