Florida Gators react on Twitter to softball winning back-to-back national championships

By Adam Silverstein
June 3, 2015

No. 1 Florida Gators softball went back-to-back, winning its second straight NCAA National Championship on Wednesday by taking down the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines 4-1 in Game 3 of the 2015 Women’s College World Series.

With Florida now having defended its 2014 national title and becoming just the third program in softball history to win consecutive championships, former and current Gators were quick to take to Twitter and share their excitement.

Before we get to that (after the break), you can watch Florida’s national championship celebration, set for Thursday at 5 p.m., right here:

OnlyGators.com has gathered all of the social media reaction and rolled it all together.

This post will be continuously updated as the opinions roll in.


  1. Mac_Supporter says:

    Adam, on a side note, do you think Curt Schilling was a little bias? He really seemed to push Romero and Michigan’s pitching and didn’t seem to say much until Michigan got things going on offense.

    Also, how do you think the Gators will look next year?

    • Bias? No. Terrible? Yes.

      Losing lots of talent but they keep reloading and Ocasio is really good.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I didn’t think he was biased at all, and actually found his comments interesting. He frequently talked about how the strategy would be in baseball and always asked the ladies how that differed in softball. The typical person watching these games, if they don’t watch softball would have no idea what the strategy was or why, and I thought his questions to the ladies commentating were great and insightful, showing the differences between baseball and softball.

      I have heard others complain about Shilling as well, but I think he did extremely well and asked exactly the right questions of the ladies about Strategies and rules and comparing it to baseball to illustrate the differences in the 2 games.

      Anyone who doesn’t watch at all or hasn’t followed, especially guys who watch baseball would have exactly the same types of questions that he was asking of the ladies and I thought it was a way to really open up the game to explain it to those that don’t watch it much

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    on I side note, the win gave the gator ladies 60 points which wins them the capital one cup again this year

  3. Ted says:

    Michigan was nothing other than Gator Bait!

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