TWO BITS: Dunkley to USF? Dunlap back at UF.

By Adam Silverstein
April 22, 2011

1 » Redshirt freshman wide receiver Chris Dunkley, who agreed to part ways with the Florida Gators and transfer to another school, is strongly considering – and possibly favoring – the South Florida Bulls as his destination. The St. Petersburg Times spoke with Dunkley’s Pahokee High School coach Blaze Thompson, who indicated that was the case. “I think USF is the top one on his list,” he said. “A lot of schools have expressed interest in him, but USF Is the only one he has actually visited. They’re interested in him, and he has asked me to look into them as well.” Dunkley was suspended from team activities due to his academics at the time he decided to transfer from Florida; however, the Times reports that they will be high enough for him to earn a scholarship at another school. South Florida seems like a likely landing spot for him due to their penchant for accepting big-name transfers and location relatively close to home.

2 » Former Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap, now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, has been back in Gainesville, FL this spring trying to finish his degree at the University of Florida. A top NFL prospect going into his junior year, Dunlap’s stock plummeted after he was arrested for driving under the influence and suspended for the Southeastern Conference Championship game that year.‘s Kyle Maistri caught up with Dunlap, who has made it his goal to fulfill the promise he made to his family (getting his degree) while trying to make a better name for himself.

“Initially, I wanted to come back and clear my name,” Dunlap said of possibly returning for his senior season. “I wanted to come back and get my degree as well as clear up my name, but after talking with my core group and talking with various friends of the family, we came to a consensus that it was the best decision to leave now. And I’m happy I did when I did.” Now that he’s back? “I’ve got mixed results [from fans],” he said. “The fans are going to have their various opinions as fans, that’s a situation that I’ve put behind me. Everything happens for a reason, and I believe the final outcome will display a true person’s character. You don’t know someone until you meet them in person, but everyone knows what happens. And it happens to the best of us.”


  1. jay d says:

    Sounds like carlos d. Has some. Good parents….

  2. npgator says:

    Carlos is a force in the NFL. I wish we had him in that Alabama game but have no bad feelings and hope he has a great carreer and stays close to the Gator Nation..

  3. GatorsFanLA says:

    Actions speak louder than words, looks like Carlos Dunlap has turned the corner.

  4. Adam says:

    “South Florida seems like a likely landing spot for him due to their lower academic requirements and penchant for accepting big-name transfers.”

    Yeah if there’s one word that describes the crooks Florida snatches up, it’s “academic.” Dipshit.

    • If you’re unwilling to acknowledge the FACT that it is easier to get into and remain qualified academically at USF than UF, then you are simply lying to yourself. The need to use a defamatory word to express your unchecked aggression is simply laughable considering you got upset at an accurate statement.

  5. Adam says:

    Of course it’s easier for most people to get into USF than UF. That’s not true of the athletes. If UF wants them, they will get in and get on, like at most schools.

    • That statement is partially accurate. The standards are more lenient for athletes at UF – like any school (as you said). However, UF has turned away plenty of players due to academics. You saying it is not true that it is easier to get better grades at USF is not accurate…it is. Just like it is easier to get good grades at a CC than it is at USF. (Obviously I’m not comparing USF to a CC…USF is a very good school….just showing that there are tiers). Mostly, the way you went about expressing that was unnecessary.

  6. dr_ddennis says:

    As an alum of UF and professor at USF, I agree it’s easier to get into USF than UF but I disagree that it’s easier to get better grades at USF once enrolled. The faculty I know have very high standards and expect students to rise up and meet them. That in no way diminishes UF’s prestige. But I also don’t think people understand just how much USF has changed over the last decade. Higher Ed is in trouble in FL and we can’t talk poorly about our peers in this time. Like UF, USF is a research one university, but we have 100 fewer years of tradition and alum to rely on.

