Gators QB Tim Tebow a first round pick; Broncos select him No. 25 overall in 2010 NFL Draft

By Adam Silverstein
April 23, 2010

Round 1 – No. 25
Tim Tebow, QB
Denver Broncos

Height: 6’3″ – Weight: 236 lbs.
Age: 22 – Class: Senior

For the first time since 1989, three former University of Florida student-athletes were picked in the first round of a NFL Draft. Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow completed the trifecta for the 2010 NFL Draft, being chosen by the Denver Broncos with the No. 25 overall selection.

Tebow becomes the fourth Florida quarterback drafted in the first round and the first since Rex Grossman was picked by the Chicago Bears in 2003. Denver made four trades in the draft before eventually winding up with the opportunity to select the Heisman Trophy winning signal caller.

Months of debate about whether or not he was worthy of a first round selection were only fueled Thursday by the Broncos’ decision. Now the story changes to whether or not Tebow will be able to live up to the slot in which he was picked.

Things got rolling between the two parties early in the process but intensified this Monday when general manager Brian Xanders and head coach Josh McDaniels visited Tebow for a private meeting in Gainesville, FL.

He will join former Florida wide receiver Jabar Gaffney and defensive linemen Jarvis Moss and Marcus Thomas who are already on Denver’s roster. The team, which happens to use orange and blue as its two primary colors, recently made the No. 15 jersey available after trading wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for two second round picks.

Should Tebow get a chance to play in week one of the 2010 NFL season, he will take the field at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL, against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Press Conference Transcript
“A lot of people said it was going to be a hard process or a long process and that it was going to be very frustrating for me but I loved it and I enjoyed the working process. All the critics and negativity only pushed me that much more and made me work that much harder and made me better. I think that was a positive thing for me, to be honest with you. I believed in myself and the people that were around me and supporting me. I thank my quarterback coaches for the work that they put in and trying to constantly get better. Not only get better but show that I was coachable, to be humble and learn to do what someone says and I think that is something that I tried to show and I think I showed that to Coach McDaniels and the staff there.”

Press Conference Transcript
Press Conference Video
Head coach Josh McDaniels: “The player obviously has all the traits that you’re looking for in terms of toughness and competitiveness. He’s intelligent and he’s won a lot of games. He’s a leader, he works hard and he’s got all the intangibles that you look for in a player at that position. He’s produced a lot of numbers and statistically – I’m not even going to talk about that because he’s one of the best in a long, long time. We need that player in that position to be a good player, a real good player. If we can make him a special player, that’s what we’re looking for. Now we have a deep group of quarterbacks and we expect the competition to be incredible. It hasn’t changed anything in terms of our depth chart right now. We’re looking for that position to be the best player on our team if we can make it that way. Competition is only going to make each one of those players better and that’s what we expect him to come in and provide us with.”

Head coach Urban Meyer: “I’m sure Tim and his family are glad the process is over. The Denver Broncos are getting a winner. Tim will show on the field what he is capable of doing and more than anything Tim has a competitive fire that will constantly push him to get better and do whatever he can to help his team win.”

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  1. ReptilesRule says:

    The Haters will not be happy. Hope there were more than a few of them that bet their cold hard cash that he wouldn’t go first round and lost $$$$. Glad it’s over but they will all still insist that Tim will fail. Who knows, maybe they’ll lose some more money!

  2. DC Gator says:

    I think Jackson was released and is with the Bills now.

  3. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Congrats to Tim and his family….on the surface this seems to be one of the better options of the teams that seemed interested in him….great organization with a young offensive minded head coach…they have an older starter so they will not need to rush him….the Broncos just picked up a lot of fans!!!

  4. jason says:

    I wish they had a couple more WR’s in Denver, Marshall would have been a great security blanket for Tebow until he gets adjusted to game speed in the NFL. Maybe they will step up with a free agent acquisition.

  5. Mark01 says:

    This seems like a solid spot for Tebow to go. Screw the crappy Bucs. I’m a Bronco’s fan now

  6. Denver Gator says:

    I can report from the ground here in Denver that the natives are not happy. I think that is to be expected since most have not seen Tebow play and are basing it off of what the “experts” say. It is difficult to see drafting a third-string QB, which he will be this year, with such a high pick but I am excited. I am not a big NFL guy but I know the Broncos have holes everywhere and also a lot of aging veterans so most people wanted to have a lot of immediate filler guys and not someone who is viewed as a project.

    Also, with Brandon Marshall gone to Miami, jersey 15 in orange and blue is available.

  7. Mark01 says:

    Mike Freeman is a racist. No way he writes that article if Tebow is black

  8. brlgator says:

    I heard they traded marshall so tebow could get #15

  9. Mr2Bits says:

    3 more Gators gone in the second round tonight….great year.

    Vikings ever plan on taking a QB?

    Oh and Clausen, the poster child for birth control, just a note, you might want to wake up from your bad dream as you just got tea-bagged. Falling more than halfway through the second round just shows how great of a QB people besides Kiper think you are.

  10. Laura says:

    @Mr2Bits: “Clausen, the poster child for birth control”

    LOL! Great line.

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