Florida loses a quarterback as Jake Allen announces transfer decision

By Adam Silverstein
April 17, 2018
Florida loses a quarterback as Jake Allen announces transfer decision

Image Credit: @GatorsFB/Twitter

The Florida Gators‘ quarterback competition has thinned out by means of attrition as redshirt freshman Jake Allen announced Tuesday night that he has decided to leave the program now that spring practice has concluded.

“I want [to] extend my appreciation to the University of Florida, Coach [Jim McElwain] and Coach [Doug Nussmeier] for recruiting me to my childhood dream school. I also want to thank Coach [Dan] Mullen and Coach [Brian] Johnson for coaching me the last few months. To Gator Nation: I believe Coach Mullen is going to turn the program around and have seen the team come together. With that said, because the offense is not the right fit for me, and because I want to continue to pursue my dream to play in the NFL, I am now seeking other opportunities to play football and I am opening up my recruitment. I have been committed to the Gators since the summer of my sophomore year [of high school] and I am very sad to say goodbye to Gator Nation but look forward to this new chapter in my life. Go Gators.”

There’s not much to expand on regarding Allen’s transfer because he quite succinctly laid out his legitimate, reasoned decision making as part of his statement. With redshirt sophomores Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask competing for the starting job, and with freshman Emory Jones likely to be groomed as Mullen’s quarterback of the future, it was unlikely that Allen would see the field in any meaningful way over the next few seasons.

A former four-star prospect, Allen saw his recruitment settle his senior season as he put together a inconsistent campaign. He joined Florida with less fanfare than initially expected and has not factored into the quarterback competition in either of his two seasons with the Gators.

Sophomore Kadarius Toney, an athlete who has moved to wide receiver on a more permanent basis, will likely serve as an emergency quarterback for the season.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    I will always remember Jake Allen. He was a good Gator even before he got here, proud to be a Gator and working hard to recruit other players. Who knows what would’ve happened if he had stayed and hung in there, but I know kids do that less and less these days. I wish him all the best. Go Gators!!!

    • Tom father of Marilyn says:

      I agree with you on that. I wish him all the best in the world. He will get his chance and make good on it. I think he could have played this year WITH ANY COACH OTHER THAN MULLEN!!! Mullen is so stubborn. I think Trask should play QB but Mullen might play Franks or worse Jones. To me Franks is another Eason type who played at UGA. He was maybe more talented than Franks but they remind me of one another in many ways. The BIG ARM and all the BIG OVERTHROWN PASSES. Franks is more Mobil but not by as much as we think. Give me an AVERAGE ARM WITH ACCURACY and most of all SAVY GAME SMARTS!!! Yes give me that ANY DAY in college football over a big arm. That is why Kirby Smart was just itching to play Fromm over Eason. But all the fans wanted Eason to blossom into the HERO he was hyped to be.

      Maybe at Washington or wherever he ended up he can become a great QB. I am so glad it won’t be for georgia IN ONE WAY. But. I hate to say it but Fromm might be far more dangerous to our gators. Even worse. Justin Fields apparently has as much talent as any QB that has EVER PLAYED. His play in the Elite 11 was FAR BETTER than ANYONE including Tua from bama and even as far back as J Winston at florida state. He scored TDS on almost 80% of his drives USING ONLY HIS ARM!!!! The kid was the highest rated PASSER EVER. He is 6.3 over 230 and runs a 4.5 40 yard dash and is strong and elusive like an elite running back. He is EXTREMELY SMART and VERY FOOTBALL SMART. In the Elite 11 he was NOT ALLOWED to use his feet and scored off the charts better than Tua did in his great showing when he also won it. Only Tua just barely edged out current georgia QB Jake Fromm, who was only 200 yards short of DESHAN WATSON’S georgia record. BUT. Fromm MISSED 10 FULL GAMES BECAUSE OF INJURY. That is a season you know???? My point is UGA not BAMA is the one who is truly QB rich. Hurts is only a runner and is basically the product of a great Oline and team around him. Jake is a true QB. As good or better than anyone in the conference. He is being touted for a heismen trophy along with his teammate Rb D SWIFT. 2 on one offense??? With maybe the best QB talent in 30 years or maybe ever pushing him from the bench. I mean if anyone says, hey, let’s try to knock Fromm out of the game. They will probably make a huge mistake. Imagine defenses saying to themselves. LETS TRY NOT TO HURT THIS GUY. Sheesh, I’m truly afraid for us again this season. 42-7 could get even worse because their offense will be better.

      They will also have the biggest, strongest most elite offensive line in all of college football this year. With an elite prospect easily 2 deep at every position on their line AND BEST O LINE COACH too!!!! Their receivers are underrated 4 and 5 star recruits. Their TE,s all 5 star and 4 star elite guys. Tell me please. WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS SPELL FOR THE OTHERS IN THE SEC INCLUDING US???? We can only hope and pray for a bad defense REGARDLESS OF ALL THAT YOUNG DEFENSIVE TALENT THAT IM TOO DEPRESSED TO WRITE ABOUT. Oh and Kirby is maybe the best defensive mind in college football and has the help of someone maybe equally as good. Their D coordinator is from bama also and is awesome. Defense will be our only hope, so I doubt we have much hope. Except to get lucky or them to get over confident which I doubt will happen. They still see us as a threat and will be ready. IM DEPRESSED. BUT HEY, MULLEN IS FUN AT LEAST FOR NOW.


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