TWO BITS: Cooper, Wright ready to become pros

By Adam Silverstein
April 21, 2010

1 » Former Florida Gators wide receiver Riley Cooper spent his entire Tuesday at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT, doing a number of interviews in preparation for the 2010 NFL Draft beginning on April 22. Cooper, who doesn’t mind “getting my hands a little dirty,” spoke at length about a number of topics; he also answered questions about the stigma associated with Florida pass catchers. “You’re judged [in the NFL] on what you do, not somebody else, and I’m sure it’s a case-by-case basis,” Cooper said. “But what those two guys achieved as rookies [in 2009] … it sure can’t hurt.” For video of one of Cooper’s interviews and a story focusing on his NFL future, click here.

2 » When he announced his decision to come out early, safety Major Wright was met with some heavy criticism from Gators fans. Now just a day or two away from being drafted, Wright’s choice looks like it will pay off as he is expected to go as early as the second round according to some scouts. No matter who drafts him, Wright promises that team will get a high return on investment. “The team that drafts me definitely will be getting a leader on and off the field,” he told The Tampa Tribune. “They are definitely getting a person who is going to be very physical, a person who communicates a lot, and is very smart. I’ll play within the defense and help the team out by all means, special teams, scout team, however they need to be helped.”


  1. On Campus says:

    I’m curious as to see what other readers think of Cooper being constantly labeled as a “slot receiver”. 6’3” 215 with sub 4.5 speed. Sounds like a deep threat to me, which is what he was here at UF. And yet, everyone projects him as a middle 3-4 round pick as a strong, possession type receiver, suitable for the slot. I get that Wes Welker is an amazing WR, but just because Cooper is white, is it fair to put him in that same category? Same thing goes for Toby Gerhart being projected in 3rd/4th round, the guy had ridiculous numbers, and I’m amazed no one is talking about him 1st round at all. Call me crazy, but something seems iffy about this.

  2. Denver Gator says:

    It is interesting how he is being labeled and I must admit I am not completely sure where he would fit best. My gut reaction is that at best he is a late 2nd round pick and shouldn’t last past the early 5th. If I am an NFL team I don’t really know what I am getting except maybe a work out warrior. (*Taking off my Gator glasses here*) Cooper had about 80 catches in his career at UF with 50+ coming his senior year. Granted he did play with guys like Harvin, Murphy and Hernandez who got a lot of catches. (Along with Tebow runs)

    Compare that to Hernandez and Harvin who both had around 110-120 total catches each in 3 years. (With some gimmicky catches) I guess my point is, I think this is a case where teams are looking at 1 year of quality work and are not willing to grade him higher than he probably deserves. He is a devastating down field blocker though so I am leaning towards him going to a team that is a run first offense. Just my two cents…

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