Tim Tebow calls John Elway’s support “amazing”

By Adam Silverstein
May 2, 2011

There was plenty of back-and-forth about the future of former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow in the media after former Denver Broncos QB John Elway took over the reigns of his former team as executive vice president after the 2010 season concluded. Elway and new head coach John Fox each gave mixed signals about Tebow’s future as well, saying that veteran signal caller Kyle Orton would be the starter if the season began at the time they were asked. Multiple NFL reporters even stated that Elway’s insistence on working out every rookie quarterback was due to his lack of belief in the future success of Tebow.

Elway gave a thumbs up regarding Tebow’s long-term potential late last week, telling ESPN‘s Ed Werder that he is the former Heisman Trophy-winner’s biggest fan and that the Broncos believe in him.

“He’s one of those guys who – if he comes out and is the player we hope he can be – then we’re in pretty darn good shape,” he said. “I think where we are as an organization, we’re going to go with Tim.”

Werder spoke with Tebow over the weekend, and the player expressed how it feels to have the entire Denver organization behind him.

“I believe in them, and they believe in me,” Tebow said Saturday while the 2011 NFL Draft was going on. “To have John Elway say positive things about you is just amazing. He’s played the game at the highest level possible, and I’m excited because he’s going to be a great asset for me.”

Elway has stressed to Tebow that, in order to be successful and win in the NFL, he will have to do so from the pocket, noting that his athleticism would be an added bonus.

“Any quarterback at this level has to be able to do that,” Tebow said. “That’s nothing new to me. It’s what I’m working to do so I can compete and we can win.”

Tebow has spent much of the offseason in Florida but has since returned to Colorado and plans to spend the remainder of his time (until the lockout is settled) taking snaps from under center, hanging in the pocket and practicing with his teammates.

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


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    Great! They didn’t draft a QB at all right?

    Nice American flag by the way Adam,


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