3/21: Pease discusses players, philosophies

By Adam Silverstein
March 22, 2012

Florida Gators offensive coordinator Brent Pease had plenty to say after four days of spring practice and did exactly that on Wednesday afternoon. Pease discussed specific players, general philosophies and plenty else in a media availability session.


Though he has only had the opportunity to watch them participate in four days of spring practice, Pease has already developed early opinions on some players.

Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Quinton Dunbar: “I’ve just seen him improve. I’ve seen him catch the ball better. I’ve seen him make some big plays in practice. Practice is built to go fast and be challenging so that games are easier. If he can react to what he’s been doing and play the game at the speed and play it instinctively like he’s gotten better each day. Is he where he needs to be? No. But he’d probably be the first to tell you that. But he’s starting to play the game faster. He’s not thinking so much. When kids are thinking they play slow, because they don’t know everything, they don’t trust and they have no confidence. Obviously we’re working through that but I’ve seen the pace of how he plays the game every day get faster and faster and faster.”

Redshirt sophomore running back Mack Brown: “I don’t know what it was in the past. I just know he’s been steady, he runs the ball and is a physical runner downhill. Good pad level. Does he make mistakes? Yeah, but he’ll fix those. Being a running back, you’ve got to know running the ball, protection, pass routes, so you’ve got to pick those phases. And right now he’s been a pretty consistent runner. Ball security – very pleased. Kid’s got a great attitude. He’s awesome. [I] love being around him.”

Sophomore fullback Hunter Joyer: “I like his intelligence, his physicality, just the fact he’s smart, can bring a lot of things and be in that fullback position and then also be backups in other positions. He’s got good hands, he’s willing to block, he’s a very unselfish player, very coachable. So you hope that that carries over some leadership on him.” Pease said that Joyer will not only block and run the ball but also contribute in the passing game.

Redshirt senior tight end Omarius Hines (transitioning to running back): “He’s natural. He’s still got to learn some things with it but obviously he gives us good depth. He’s got a lot of abilities knowing his hands and his explosion just running the ball – his physical attributes. It’s been good to see him. Him, as well as some other kids, you kind of see their confidence grow every day.”

Redshirt junior WR Andre Debose (if he will emerge): “I would hope so, but I haven’t seen that. He’s working through some offseason injuries that he’s had.”

[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]» On how the quarterbacks are developing: “I think they’ve picked up a lot. You’re starting to see a little bit of everything. You’re seeing some management skills, some huddle control, see them throw the ball with better anticipation. You’re seeing them throw the ball with more authority. They’re starting to get a grasp of everything and it’s encouraging. They’re more accurate than they’ve been, and I think they’re doing a really good job with it. There’s a long ways to go, but it’s as much improvement as you’ll see in four days. It’s encouraging.”

» On which receivers are standing out:Frankie Hammond has done some good things; he brings a lot to the table for us. Quinton’s really done well in four days, really done well, drastic improvements every day. I think Latroy [Pittman]’s going to be all right. Trey Burton adds to the picture in being able to be in some of those spots. Debose will be fine.”

» On the offensive line looking better/bigger: “I think we can be pretty good. One of the things I’ve seen is their bodies. Their bodies are changing. I think they’ve done some great things in the weight room, Coach [Jeff] Dillman and what he [and Jesse Ackerman have] done with those guys.”

» On if he hopes to have a feature running back: “Ideally, you hope you’ve got a guy who’s a horse and you give him the ball 25 times a game, but I don’t know that answer with what we have.”


» On his on-field disposition and if he gets in people’s faces like some of the other coaches: “I’d probably rather pull people aside. I’m not saying I can’t be demonstrative. Because I’m not, my intentions are never to belittle anybody, but if you’ve got to get a kid’s attention because focus needs to be needed because we’re out there to work, I’m going to grab someone’s attention. I’ve been in their shoes; I know when somebody is screwing off. I was that way sometimes when I was a player. But I figured I learned a little bit from my dad probably when he was my coach and ran a tight ship on me. I’m in to being the best teacher that I can.”

» On if the team has been watching a lot of Boise State film: “Yeah, they’ve seen the blue turf a lot. They’re probably getting tired of it. I said, ‘Make good plays, and we’ll put ours on it. We’ll make our own good tapes.'”

Photo Credit: UF Communications[/EXPAND]


  1. SRQDawgs15 says:

    Hi all, very informative post here. IMO, nothing Pease says is any cause for concern….but that’s because I’m a rival fan. he actually sounds disappointed in response to just about everyone mentioned. Are you guys seriously moving your best WR for the past 2 seasons to RB? What happened to Gilleslee and Brown being such studs? Sounds like Brown can’t handle pass protection so either he won’t play or his presence on the field will just telegraph the plays. Debose is hurt again/still……that’s a shocker? This guy came over from Boise and he doesn’t seem impressed with UF’s talent……that speaks volumes to me (go ahead with the Boise jokes if you want, but remember UGA and UF played each other last year too). And where are the UF fans….oh that’s right, you’re all too busy still fawning over Tebow to pay attention to the players that actually play football at UF now!

    PS….I’m sure I’ll take some bashing for this post but that’s ok, that is if Adam actually allows my comment or leaves it up, as he has failed to do in the past when I have posted anything that’s not UF propaganda here.

  2. Courtney says:

    Dunbar and debose are our best two wr. Hines was a te last year and barely played because of injury. Gillislee was stuck behind two seniors who both had a lot of yeards and playing time. I mean its nothing wrong with being objective…….just get your facts right. We had terrible offense last year,rotating two true freshman at qb, if u actually watched the uga game if rainey handt dropped 10 passes and fumbled we would have won, hammond coughed it up as well right before halftime….we were up 17-3. Not even saying were should have won, or even that we had a better team. But the uga, usc ,and au games were all winthin reach……its hard to win in the sec with a freshman qb. Defense will set the pace for us all seaon, our o will have to be a little more effective that is was last year but not by much.

  3. SRQDawgs15 says:

    Lol at Debose….I see you’re still watching high school tape hoping that guy shows up! Hines was your best receiver regardless of what made up position he played for Weiss. My point is, despite his injury, he’s the only guy that can catch the ball consistently and make plays. Trust me, I love the move to RB…but if the other backs aren’t a disappointment then why the move? Love the “if we didn’t fumble” argument too….you know what else, if UF scored more points they would have won too, if you gained more than 20-something yards in the 2nd half you might have won too….and yes I saw the game, I saw from my seat in the UGA end zone….but what I saw was a bad team jump out to an early lead on a few breaks before the better team took over and won…I also didn’t see any freshmen at QB.. Instead I saw Brantley (remember losing Tenow wasnt so bad bc you had such a great QB behind him) who I was assured was a great player by many Florida fans…too bad he saved all that for your practices I guess. As far as Rainey, it’s not like he just put the ball on the ground, I seem to remember Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree having something to do with those fumbles…talk about being objective (and I think you meant “there’s nothing wrong with being objective,” not “its”) your new OC says above that he hasn’t seen anything to suggest Debose will emerge, so what do you know that he doesn’t?

  4. SRQDawgs15 says:

    And thanks for the response Courtney….it’s nice to see there are some Gator football fans that haven’t completely checked out and just become fans of whatever team Timmy is “playing” for since the going got a little tougher

  5. Courtney says:

    I mean we can’t beat uga every year….and who is tenow?

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