TEBOW BITS: Redskins, Patriots, Del Rio, mockery

By Adam Silverstein
March 24, 2010

» Washington Redskins take a closer look.
Last Saturday, a personnel group from the Redskins including head coach Mike Shanahan, general manager Bruce Allen and director of player personnel Scott Campbell met with former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow for a private workout. Though one should not expect the team to pick Tebow with its No. 4 overall selection, there are rumblings that he is the target should Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford already be selected or the team passes on drafting a quarterback in the first round.

» New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is impressed.
A team always known to be in the hunt for Tebow is the Patriots, and Belichick recently spoke about what Tebow has done and what he is capable of doing in the future. “Great career, great player,” Belichick said. “I think it’s obvious that within the last six weeks, that he’s worked on his mechanics and they’ve improved, which is a credit to him. He’s very coachable and he works very hard. I’m sure that whatever he feels he needs to do, he’ll work very hard at, whatever that is. Athletically, he tested very well at the combine, which you can see on the field.” New England is another team likely looking at Tebow with an early “value” pick, and it has enough of them that a trade-up is a possibility.

» Jacksonville Jaguars have him on their “wish list.”
“Our [general manager], Gene Smith, and I work hand-in-hand, discussing how we want to build this football team,” Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio said. “With Tim or anyone else on our board, we’re going to do the work and where they fall, that’s what we’re going to do. He’s certainly on the wish list because he exemplifies some of the characteristics you’re looking for. He’s a terrific leader and his intangibles are off the charts. Those types of things put him in the ‘absolute would have’ category.”

» NBC analyst Tony Dungy thinks he gets drafted early.
“Somebody, I think, is going to take him in the first round,” Dungy said. “I’d be surprised if by the end of the first round somebody hasn’t taken him. And I think it will pay off for them.” On Tebow’s mechanics, Dungy noted that he “heard the same things about Steve Young. I heard the same things about Vince Young.”

» He’s still not sure what he’s doing for the 2010 NFL Draft.
“I’ve got to figure out what will be more fun for me and best for my family,” Tebow told Peter King of Sports Illustrated. “But I have to say I liked what Joe Thomas did on the day of the draft a couple of years ago — he went fishing with his dad.” He is expected to make a final decision sometime this week.

» A fellow draftee mocked him before the Wonderlic.
Pro Football Talk reports that Tebow, minutes before taking the Wonderlic exam at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine, requested that his testing group bow their heads in prayer. In response, one player told him to “Shut the f—k up,” and others responded to that outburst by laughing. As PFT points out, this “illustrates the type of challenges that could be faced by the team that drafts Tebow.”

» Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll thinks he’s a first rounder.
NFL.com reports that Carroll, who plans to visit with Tebow for a private workout, thinks he is good enough to be a first round pick. However, do not expect the Seahawks to use No. 6 or No. 14 overall on the Heisman Trophy winner. “I can’t believe a quarterback of his stature won’t be (taken in the first round),” Carroll said, adding that someone of his stature is too good to ignore.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    I like Tebow at the end of the first going to New England. If this happens, I will be more than ecstatic.

    As for someone telling him to shut it, that dude will soon have his. Tebow may forgive but he doesn’t forget when it comes to field time. I’d really wish this baddass’s name gets leaked as he would absolutely be blasted. As far as faith and Tebow is concerned in the future, he will have no issue. Sure you have your sore thumbs but many NFL folks ride in the religious car some being hardcore as thats the way momma raised em.

  2. Though I am objective, Tebow to the Patriots would absolutely break my heart. Unfortunately, that is likely.

  3. SC Gator says:

    It would be a great fit for him, give him a chance to learn and mature a bit as a passer, behind Brady.

    And I’ll hate every minute of it because I am sure as hell not going to pull for the Pats for any damn reason.

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam, you hoping he becomes a Dolphin? Whats the reasoning behind no digs on the Pats?

  5. npgator says:

    When are we going to find out who it was that told him to shut the F up? Somebody witnessed it so someone must know.

  6. No one wants to be the “rat,” so I doubt anyone comes out with it, npgator.

    Mr2Bits – I’m not hoping he becomes a Dolphin, though of course I would like that very much. It would just sicken me to see him on the Pats.

  7. brlgator says:

    I dont think the pats would take him in the 1st round that is not like them. Much more likely that they use one of their three 2nd round picks on him

  8. Of course. What they would likely do is package two of them to trade back into the late first (if they think he won’t last) or put a package together to move into the very beginning of the second to grab him. Patriots have been planning this move for two years.

  9. Laura says:

    “No one wants to be the “rat,” so I doubt anyone comes out with it.”

    Someone was the “rat” to have allegedly leaked this story in the first place. And the fact that the STFU player’s name isn’t included in the story makes me suspect that it might not be entirely true (and the fact that it comes from Florio).

  10. There is a difference between leaking a story and keeping the names anonymous and ratting out someone in particular – at least to me. Again, I highly doubt Florio went ahead and made this up.

  11. Laura says:

    I’m not necessarily saying that Florio made this up, but that someone (maybe his conveniently anonymous NFL source) possibly took something that actually happened & greatly embellished it. Like, maybe Tebow wanted to go into a separate room & pray by himself or something. The fact that not any of the others in the room at the time are named, not just the STFU guy, seems suspicious to me. Only Tebow is mentioned by name, so someone was targeting him, whether this story is true or not. God knows Tim’s not lacking in haters who would do something like that.

  12. Tebow denied the story. See new post.

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