FOUR BITS: Easley, Purifoy, Haslem, Young

By Adam Silverstein
September 12, 2013

1 » Florida Gators defensive lineman Dominique Easley has looked outstanding through his team’s first two games but is he actually the “most dominant defensive player in college football through the first two weeks” of the season? That’s what ESPN analyst Todd McShay believes. McShay ranked Easley 29th on his list of the top 32 draft-eligible prospects available ($), noting that his “ability to penetrate and disrupt opposing backfields is really improving.” Easley is not the only Florida defender on McShay’s list, however, as junior cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy checked in at No. 20, dropping 12 spots from No. 8 because he looked ‘inconsistent” against Miami and “whether he can develop as a cornerback and refine his cover skills and technique at the position” is yet to be determined. Like Easley, junior CB Marcus Roberson jumped onto the list after being unranked, checking in at No. 32. Mel Kiper, Jr. has Purifoy ranked 10th on his Big Board but does not have Easley or Roberson listed.

2 » Miami Heat power forward Udonis Haslem got married to the love of his life, Faith Rein, in late August in a wedding ceremony that was 14 years in the making. The New York Times’ Linda Marx profiled the love affair between the two, which took a while to get started and included a number of obstacles including an abortion, Haslem playing basketball in Europe – “she said we would have lived forever in Europe if that was our fate” – and the two working in Florida and New York, respectively, after Haslem returned to the states. Following Rein moving to South Florida and berthing two children, the death of Haslem’s mother and permission from Rein’s father, he asked and she said yes. Read the entire heart-warming story by clicking here.

Check out two Florida Gators VIDEO BITS…after the break!

3 » In the latest edition of “Patric Vs.,” a video series produced by Florida in which Gators senior center Patric Young learns from and competes against other student-athletes in their sports, Young takes on volleyball with some assistance from seniors middle-back Chloe Mann and setter Taylor Brauneis.

4 » This video was produced by Florida ahead of the season opener but did not find its way into a post here on until now.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Purifoy needs to stop doing whatever he’s doing that gets him suspended from football games and start playing ball. Even with that nice punt block, he sure didn’t look like a first round corner against Miami.

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Glad to see our players getting some media attention that is positive but McShay and Kiper are idiots. Case in point, they are convinced FSU’s Winston is 3rd on the Heisman list after playing one game against Pitt’s 115th ranked defense.

  3. Go Canes says:

    Timmy T says:
    September 6, 2013 at 10:38 pm
    Can’t wait for tomorrow to come. I expect a great game, and a big win for the Orange and Blue. I suspect we gain over 250 yards on the ground. Gators by 13.
    I came on here expecting to see some news about the Miami game, and instead,

    1. The first page is filled with filler aritcles to push the Canes article to the second page.
    2. All of the during game comments have been deleted, likely out of shame for the overconfidence of people like Timmy T above.
    3. All these same people that were attacking Canes sites before the game, like the herald, sun sentinel and post, are suddenly acting like they never did it.

    Timmy T was not there for you, the Canes were not on the road against horrific SEC refs, and it was made clear why you never schedule tough opponents without conference or state mandating.

    • Comments are not deleted and articles are not pushed. And nothing posted here is filler. We’ve posted fewer things this week than normal.

      • gatorboi352 says:

        Not only what Adam said, but also you do realize this site is called right? You sound shocked that you’d find over confident fans of the Florida Gators or something.

        Mark my words, Canes lose minimum 3 games this year. Yes, with that daunting ACC schedule of theirs.

        • Go Canes says:

          Yeah, I figured out it was onlygators when I typed in the URL. As for three ACC losses, it wouldn’t be the first time, but since we beat an unbeatable Gator team, I would think you would want us to do well just to help YOUR ranking, just like I want you to do well to help ours.

          No fun in having beaten a 6-6 Gator team, but when we beat an 11-1 FSU team in 2000, it felt so much better.

          • gatorboi352 says:

            What is your end game here? You’re like the little brother buzzing around the face of big brother after finally beating him in a game of horse or something.

            Even the sun shines on a dog’s a$$ some days. Last Saturday was that day.

      • Go Canes says:

        I will take your word for it, but it was stunning that there were ZERO comments during the game. I went back and checked the Toledo one and there were none there as well. I was wrong and ignorant.

        And as for filler, not talking about the content, which was very detailed, just the sheer number that quickly pushed all mention of Miami off the front page. I was zero for two, sorry about that.

        Oh well, talk to Foley and get him to schedule the Canes again, if you can.

        • There is not a lot of in-game talk that goes on here for whatever reason. So that is pretty standard.

          The content published is 50% of what it would be in a normal week.

        • SJ210 says:

          One thing I can’t stand is for anyone in the ACC to talk schedule. I’d trade schedules with Miami 7 days a week and twice on Saturday if it meant playing FSU and Miami every year plus the rest of those ACC creampuffs. The rest of Miami’s schedule is a joke – they have one game left against a ranked opponent! You don’t even have to play Clemson this year, the only ther ACC team that’s any good.

  4. ga8or22 says:

    True Gator do not leave snide comments or obscene comments at this site. It posts only good truthful information. Most of do not troll opponents sites trying to antagonize them.

  5. Gator man says:

    Hey Canes,
    You’re nothing. I bet you didn’t even go to miami and if you did, must be nice to have rich parents. Why on you on this website? Florida handed the game over, but guess what, if we win out and the SEC, we’re in the NC game. So go wash my car.

    ( that was a little over the top, oh well.)

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