  7. DC says:

    “just showing that there are tiers”

    USF and UF are both Tier 1 institutions (per US News and World Report). Also, they are both state schools with the same requirements for graduation, so to diminish USF’s standing would in turn diminish UF’s. If a student athlete can’t succeed at one state school, ie: UF, he won’t have much luck at another.

  8. USF95 says:


    You are way off base on the athletic piece. Our academic committee has turned away multiple recruits in the past that signed with other large BCS programs such as UL. UF’s standards for athletes are no higher. If you are going to make a statement such as that at least have some sort of concrete proof. The bottom line is the SEC allows 2 partial qualifiers a year while the Big East does not allow any. UF hasn’t practiced that but can if they like. USF has no choice in the Big East. They are not allowed any partial qualifiers. USF has had higher standards than UL. USF turned away Kamran Joyner who ended up at UL due to his grades. UF signed his younger brother Hunter last year. He was accepted into UL but couldn’t get into USF due to our academic committee. USF turned him away and he signed with UL two weeks later. With this said let’s be completely honest. UF and USF allow in marginal students that are great football players. How many arrests have UF players had in the past four years? High quality students rarely get arrested. UF’s consistent problem with their questionable character football players has been national news and is well documented. However, I don’t ever recall seeing anything on how UF recruits higher quality students in their football program. You don’t win two national titles with a team full of quality students. You like the rest of the SEC recruit the very best football players you can squeeze past NCAA requirements so you win. I find it laughable how you can possibly play up that UF has higher academic standards for their football players than USF. The typical student yes. However, football players at UF and USF or any other FBS football program committed to winning do the same thing. I know for a fact that UF’s football admissions are no more challenging than USF’s. You can believe what you want but you are clearly wrong. How many arrests has USF had in the past 5 years? I can think of three and all were related to parking tickets not being paid and driving on a suspended license. UF’s have been felony theft, drugs and an assortment of other crimes. You can play the typical high and mighty Gator line if you like but it’s not our football program that was receiving criticism all over the media last year due to your consistent players arrest.

  9. Impartial Observer says:

    Stating that USF has lower academic requirements as a reason why Dunkley can get in to USF seems to be a backhanded comment.

    Dunkley’s grades were obviously good enough for UF because he was admitted. The NCAA requires that you have a 2.0 GPA in order for you to transfer to any school. I would imagine his HS transcripts will also play into the academic committee’s decision to allow him to enroll. He would also have to raise his current GPA which by all accounts is possible for him to do so since the semester is not over. So if he was academically suspended at UF, its not as if he can get into USF with those same grades. He will be required to raise them. Also, the academic reasons are not the only reason why Dunkley is transferring. I’m sure there are other factors in play. You make it seem as if the only reason he is transferring is the fact that he couldn’t maintain grades and therefore is seeking an “easier” school to get into.

    Athletes are not subject to the same academic scrutiny as the general student is when entering a school as you have acknowledged. You further qualify your point by saying UF has denied athletes admission in the past, USF has also done the same. The academic requirements for athletes are very similar if not the same for UF and USF. WR Donald Bowen who graduated from NC State was denied admission into a USF grad program which is why he could not transfer last year. A former USF commit Kamran Joyer (brother of current UF player Hunter Joyer) was not guaranteed admission into USF which is why he switched to Louisville and was admitted.

    In the past USF academic requirements were more lax for athletes, that is not the case today which is why I disagree with your statement.

  10. Commenters: I can admit when I’m wrong [which is a rare occurance in its own right :)] and some of you have provided arguments to make me feel that applies in this case. Thank you for doing so as I am now more informed about this particular issue. *I’ve adjusted the post accordingly to reflect this conversation and am considering this matter now closed.*

    To one of the commenters above…arrests and legal issues have nothing to do with academics. Irrelevant addition to your argument.

    To another…Dunkley was on academic suspension at UF. He’s raising his grades just enough to qualify for another school. I cannot tell you if he would then be qualified for UF with that same grade level…but it is curious…

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