FOUR BITS: Wilbekin, Mullen, Tebow’s jersey

By Adam Silverstein
May 4, 2010

1 » In a special to ESPN, Matt Winkeljohn takes a closer look at high school juniors Scottie Wilbekin and Matt Carlino skipping their senior seasons to (hopefully) join the Florida Gators and UCLA Bruins, respectively. Most importantly, Wilbekin’s father said that there is a “99 percent chance” of everything working out so he can enroll in the University of Florida next year. Nevertheless there is still “a lot [that] has to happen on our part” for it all to go down, according to Svend Wilbekin, including his son taking all necessary classes and receiving a high enough SAT score.

2 » After an hour interview with him on the radio, Alabama sports talk show host Paul Finebaum has declared former Gators offensive coordinator and current Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen “the future of college football.” What is interesting is that Finebaum cites Mullen’s youth, beautiful wife, attitude, demeanor and politics as the main reasons he will be a success rather than, you know, his football acumen. “He left me with my eyes wide open and shaking my head with admiration and respect,” Finebaum wrote. OGGOA wonders if he would have felt the same way if Mullen ended up becoming the top guy at Florida.

3 » Former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow’s No. 15 Denver Broncos jersey is flying off the shelves both in Denver, CO, and nationally. The jerseys are going so fast that, according to a Champs Sports outlet employee who spoke with Denver News, they are being put on display immediately when they arrive without price tags ($80 per) for expediting purposes. Stores are being so careful that Tebow’s jerseys – unlike others on the racks – are being attached with a heavy cable as to prevent shoplifting.

4 » Fans do not need to shoplift Tebow’s jersey in order to save a few bucks on it. They can just dust off the jersey of former Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall (or purchase a new one for half-price or as little as $10) and bring it to embroiderer Daniella Grieve, who is removing Marshall’s name and replacing it with Tebow’s for customers. “[This idea] could turn into something big, and if not we have Tebow jerseys for our two little boys,” Grieve told CBS4 in Denver.

» Of course, if you wish to purchase Tebow’s real NFL jersey, you can grab it directly through OGGOA’s store! You can also visit our Gators-specific store here!


  1. Rich says:

    This proves to me how good Tebow can be. Denver has no affiliation at all with FLORIDA yet they are already under the Tebow trance. That is awesome, he’ll be a good one for them one day. Left handed Jesus will win a lot of games for Denver

  2. ReptilesRule says:

    Finebaum loves you if he has access to you and will go on his radio show. That’s the reason he likes Mullen and Spurrier and despises Urban Meyer. He thinks he is THE voice of the SEC and that he is due that respect.

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