FOUR BITS: Muschamp and Foley, Noah, Horschel

By Adam Silverstein
September 11, 2014

1 » Florida Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley took head coach Will Muschamp/s place during the weekly WCA Gator Hotline Show, which airs on Thursday evenings during football season. (In fact, Muschamp will only appear on the program five of the 12 times it airs in 2014.) Anyway, Foley answered a number of phone calls during the program, including one in particular from a voice that sounded oddly familiar. “Bill from Gainesville” jumped on the air to praise Foley for the job he was doing, suggesting that he should permanently sit in for Muschamp on the program. He then took a jab at Foley’s favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, before jumping off the air. With no attempt made to disguise his voice, “Bill from Gainesville” was quite obviously Muschamp himself having some fun with his boss. Check out the audio below.

2 » Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was scheduled to throw out the first pitch early Thursday evening ahead of the Chicago White Sox game. What Noah was not scheduled to do was throw two first pitches, though it is a good thing he did after his first one bounced in the dirt and past the catcher. Noah’s second toss was right on the money.

3 » Former Gators golfer Billy Horschel participated in a strange 360-degree video for the PGA Tour on Thursday and decided to take a six-second Vine doing the Gator Chomp and taunting Georgia alum Bubba Watson (by picking his nose and giving him a thumbs down). Horschel, who beat Watson for the BMW Championship crown last week and is currently tied with another UGA alum, Chris Kirk, for the lead after one round at the Tour Championship, is having a career season on the tour. Horschel picked up $579,000 two weeks ago with a second-place finish and $1.44 million from his victory last Sunday to bring his season-long earnings to nearly $3.4 million.

4 » While Ray Rice has lost his job and been indefinitely suspended from the league, San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald – the first NFL player accused of domestic violence since commissioner Roger Goodell strengthened the league’s penalties – remains unpunished. Thus far, the 49ers are standing behind him, with chief executive officer Jed York saying San Francisco simply does not have enough information to determine McDonald’s guilt. “I will not punish somebody until we see evidence something should be done or until an entire police investigation shows us something,” said York on KNBR 680-AM, according to the San Jose Mercury News. “I don’t have enough information to convict Ray McDonald in one way or another. The legal process hasn’t vetted itself. The criminal investigation has not vetted itself yet. Once it’s done, our stand toward domestic violence has been made abundantly clear … we’re just not going to tolerate it.” York continued: “Each case is its own separate case. Ray McDonald is not Ray Rice. … I don’t think that’s a fair way to approach it.” McDonald played in Week 1 and is on track to play in Week 2, which will certainly affect live football betting lines at websites like Carbon Sportsbook.


  1. Gator Miami says:

    That’s funny!

  2. Michael Jones says:

    Silly Mr. York. He apparently doesn’t understand this country’s lynch mob mentality once we get it in our heads that we are righteous about something. At that point, due process goes out the window and we don’t like to let silly little things like the facts get in the way of our bloodthirsty craving for revenge.

    Just like he said, each case is unique, and every man/woman deserves to be treated fairly, which includes facing your accuser and having your day in court. To state the obvious: if he did it, then he needs to be punished accordingly; if he didn’t, then no punishment is in order.

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