SIX BITS: Tebow, Beal, Parsons, Noah

By Adam Silverstein
July 20, 2012

1 » Described as one of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow’s “harshest critics” by’s James Walker, Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc. recently admitted that even he believes Tebow will eventually replace Mark Sanchez as his team’s starting signal caller. “My prediction is he will see immediate time as a backup, maybe 15-20 snaps a game from the start,” Williamson told Walker. “Then, I think [coach] Rex Ryan will look at it more and more like Tebow gives the Jets the better chance to win. The Jets’ defense is so strong and they’re pretty good on special teams that they could play Tebow more and more, because it gives them the best chance to have a winning record this year. That may not be the right answer long term, but I don’t think Rex cares about that. He’s probably feeling a little heat there with the Jets. I think Tebow becomes the starter before midseason.” Williamson adds, of course, that he thinks “Sanchez is the better player right now, just because he’s the better passer” but chooses Tebow if he had to win one game “because he’s harder to prepare for, his physicality, and he’s so unique.”

2 » According to’s Rich Cimini, Tebow will have the opportunity to impact the Jets right away as, according to a source close to the team, he reports that “the plan is to use Tebow in the red zone, where they can replace Sanchez with another player/blocker to bolster the running game.” Urban Meyer, his former coach with the Florida Gators, told that Tebow would be successful in that role. “That’s kinda how we used him his freshman year,” he said. “We used him as a short-yardage specialist and change-of-pace guy, so yeah. I think he’s just gotta get on the field.”

3 » Bradley Beal’s first NBA Summer League finally came to an end in Las Vegas, NV and though he led the Washington Wizards in scoring in all five games (averaging 17.6 points per contest), he did struggle with his shot. Beal made just 41.8 percent of his field goals and 30.0 percent of his threes and told The Washington Post that he knows he needs to shoot better than that. “I’ve got to improve on everything. I could’ve shot the ball a lot better,” he said. “I definitely got to work on that, and my defense, more than anything. The working doesn’t stop. I always have to get better. I was happy and unhappy with my performance. I can always get better and make my team better.”

Two video BITS (Tebowing, Parsons) and one other on Noah…after the break!

4 » If you thought the “Tebowing” craze was over, you were obviously mistaken. Immediately after being crowned Miss Teen South Carolina on Wednesday, Rachel Wyatt dropped to one knee – evening gown and all still on – to “Tebow” on stage as part of her celebration. Check out the video below courtesy of CNN.

5 » Houston Rockets second-year forward Chandler Parsons mock interviewed new teammates (and former rivals at Kentucky) Patrick Patterson and Josh Harrellson this week. [As a point of order, UF was 3-6 against UK in Parsons’s playing career…]

6 » Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah does plenty of charitable work with his Noah’s Arc Foundation, but he recently stepped outside of that realm to pen a column for the Chicago Sun-Times about paying attention to rising tensions and violence in the inner-city. An excerpt of Noah’s column is below, but you’re better off clicking here and reading the entire thing. (Hat tip to the Alligator Army blog for finding this column.)

I recently watched a PBS documentary called “The Interrupters” about a group of former gang members who work together within the community to disrupt violence, primarily in high-tension situations. I recommend everyone, especially Chicagoans, see this documentary. It is moving, and very important. […] I want to use my voice to give them a voice.


  1. npgator says:

    Beal is going to be very successful at the next level.

  2. MAR says:

    Thats great. Wish he would have been more successful as a Gator first. His first and only year was merely a tease.

  3. Fernzpat says:

    Joakim – One of the best Gators ever. Love this article… Just a really good guy.

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