Tim Tebow passes on New York to stay with family

By Adam Silverstein
April 21, 2010

It took former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow over a month to decide whether or not he would attend the 2010 NFL Draft in person at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY. In the end, the answer was a simple “thanks but no thanks,” as the signal caller chose to return home to Jacksonville, FL, for a gathering with family, friends, his agent Jimmy Sexton and head coach Urban Meyer.

The motivating factor in Tebow’s decision was not potential embarrassment of being drafted late but rather his desire to remain with those closest to him during one of the most important processes of his life.

“That’s such a moment that will be exciting and special, so I don’t want to just celebrate that with people that I don’t really know and haven’t really been around just to be there in New York,” Tebow told OGGOA on March 27. “I want to be around my close friends and my family. So if that’s something we can work out or not, I’ll probably be with my family. I think it’s also just figuring out what’s with my schedule and everything. But then also just being around my family and figuring out what would be fun and what would be the easiest, most relaxed, comfortable spot.”

Tebow was already in New York for a promotional appearance with EA Sports (he is featured on the cover of the NCAA Football 11 video game) but chose not to stay.

Florida cornerback Joe Haden will be the sole player representing the school in New York and one of 24 former student-athletes who will be in attendance.


  1. alex says:

    Smart move, no need to deal with the b.s.

    Hopefully the Vikings pick him up.

  2. Denver Gator says:

    I agree about it being a good move, hopefully he is also not going to have one of those cameras in his house showing him with his family. That is almost more painful to watch than they guys who show up to NYC. I have a feeling it is going to be Minnesota or New England. There is talk in Denver that they may try and get him in the second round if he is available. Also, a lot of talk about Denver narrowing in on Pouncey with their first pick – even if they do not trade down.

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    They will have a camera there but will only role when he gets picked. They do not show the home shots of players who aren’t picked

  4. FightinGator says:

    Sweet to see Tebow and Harvin together again.

  5. Daniel M. says:

    People, The vikings are not a sure thing.

  6. alex says:


    You are absolutely correct I believe the Vikings have other needs before QB, but the Vikings would be a great fit for Tebow. The Vikings are not afraid to open up the playbook and that would give Tebow an opportunity to get some reps his rookie year.

    My guess is second round, which is not too bad especially after all the b.s. the talking heads talked about Tebow for the last 6 months.

  7. brlgator says:

    U have to remember there is a lot of disinformation being diseminated now. If the vikings really want tebow they would not want this getting out for fear of cornering a team into drafting him if they thought he d last till the next round. However if they don’t want him its to ther benefit to spread that rumor

  8. janemilles says:

    go timmy go!!! Gator nation loves you and i so want you to be a Jag but we will see where this prosess takes us! I will support timmys team!

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