FOUR BITS: bball, Cooper, Hernandez, Murphy

By Adam Silverstein
August 2, 2013

1 » Florida Gators rising senior center Patric Young has received plenty of attention over the last two offseasons by posting videos of strongman workouts with the team’s strength & conditioning staff. This year, Florida taped all of the players participating in the impressively difficult workouts and compiled their efforts in the video below.

2 » Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and running back Mike Gillislee are the first former Florida teammates to speak out in defense of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, who blurted out a racial slur at a concert that was caught on video and has since begun a – what appears to be quite sincere – apology tour. “I think Riley is a great guy,” Pouncey told FOX Sports Florida. “I think obviously he made a mistake. I just feel bad for him because he’s a good friend.” Pouncey also said he never had an inkling that Cooper would have those thoughts in his head and plans to lend his former teammate his support soon. “When the time’s right, I will,” he said. “But right now I know he’s going through a tough time and I just hope for nothing but the best for him.” Gillislee called Cooper a “great person” and someone that “doesn’t have a bad character.” He said he doesn’t think much of him making the comment and hopes people can move on from the unfortunate incident.

UPDATE: On Friday, Cooper was suspended from all team activities while he undergoes counseling. He released the following statement through the team:

“The last few days have been incredibly difficult for me. My actions were inexcusable. The more I think about what I did, the more disgusted I get. I keep trying to figure out how I could have said something so repulsive, and what I can do to make things better.

“Right now, I think it’s important for me to take some time to reflect on this situation. The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I’ve done. The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time.

“During this time I’m going to be speaking with a variety of professionals to help me better understand how I could have done something that was so offensive, and how I can start the healing process for everyone. As long as it takes, and whatever I have to do, I’m going to try to make this right.”

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and read two more BITS in this post.]Speaking of Cooper, here are some other links to stories, columns and videos relating to the situation. Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks |‘s Ashley Fox: Riley Cooper won’t be an Eagle for long | Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel: Most deserving of apology from Riley Cooper: the security guard doing his job

3 » Jailed former Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez professed his innocence for the first time…in a handwritten letter sent to a fan that wrote him a letter of support. TMZ obtained the letter, which includes a line at the end with Hernandez requesting it not be leaked to social media. “The world just makes things out of false accusations … and it will all die down, especially when they say NOT GUILTY,” Hernandez wrote in part. “All the people who turned on me will feel like crap. … [I] can’t wait to sign [autographs] again when I’m playing again [and] prove all the haters WRONG.”

4 » Chicago Bulls rookie Erik Murphy turned around his life and career in his final two seasons playing under head coach Billy Donovan at Florida, so much so that his much younger brother – 2017 forward Tomas Murphy – is seriously considering playing for the Gators…in four years. The younger Murphy was officially offered a scholarship by Florida this week, though he is likely quite a while away from making his decision. His brother Erik told last month that Tomas has UF and Duke (where his other brother, redshirt sophomore F Alex Murphy, is playing) ahead of the pack early in the process. Tomas also has offers from Boston College, Maryland and Rhode Island, among others. “He’s a monster,” a college coach told’s Jeff Borzello. “At this stage, he’s better than both [his brothers].”[/EXPAND]


  1. Tractorr says:

    Has there been any word on Chris Walker yet?

  2. Joe says:

    I’m getting really sick of the Philly Hypo-eagle-crites. This is the team that brought in a convicted felon to be their team leader but Coop lets one word slip, while drunk mind you, and somehow he’s not worthy to participant in their reindeer games. He’s apologized now let it go. It’s not like he killed somebody’s dog. City of brotherly love, yeah right.

  3. erng 'n blu says:

    Not that it makes it justifiable, I am curious as to what the race of the bouncers were that he directed this towards? Words are just that, words. Intent is what turns words into something more. For example, if it was a group of Caucasian bouncers and he used this word, then you scratch your head as to what kind of idiot would say that and why. Leaves you a little confused as to why this poor choice of words was used vs clowns, m-fers, etc. If the group of bouncers where African American, then yup, I see him as good ol boy, rebel flag waving POS. The former doesn’t necessarily make him a racist, definitely an idiot but not a racist like the latter as there was ill intent vs drunk and stupid.

    Where I am going with this is, is all of the apology a dog and pony show to save his career or is he sincere. You don’t just wake up the next day thinking you have been cured of hating a race because you talked to a therapist about it. This is reinforced behavior over years to make one think that way and can’t be overturned because you were fined and/or fired from your job.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    I think that Pouncey and Gillislee should both be suspended for not showing the politically correct level of hatred towards Cooper after committing the worst and most heinous offense known to mankind. I don’t think it’s right that a man’s entire life and body of work should outweigh one slip of the tongue, as Pouncey and Gillislee are suggesting. I think that all of us should be judged for our entire life by our single worst moment.

    Anybody listen to rap music lately? Or walk into an NBA locker room? Yeah, yeah. . . I know. . . that’s different, right?

    I’m not saying that what Cooper did was okay . . he made a mistake, no doubt about it. . but when or how much is enough? Like Joe said, the man has apologized. A LOT. He’s even been fined what apparently is a substantial amount by the Eagles. Does this continued reaction REALLY fit the offense?

    • G2 says:

      I think when you say something like that, its shows basically who you are and no apology fixes anything. It’s all PC from that point. Maybe he has the old south good ole boy mentality, I don’t know him so can’t speculate. I do know he blew it big time and puts another black eye on the Gator program.

  5. Ziggy says:

    Okay. I am a good old boy from the south, and I’m offended at the comments on here made by people that suggest that I’m a racist bc I’m from the south. I dare you to find a single person that has never uttered the N word. For god sake, we have to call it the “N” word like we’re in kindergarten. The word can certainly be racist, but in most cases, I believe it is used to describe a sorry, lazy, good for nothing individual, not an entire race. I agree that bc the word is so polarizing (all be it for all the wrong reasons), one should refrain from using it. Bottom line is that there just isn’t a hatred for the black race as is commonly thought. Not sure if I can say vise versa.

  6. Ziggy says:

    The more I think about it, the more I get pissed. If a person like Riley Cooper needs professional counseling, then sign us all up. He’s no different than the average American “white” person walking around out there. I do not believe that he used the word to describe the entire black race. If you do, then you need to get over yourself.

  7. MAR says:

    I agree with you Ziggy. I think the reaction by sports media and the Eagles is ridiculous. It is just a word. People have been known to do dumb things when drunk, myself included. Many times have I said things that I regret. The regret alone is usually enough punishment for me to think twice before saying such things again. What you say when you are drunk does NOT define you. I’ve blurted racial slurs before, and I’m quite sure I’m not a racist.

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