Record 11 Gators selected in 2011 MLB Draft

By Adam Silverstein
June 8, 2011

A school record 11 current members of the Florida Gators baseball team were selected by professional organizations on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of the second and third days of the 50-round 2011 MLB Draft.

Junior LHP Nick Maronde – Round 4, Pick 104 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Junior RHP Anthony DeSclafani – Round 6, Pick 199 – Toronto Blue Jays
Junior LHP Alex Panteliodis – Round 9, Pick 282 – New York Mets
Junior RHP Tommy Toledo – Round 11, Pick 341 – Milwaukee Brewers
Senior 2B (SS) Josh Adams – Round 13, Pick 403 – Florida Marlins
Junior OF (1B) Preston Tucker – Round 16, Pick 498 – Colorado Rockies
Junior C Ben McMahan – Round 23, Pick 701 – Milwaukee Brewers
Senior RHP Matt Campbell – Round 24, Pick 751 – Philadelphia Phillies
Junior RHP Greg Larson – Round 29, Pick 885 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Senior OF Bryson Smith – Round 34, Pick 1,045 – Cincinnati Reds
Junior OF Tyler Thompson – Round 46, Pick 1,387 – Washington Nationals

The vast majority – if not all – of the underclassmen picked in the draft are expected to return to school to both graduate and improve their standing for 2012.

Additionally, four of Florida’s 2011 high school signees were picked in the first four rounds of the event including two in the first day, which consisted of picks No. 1-60.

RHP Michael Kelly – Round 2, Pick 48 – San Diego Padres
RHP Hudson Boyd – Round 2, Pick 55 – Minnesota Twins
1B Daniel Vogelbach – Round 3, Pick 68 – Chicago Cubs
RHP Kyle Smith – Round 4, Pick 126 – Kansas City Royals

The advisor for Kelly and Smith, Jason Wood of Arland Sports, told the Palm Beach Post’s Matt Porter that he expects both players to turn down the large signing bonus they would get for agreeing to forego their college careers and instead enroll at Florida. “I honestly think [Kelly] fell too far to get a deal done,” Wood said. “I know he has a very, very strong college commitment. It’s a compliment to go as high as he did. The Padres are a great organization, and he’s honored to be drafted.”

More Gators are expected to be picked in the draft, which runs for 50 total rounds and concludes on Wednesday.


  1. CeeThree says:

    this may be a dumb question, but I’ve always been curious. What do schools do if they lose a bunch of signees to the draft (and they sign)? Walk-ons, hope you have people on the roster to plug holes, go recruiting a lesser kid who hasn’t signed/committed anywhere yet?

  2. smartgator says:

    call me ignorant but out of 1,400+ picks and 46+ rounds there better be 11 gators picked. Makes more sense to get 20+ picked.

    • smartgator says:

      thats a whole lotta darm picks

      • SC Gator says:

        The NCAA sets a limit of scholarships for 1A baseballers of 11 per school. The draft is basically saying Florida is good enough to have drafted as many people as they can have on scholarship.

        There are 276 colleges with baseball teams. If we assume each has something like a 15 player roster on average counting scholarship players and walk-ons alike that’s 4,140 potential draftees. Then there are highschool players to add in as well.

        So, yeah, it’s a lot of picks but it’s also a vast pool to draw from.

    • Joe says:

      There are only 16 guys on our roster who are even draft eligible.

  3. smartgator says:

    thanks for clearing that up!

  4. PA Gator says:

    It’s Nick Maronde, not Mardone.

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