9/20: Gators LB Powell stepping up at buck

By Adam Silverstein
September 20, 2011

With the Florida Gators in the middle of preparing for their first road game of the 2011 season, two prominent players were made available to the media on Tuesday to discuss how the team is progressing heading into their showdown with the Kentucky Wildcats on Sept. 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Lexington, KY.


A player that head coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn singled out in the spring to be their primary disrupter on defense, sophomore Ronald Powell found himself at the unique buck linebacker position, a hybrid spot held by such players as Jason Taylor and Sergio Kindle in previous versions of Muschamp’s defense.

Though he played well enough in the first two games of the season, Powell was not living up to the expectations Muschamp and Quinn had set for him long ago. They both said as much last week, perhaps partially as a motivational ploy to help Powell improve his game.

On Tuesday, Powell explained that he understood what the coaches wanted and explained why it took him a little bit to get going. “Just the position that I play, they want to see more coming from that position – playing faster, playing more physical,” he said. “[I was] just thinking, doing a lot of things, thinking before I react to things and stuff like that. It was just taking it from the classroom to the field and just going without thinking.”

That’s exactly what he did Saturday. Powell’s pass rushes on Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray forced two key interceptions for Florida. He hit the signal caller twice and also shared a sack with redshirt senior defensive tackle Jaye Howard. Now all he has to do is carry what he has learned forward throughout the rest of the season.

[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]» Powell on if sophomore defensive end Sharrif Floyd’s return helped him: “It’s always good to have my boy back. We all are close, and we was missing him.”

» Powell on Muschamp’s excitable nature during games: “Muschamp is a real good coach, a lot of juice he brings to the table, and we expect that from him. That’s just the kind of guy he is.”

» Powell on if sophomore defensive tackle Dominique Easley talks trash when he dances: “Easley’s a special character. Easley – you don’t know what he’s doing out there. He’s dancing, he’s talking, that’s just the kind of player he is. I don’t even know if he’s talking trash, I don’t know what he’s doing, honestly.”

» Powell on his on-field personality: “It varies. I’m real focused, and I like to joke around and talk to my teammates and have fun.”

» Powell on his first impression of junior LB Jon Bostic: “When I first got here, he was real big and real fast and athletic. He was doing things that I never seen a dude like him do as far as size and stuff, the type of moments he can do.”

» Redshirt junior wide receiver Omarius Hines on his blocking ability: “I’ve improved a lot. That’s what I work on every day. I knew that was one of my weaknesses, so I had to improve that to help my team.”

» Hines on the running backs catching more passes than the receivers: “They’re two explosive guys. They’re open – give them the ball and let them work.”

» Hines on the touchdown pass he missed in the end zone: “[A.C. Leonard] tipped it and I lost track of it.”

» Hines on how much tight end he’s playing in practice: “I’ve been playing since camp started, and it’s starting to get more comfortable to me. I usually just stay straight tight end for a while and then go to run routes with the receivers and stuff.”[/EXPAND]


  1. CeeThree says:

    Omarius Hines is huge, I’d like to see him get more involved in the offense.

  2. aaron says:

    AC Leonard tipped it? Confused..

    • Ball was thrown into the end zone, Leonard got his fingers on the ball, which changed the flight path on it’s way to Christian. The ball hit him in the face/neck area and fell to the ground.

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