Pounceys go through the ESPN car wash

By Adam Silverstein
July 19, 2011

On Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and soon-to-be-official Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey visited the ESPN studios in Bristol, CT to participate in the famed “car wash,” which consists of making appearances on nearly every live and taped program to air on television and radio during the course of the day.

The twins and former Florida Gators offensive linemen began the day by appearing on First Take before heading over to the main studio for SportsCenter. They also dropped by the Scott Van Pelt Show, ESPN Rise, the Doug Gottlieb Show, SportsNation and NFL Live (among other shows) before departing.

Being interviewed on the Scott Van Pelt Show: Listen

Playing a game on First Take:

Talking about a number of topics on SportsCenter:

Meeting U.S. women’s soccer stars goalkeeper Hope Solo and striker Alex Morgan:

Planking on the set of NFL Live:


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Great title first of all. Will always enjoy the Pouncey’s and everything they gave to Gator nation. This damn planking this is taking off like the plague.

  2. Timmy T says:

    The Pouncey twins are just awesome people. I can’t help but smile when either one speaks. Infectious attitudes that shine, and they love football even more than I do.

  3. zurbo says:

    they should be holding up #2 with the soccer players

  4. El Meester says:

    Alex bleeping Morgan. Whew

  5. Basshole says:

    I’m jealous of the Pounceys getting to meet the two hottest members of the USWNT. Meeting Skip Bayless…. not so much.

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