Freshman S Jordan Haden granted transfer

By Adam Silverstein
August 16, 2010

Though rumors of displeasure with his role on the team existed throughout the week, Florida Gators freshman safety Jordan Haden was believed to simply be going through the growing pains of college football. Instead, according to the Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman, Haden has decided to transfer from the University of Florida.

“Haden will be transferring,” his father Joe Haden, Sr. told the paper, without providing many more details other than the fact that head coach Urban Meyer and the staff are “working on” getting the scholarship release request completed.

UPDATE: The Gators have granted Haden an unconditional release without any restrictions on where he can attend.

“No hard feelings. Florida is a great program and we love them. It just wasn’t the best fit for Jordan,” Haden, Sr. added.

It is unknown how this will affect the status of Jordan’s brother, former Boston College running back Josh Haden, who was expected to transfer to the Gators in January.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Guess he doesn’t show the same skill set as his older brother? Oh well, good luck elsewhere!

  2. Evan says:

    Gainesville Sun did a Q and A with him just a a couple of days ago. Sounded fine, I think this has more to do with being away from his family (who live in Maryland) then anything. Probably transferring up north to be closer. Good luck to you Jordan!

  3. armygator says:

    Did he expect to start based on his name-sake? Seems like he needs a reality check.

  4. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Probably kept thinking about how his brother played as a true freshman but at the time we had no depth at CB at all and we kept playing Joe even when he rolled his ankle and was limping around on every play

  5. dp says:

    Sounds like an ego/talent/effort issue to me. Did he think he was going to start automatically because he was a legacy? This is fine…no Haden brothers opens the door wide open for Wilder and Waisome to walk right through tomorrow with their announcement!

  6. Luke says:

    The part that concerns me is Joe Sr. sounds a bit like Josh Portis’ mom in discussing fit, etc. for his sons. Granted, he’s coached athletes and Joe Jr. was a standout, but to have both of your sons go through all the rigor of recruiting and visiting schools, pick programs, then have both transfer out makes it sound like daddy is either too involved or that Josh and Jordan think they’re entitled to something right away. I thought I remember Joe Jr. saying Josh had the best natural talent of the three, so hopefully he makes it here and his year sitting out helps him get game ready here.

    Best wishes, Jordan… was hoping to see you in a game situation, but oh well.

  7. brlgator says:

    interesting how his release is unconditional. No restriction on sec or florida schools. I wonder if this is because they dont think highly of him or is it because his last name is haden

  8. Gio Showtime says:

    I don’t get it.. doesn’t this leave us extra thin at the safety position.. Besides Hill, Elam, Black, and Evans, who can even play safety on the roster?? I’m surprised safeties aren’t lining up to play for Florida.. Another reason why Clinton-Dix to Alabama is surprising to me

  9. Anda 1Anda2 says:

    He sounded like he was homesick. That’s cool. He’ll be great at another school. He might have not wanted to be in his big bro’s shadow. Make your own name, Jordan.

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