FOUR BITS: Rainey, Hill, ESPN 300, Demps

By Adam Silverstein
July 28, 2014

1 » Just a couple days after voicing his belief in the talent and potential of former Florida Gators running back Chris Rainey, Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was forced to waive the player for non-football reasons. “You can see the athleticism, the burst, the speed,” he said Saturday. “He puts a foot in the ground and gets north and south.” Pagano is expected to address the situation after training camp on Monday, though it is doubtful that he will detail what specific conduct rule that Rainey violated. It will be the second time in as many offseasons that Rainey will be released by a team for non-football reasons. Just one year ago, Rainey was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers after an arrest for domestic violence, a charge that was later dropped and expunged from his record. The Steelers also had concerns about Rainey’s off-field activity including a gambling habit that affected him during his rookie season.

2 » Updating an item from Friday, former Gators safety Will Hill spoke with the media about being signed by the Baltimore Ravens, claiming once again that “everything is behind me” in terms of his marijuana use. “[I was] just being irresponsible,” he said, according to the Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson. “Yeah, I feel like I’ve learned. I’m ready to play football. [The Ravens] talked to the [New York] Giants and they had nothing but good words to say about me.” Apparently Baltimore general manager Ozzie Newsome sat down with Hill and was assured that the player’s drug use – which has been an issue since he started playing at Florida – is now in the back window. “It was just getting comfortable with each other and letting him know that the things that happened before won’t be happening here,” Hill added. Though he will be able to practice with the team and play in preseason games, Hill will not be activated for the 2014 regular season until Oct. 13 as he must first serve a six-game suspension, his third for drug use (second for a substance of abuse) since being signed by the Giants three years ago.

3 » All four of the Gators’ seven 2015 commits ranked in the ESPN 300 remained as such when the latest iteration of the list was released on Monday, though each player fell a couple of slots in the new rankings. (Star ratings below via ESPN.)

72 4 – OT Jerome Baker (Cleveland, OH)
108 1 – OL Tyler Jordan (Jacksonville, FL)
147 2 – DB Derrick Dillon (Franklinton, LA)
221 5 – QB Sheriron Jones (Moreno Valley, CA)
NR – OL George Brown, Jr. (Cincinnati, OH)
NR – TE Camrin Knight (Tallahassee, FL)
NR – DT Andrew Ivie (Dade City, FL)

4 » Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Jeff Demps is gearing up for his first full, healthy season and looks to be performing well in training camp. Check out the Vine below from the Bucs of Demps catching the ball down the sideline and taking off for the end zone.


  1. Ken (CA) says:

    How things have changed! It used to be you announced UF as your destination, you moved up in the rankings…

  2. Michael Jones says:

    Again, so tragic to see how an addiction to marijuana or even just an inability to follow simple societal rules is hamstringing our former Gators. I’m a big Rainey fan and hate seeing him self-destruct over and over again. Very sad.

    • gatorboi352 says:

      Please provide the link that details the reason Rainey was waived by the Colts was specifically due to marijuana use.

      Must be lonely, this crusade you’re on.

      • He was referring to Hill (marijuana) and/or Rainey (inability to follow rules) separately.

        • gatorboi352 says:

          Ah I see the bit on Hill now. Breezed over it.

          My last bit to Jones, then I’m done preaching to deaf ears:
          The only “side effect” of being “addicted” to weed (quotes used for ridiculousness of these terms in this regard) are the current legal ramifications while we all await the laws against it to be dropped. That, and “Hungry, Happy, Sleepy” 🙂

          If anyone knows where that last line is from, you’re alright with me.

          • Katt Williams, though I’m embarrassed to know that.

          • Michael Jones says:

            You don’t even understand what “addicted” means, Gatorboi. As a matter of fact, most of your incoherent posts, as well as your inability to understand ours, are great arguments for staying sober.

            A person is addicted to something–food, sex, porn, drugs, booze, gambling, fill-in-the-blank–when they refuse to stop or can’t stop doing it in the face of consequences (e.g. diabetes, STD’s, financial ruin, NFL SUSPENSIONS) that would deter anyone who wasn’t addicted from engaging in that activity.

            Will Hill apparently can’t stop smoking marijuana even though it has caused him to be suspended from the NFL on numerous occasions and threatens to end his career. That’s called an addiction.

            I understand that with your thinly veiled agenda you are hell-bent on minimalizing every thing to do with getting baked. But apparently the NFL doesn’t want their athletes doing drugs, legal or illegal, and they could care less how you feel about it. Same here.

            You want to engage in some kind of philosophical debate about the virtues of marijuana and nobody cares about that. People want athletes, especially professional athletes, to be in optimum physical condition, and anything that detracts from that–booze, pot, tobacco, obesity, poor nutrition, poor sleeping habits–is not acceptable. That’s probably a hard concept to get your Cheech and Chong “Up in Smoke” (love that movie, by the way) brain around, but it’s fairly obvious to the rest of the world.

  3. W2 says:

    Hope Demps can stay healthy

  4. Gatoralum88 says:

    Oh well! McCloud chose Clemson. So much for FNL impressing him. More proof Muschamp isn’t much of a closer. This “wait and see” approach I keep reading about from prospects considering UF (Cowart, Ivey) could be a disaster which somewhat concerns me & I’m sure it concerns Gator coaches.

    Looking at ESPN’s 300, over 50 of them are from Florida (most of any state) & over half of them have made commitments with only 1 (Tyler) choosing UF so far. People can downplay it all they want but 7 commits at this time of year is way too low & they’re losing the state. Heck, FAU has more Florida commitments than UF has & I can’t remember EVER seeing the Gators 24th in ESPN’s rankings.

    It seems times are changing & kids prefer getting it over with rather than waiting until NSD & only flip if their choice tanks (a la Cook & Lane last year). They better have a big year because I doubt an 8-5 season will cause much if any flipping unless it’s Baker & Brown flipping to Urb, Dillon flipping to Les, & Jones flipping to a PAC-12 school. Never less, I’m trying to stay positive & hoping for the best. Go Gators!

    • gatorboi352 says:

      And Gator fans didn’t think the loss of Joker Phillips was that big a deal. Dude was UF’s best recruiter on staff.

  5. Michael J. says:

    Maybe Foley has told Muschamp to not keep many commitments right now because the Gators will have guys begging to come to UF after winning the National Title this year, along with seeing Heisman Trophy winner Jeff Driskel. What other reason could there be for having only seven guys, so far, in this years class?

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