TWO BITS: Walk-on punter DUI, Zunino’s walk-off

By Adam Silverstein
June 29, 2013

1 » Florida Gators redshirt freshman walk-on punter Grant Van Aman was arrested by Gainesville Police early Saturday morning for driving under the influence. According to the police report, Van Aman was pulled over at 2:29 a.m. on the 1200 block of Southwest 8th Avenue in Gainesville, FL, for failing to stop at a stop sign while riding his red scooter. Van Aman cut off the officer, who happened to be at the scene, when he missed the stop sign, forcing the officer to suddenly “hit the breaks” on his car to avoid an accident. Van Aman then “jerked the handle bars on his scooter causing it to swerve and almost lose control.”

2 » Seattle Mariners catcher Mike Zunino, just 11 games into his MLB career, registered his first walk-off hit on Friday night as he led Seattle to a 5-4 win (10 innings) over the Chicago Cubs. With the bases loaded and the count full, Zunino smacked a one-out single up the middle to send his team to victory. Zunino is currently batting .237 with one home run, two RBI and two walks. [Watch]


  1. joe says:

    Huntley Has Been Busy This Off season

  2. Frank says:

    Well, it just wasn’t Urban. It’s as much Gator football as was the two National Championships. It’s just Florida being UF. Without Myer no NC. Without Myer STILL arrests. Lol

  3. GoG8rs! says:

    Kids are kids Frank. Get off your soapbox.

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