SIX BITS: Masters, Brissett, Booth, Tebow, PIT

By Adam Silverstein
April 12, 2013

1 » Only one of the two Florida Gators golfers competing in the 2013 Masters moved on to weekend play. After hitting an even 72 in the opening round on Thursday, Brian Gay shot a +2 (74) on Friday and is currently tied for 37th, three strokes above the cut line. Senior T.J. Vogel, who earned a spot in the major as an amateur event winner, was not as fortunate. He shot a +5 (77) on Thursday but was able to bring his score down with a +3 (75) on Friday. Vogel missed the cut by four strokes, ending his special weekend earlier than he would hoped. “I just had a good time,” he said Thursday after his first round. “This experience, I can’t even explain even in words. I’m just having such a great time playing in front of so many people and it’s just a really cool feeling when you know you hita great shot and you got people cheering for you. And I’m not used to that yet. It’s just really cool.”

2 » Former Florida QB Jacoby Brissett sounds more than slightly perturbed that he lost the starting job to Jeff Driskel last season. In a feature penned by Jeremy Fowler of, Brissett indicates that he did not receive a fair shot to start for the Gators before throwing a barb at Driskel for his performance in the last game of the season. “It wasn’t right,” he said of the competition. “In the saying that God don’t like ugly, it came up to us in the Sugar Bowl when we couldn’t throw to save our life.” He then took a second shot at Driskel, basically questioning his former teammate’s work ethic while explaining why it was Brissett who should have started at Florida. “Just my competitiveness, I don’t think it was matched with that other guy,” he said. “The willingness to put in that extra work to win.”

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3 » Former Gators swimmer Laura Booth, a 17-time All-American for Florida who helped the women’s program win a NCAA Championship and herself won two gold medals at the 1993 World University Games, has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and is in desperate need of blood donations. Those who wish to help neither need to live in Booth’s area (New Orleans, LA) nor possess her blood type. Any donation helps. For more information on how you can donate and assist in her recovery, click here.

4 » After being honored by state Governor Rick Scott as a Great Floridian on Friday, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow hosted a charity event in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL ahead of his annual golf tournament. At the event, reporters asked Tebow about his offseason and future with his current team. Tebow responded that he plans to join team workouts on Monday and will sport a “great attitude” when he arrives. He also said that he does not have any designs on changing positions now or in the future, calling playing quarterback “my dream, [it] always will be.” As far as his future in New York goes: “It’s nothing I can control, and like I’ve said ever since I was at Nease High School, I really try not to worry about what I can’t control,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “Just try to have the best attitude, have the best effort, a great work ethic, and so far this offseason has been a lot of fun. Been my best yet.”

5 » Friday on NBC Sports Network‘s Pro Football Talk, former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey discussed what would have happened had Tebow actually been traded to the Jaguars instead of the Jets. “He’s really a hero in that city and there’s still fans today, still with [new general manager] David Caldwell saying ‘We’re not going to have him here,’ there’s still fans that want him there,” he explained. “[The attention] definitely was a concern because we were going to go with Blaine Gabbert. We were not going to go, based on his rookie year, that [Gabbert] was not a quarterback we believed was for the future. We felt like if Tim Tebow came in there – if the trade did not go through, it was going to be OK. We were going to find ways to get the ball to him, but we were going to go with Gabbert. It would have been a distraction. If Blaine would have failed early, it would’ve been a call to bring Tebow in and that’s not something you want for your football team – any kind of distraction.”

6 » Gators guard Kenny Boynton put together a much better showing in his second Portsmouth Invitational Tournament game, going 3-for-4 (2-for-2 from downtown) for 13 points with five assists, four rebounds and just one turnover as a starter in 27 minutes on Thursday. Florida G Mike Rosario did not have a game on Wednesday but did play in back-to-back contests on Thursday and Friday. Suffice to say, he disappointed. In the two games combined (both of which he started), Rosario finished 8-of-27 from the field and 0-of-3 from three, totaling 16 points in 59 minutes with seven dimes, eight boards and four turnovers. Rosario and Boynton play their last games on Saturday at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., respectively.


  1. Oldflyer says:

    Well, Jacoby Brissett, heralded team player came out of the closet.

    Did he play the race card as well?

  2. Donnie W says:

    And the true Jacoby comes out. I have no doubt that he actually is a better passing qb then driskel. Problem last year is JB would of been injured if not actually killed by the breakdowns the offensive line had play after play after play. If I recall, mushchamp actually said at one point early last season that the staff went with JD because he gave the offense a chance to extend plays with his legs. Either way goodbye JB. Enjoy NCstate. I hope you a fabulous career there and reach the pinnacle (New Years day bowl game) of the ACC football world.

  3. Luke says:

    Sour grapes from Jacoby, but I have to admit that I thought he should’ve had a shot in the sugar bowl. We stunk it up and game planned like we were going to be a passing team, rather than run first. I couldn’t help but remember Spurrier and how fast he would have sat Jeff at the end of the bench.

    I wish Tebow would get out of his own way and just get on the field with a team. I’d love to see him as a linebacker!

  4. G8RHOO says:


    On the Jacoby piece, I think it’s unfair to only post the quotes with negative tones. Given how close the battle was, I think it should be expected that he feels he had just about the same right to the job as Driskel. Any player on the bench who is not striving to be a starter should not hold a scholarship at our beloved alma mater.

    I think you could have used some of these quotes to paint a more complete picture.

    “Brissett believes Driskel can be successful because the Florida offense is “pretty much predicated around him,” utilizing his running ability. He also believes Driskel has a good arm.

    The Florida staff never mistreated Brissett and wanted him to stay, the quarterback said.”

    The guy is a competitor and looks to have the right mindset for the position. He just wasn’t the best one for our system given our WR and OL situation last year. He did not bash the program.

    • Those are the writer’s words, not his aside from the four words that are actually in quotes. I linked to the article so you could read the full story. If those were full quotes I would have pulled a positive instead of one of the negatives. I was not being selective (trying to paint him in a particular light) but rather sharing the part that was newsworthy and actually his own words. The only quotes about Florida/Driskel attributed directly to Brissett by the writer were negative.

    • I should add that while I do understand, accept and appreciate your criticism, I don’t agree with it.

  5. G8RHOO says:

    Adam, not blaming you for what was said or written, just saying it’s very obvious that this story was written with a specific angle in mind. Does it not give you some pause that he quoted the “negative” comments but paraphrased the positive ones. Not defending what Jacoby said, but the angle of the story is obvious. Why else would you pen a piece on a quarterback that will not touch the field in 2013-14 season and was a non-factor in 2012-13 season? Fowler was looking for a story that would create some controversy and you’re breathing life into it.

    • Well you addressed your comment to me and said it was unfair for me to only post certain quotes and then cited other paragraphs of material from the piece, so I definitely felt it was directed at me. Again, I understand, accept and appreciate your criticism but I do not see it in the same way from your original comment.

      As to this comment, I agree, I was not pleased when I read the piece that he summarized Brissett’s positive thoughts and only published quotes on the negative ones. That being said, the story was not about Brissett at Florida but rather Brissett moving on from UF. So it put in perspective why he left and then what his new team hoped to get from him two years from now. A lot of times when you interview an athlete, the quotes they give you just don’t work well within what you are trying to say in the story, so you are forced to summarize or only use portions of those quotes. Maybe they are rambling or not being totally clear in their words, for example. Perhaps that happened this time. Perhaps not.

  6. joe says:

    Fowler Has An Axe To Grind Against UF Since Meyer Spanked Him One Day At Practice. Its Not Like The Jags Could Have Played Any Worse With tebow

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