South Florida pushing for Dunkley and Blakely

By Adam Silverstein
May 11, 2011

Shortly after he decided to transfer from the Florida Gators, wide receiver Chris Dunkley singled out the South Florida Bulls as his destination of choice and appears to have made his decision final.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, South Florida is waiting to receive Dunkley’s formal transcript from Florida in order to begin the process of getting him enrolled.

Speaking with Dunkley’s high school coach Blaze Thompson, the Times’ Greg Auman reports that Cincinnati, Marshall and West Virginia also inquired about the player’s availability. “Honestly, I believe it’s going to happen with USF,” Thompson said, noting that Dunkley finished his final semester with a grade point average between 2.5-2.6.

Just weeks after Dunkley decided to transfer, the Gators also found out that freshman running back Mike Blakely has decided to move on and play for another team. The Bulls have already been in contact with hopes of bringing him on board as well.

Blakely, whose release notes that he cannot transfer directly to Florida State, Miami or another Southeastern Conference team, has become a top target for USF, which Auman reports “has already received a release to speak with Blakely.”

Photo Credit: Thomas Bender/Sarasota Herald-Tribune


  1. Goldengator says:

    Good riddance. Mike seemed too immature to play for the Gators. A very talented young man but not a good fit. He went to the Army All-American game and didn’t play. At the event he was quoted saying “To come out here like this, it’s probably the worst week of my life, honestly. I respect all of the soldiers and everything, but it wasn’t worth coming out here to not being with my family for a whole week.” Seriously, you didn’t get anything out of the experience and had to represent yourself and the University of Florida so poorly by saying how bad of a time you had participating in a week long “All-American” event. Like I said good riddance.

    Here’s the rest of the article…

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    If Blakely ends up at USF that means it won’t be the pro style v. the spread that scared him off.

  3. Aaron says:

    Adam, do you think you could post an update on Noor Davis? He seems very interested, and i haven’t heard much about him!

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    You forgot to mention the reason why he would transfer to USF was because of the lower academic standards 🙂

    In all seriousness, not sure what the hell got into him but Muschamp’s your all in out there’s the door is clearing house. Get the people out that don;t want to bust their ass and do what i takes to win.

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