Hernandez admits drug use, claims report of multiple failed marijuana tests “inaccurate”

By Adam Silverstein
April 27, 2010

On Monday, the Boston Globe came out with a report detailing the “character concerns” surrounding former Florida Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. The paper claimed three sources told them Hernandez had “multiple failed drug tests for marijuana” during his time at Florida, though it also cited a source close to Hernandez who said that he just failed one in February 2008.

The allegations led the New England Patriots‘ fourth-round draft choice to release the following statement through the team Tuesday afternoon:

“Leading up to the draft, I provided every interested NFL team with all the information asked of me about football and my personal life. I was as candid as I could possibly be about everything, including my one single violation of the team’s substance testing policy over the course of three years at the University of Florida. That is why I was very surprised and disappointed by the recent inaccurate report of additional violations. I regret what happened, I learned from it and will make better decisions going forward. I couldn’t be more excited about beginning my NFL career and representing the New England Patriots well.”

The Gainesville Sun points out that the University of Florida’s substance abuse policy matches up with Hernandez’s claim. According to the Sun, that policy goes as follows:

– First positive test: additional testing/counseling
– Second positive test: one-game suspension/counseling
– Third positive test: two-game suspension/counseling
– Fourth positive test: six-game suspension/counseling
– Fifth positive test: one-year suspension/possible reinstatement

Of course, the school’s administration has the ability to reduce, adjust or amend these penalties on a case-by-case basis depending on a variety of factors.

Hernandez was suspended for the 2008 season opener against Hawaii, the first game the team played after his alleged positive test in Feburary of that year.

Photo Credit: John Biever/Sports Illustrated


  1. brlgator says:

    if hernandez was suspended for the hawaii game wouldnt that indicate that he failed two tests? I am I missing something?

  2. El Meester says:

    ^^ True, but can you really say what Aaron said “matches up” with UF’s substance abuse policy? Basically, the policy says that there is no policy–the policy is that the coaching staff does what they want per case-by-case. To me, what Aaron said here doesn’t really “say” anything. The fact of the matter is that Aaron missed the 2008 opener and a late 2009 game and nobody knows exactly why.

    Personally, I don’t really care because “In Urban I Trust” and I believe the school does the best it can to help our young student athletes become better adults.

  3. El Meester – Thanks for the post. The point is that the punishment he received is closer to what he is claiming (one failed test) than what the Globe is reporting (multiple failed tests, 4-6). Though the policy is “open” because of its flexibility, Machen and Foley would not go ahead and only suspend Hernandez one game if he failed a test four times (which would have suggested a mandatory six-game suspension).

  4. El Meester says:

    Gotcha. Yes, that does make more sense. Thanks for the clarification, Adam.

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