Audio released of Murphy, Adel in police vehicle

By Adam Silverstein
April 13, 2011

Arrested on third-degree burglary counts for breaking into a car in St. Augusine, FL early Sunday morning, Florida Gators forwards sophomore Erik Murphy and freshman Cody Larson found themselves in the back of a police car along with team manager Josh Adel, who was also arrested for principal to burglary.

Audio recordings featuring Murphy and Adel talking in the back of the car were released by First Coast News on Wednesday. They showcase Adel lamenting the fact that he will most likely lose his job because the players did not listen to his advice while Murphy thinks of ways to get out of trouble and tries to get Larson to turn himself in.

The content available after the break contains numerous expletives. Audio recording are available at the bottom of the post. Click below to continue.

“Bro, do you know how fucked I am because of y’all dumb motherfuckers?” Adel asks. “I’m fired. Like, you’ll have another shot. I’m done. I have no second shot, bro. […] And I told y’all to stop [trying to break into the car]. You did that.”

“I know,” Murphy replies before trying to calm his nerves. “I’m getting you out of it.”

Adel doesn’t believe there is any chance he can repair his image. “Fuck that man,” he responds. “It doesn’t matter. My job was supposed to…I’m supposed to be looking after y’all. And y’all are fucking going into fucking cars that I said not to.”

Then Murphy calls Larson, who also fled the scene but was not caught, to try to get him to surrender to police. “They don’t have anything on us. We’re gonna get off,” he says in a lie while Adel whispers to him, “We’re not getting off.”

Faced with the reality of the situation, Murphy begins thinking of excuses lies to tell the police. “You know what we could say? Listen, listen, listen. When we went back in, the dude was being a dickhead to us and was like, ‘You gotta leave.’ I was looking for my wallet,” he says before Adel rejects the suggestion as “a dumb God damn idea.”

Murphy responds, “No, fuck that. I’m pulling everything out,” to which Adel tells him not to bother. “No, you’re not, because that makes us look like assholes. That we’re, that you two are wasted and fucking breaking in cars. That looks fucking dumb.”

Adel then makes a statement that appears to indicate there is some type of preferential treatment allowed in Gainesville, FL.

“There’s no getting off. We’re not in fucking Gainesville,” he says. “[The St. Augustine police] don’t give a fuck. Do you understand I’ll be fired and I have no chance of ever pursuing any type of career in basketball?”

Head basketball coach Billy Donovan said Tuesday that he will wait to evaluate the situation until all of the details, facts and truth about the events that morning have surfaced. He has already indefinitely suspended all three men.

“I know there was some very unfortunate events, that I was very disappointed in, that took place this weekend with Cody Larson and Erik Murphy,” he said. “I made a statement that both guys are suspended right now from our team. I really can’t take any questions and cannot talk about it because obviously it’s ongoing. All I can say is I’m disappointed in those guys. They’re disappointed in themselves. And we’ll have to wait and see what happens going forward.

“I want to find out if what was out there, how that plays itself out. I don’t know where I’m at until I find out more. I talked to both of them yesterday and told them upfront that I was not in a position to talk about what they were going through. They’ll have to get legal representation. They’re going to have to make some family decisions and do some things. I’ve got to see the way all this plays out. Certainly the decision they made was very disappointing. The fact that they were arrested was very disappointing. For that, they’re going to be suspended here from all activities. That will probably be something I’ll have to make a decision on once all that’s settled.

The additional evidence released Wednesday may make that decision a bit easier.


  1. cline says:


  2. g8ter27 says:

    Sounds to me like Adel is the one who should get a second chance (if any of them).

  3. Gatorade7 says:

    Preferential treatment in Gainesville? Ask Louis Murphy or Dan Werner about that.

    Can’t see Larson or E in Gainesville next year. Especially disappointed in E…thought he had more maturity and seriousness toward his basketball career. Actions so questionable it’s as if he was attempting to kill his own UF basketball career. He’ll resurface somewhere like BC if he goes.

  4. C3 says:

    WOW! what morons. I actually semi feel bad for the Adel kid, he certainly seems like the mature one of the group, and the only one who understands reality. He seems to have gotten screwed over by his friends. As for Murphy and Larson, goodbye. What the heck were they thinking?

  5. Tractorr says:

    Yep, that pretty much is it for those guys.

    Well who is looking forward to our 4 guard set net year?

  6. John S says:

    What a collection of idiots. They get what they get, there’s no justifying breaking into cars. Feel bad for Adel but it’s his job to keep the guys out of trouble and at that he’s a colossal failure. Time to transfer fellas, thanks for letting Gator Nation down.

  7. Chris says:

    Looks like Murphy and Larson really screwed Adel. Those two are goners… Hope Donovan hears the recordings and gives Adel the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Tractorr says:

    Does anybody know what is going on with Deandre Daniels? It seems like Billy should be calling that guy on an hourly basis because we could use anybody who is even kinda big.

  9. Gatorade7 says:

    Murphy has not been in previous trouble,correct? If so and if he really wants to be a Gator, I could see him go through some serious hoops and be elgible in January.

    Larson and Adel were the most emotional because they had the most to lose.

  10. Me says:

    No worries for them FSU will pick em up.

  11. GatorCooken says:

    I just don’t understand why they were trying to break-in in the first place? A couple of wallets, an IPOD maybe? Was it worth it? Dumb……feeling for Abel, I’d give him a second chance.

  12. zurbo says:

    Larson is such a loser

  13. Malikg says:

    The good news is that this can’t get any worse now. Wait, is it bad luck to say that?

  14. jay d says:

    High character before talent….if they want to come to UF make them have to do a phyc test and interview with a phycologist….apparently our UF athletes. Need their. Hands held 24/7…I don’t know about other people but I did all my partying in high school and was through with it by the time I got to college..ncaa needs to start cracking down on all athletes in all sports… and cut back on this “rockstar” mentality….when they get busted for drinking or drug related instances… should be a manditory substance abuse program and if they don’t complete it….they lose their scholarship….THE END. Period.

  15. scooterp says:

    So, Abdel was with these two dopes to keep them out of trouble? Wow! Does anyone else find that rediculous? Good god, dump these idiots. Pull their scholly’s for the year and give them a long list of comittments that must be met – that if they can abide by, they may be able to work their way back onto the team by 2012-13. Stupid!

  16. Gatorgrad79 says:

    If Adel was the designated babysitter, he should have had clearer directives, maybe such as “..keep them away from bars (are they even 21) and have them home before 2:30 am…”. If Adel was trying to get them to stop, once he realized they were not going to stop, he should have run in the other direction. IF he was trying to call for backup to stop the dumbasses, he may actually be a bystander trying to do a good thing for the team. Note to self – if assigned to watchdog an athlete with a prior criminal record, ask to scrub the locker room urinals instead….

  17. Tina Q. says:

    This isn’t St. Mark’s School anymore Erik. You can’t talk your way out of this one like you’ve done your entire life. Coach Lubick isn’t here to save you anymore. This is real life. This has been coming Erik’s way for a long time. Karma is a bitch. He deserves everything that’s coming his way.

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