OGGOA version 2.0 redesign, technology update

By Adam Silverstein
March 11, 2010

When I started ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive on October 1, 2009, I had high hopes and great aspirations for what this Web site could become. To my surprise, our growth, readership and following blossomed quicker than initially expected. At first, this was a bit of a burden as OGGOA was forced to change hosting companies twice due to high demand for some of our exclusive content and breaking news. Now, it is truly a blessing, one that has inspired us to redesign and streamline the site to better suit our readers.

If the title of this Web site seemed familiar to you at first, that is because it should be. It is hanging over the tunnel to Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, seen by the entire football team every time it storms the field. The phrase stands as a reminder to the players that The Swamp is land worth fighting for, defending and dominating opponents on. Thanks to our Gainesville, FL-based hosting company, Acceleration, OGGOA‘s new design reflects the famous sign and meaning behind it better than ever.

Like The Swamp itself, OGGOA strives to be the stopping ground for die-hard Gators fans – an online home base to serve as your all-inclusive, one-stop portal for everything you want or need to know about your favorite college team. Timely, informative and updated around the clock, OGGOA features breaking news, commentary, discussion, interviews and so much more.

Your support made us an instant success, and your continued loyalty to OGGOA and passion for the Gators has kept us up and running for over 160 days. We hope to continue being your home for full coverage of University of Florida athletics and look forward to providing you with as much insight and content as possible at every turn.

Design – A special “thank you” to Jesse and the guys over at Acceleration (see right column) for updating and streamlining the design elements of this Web site. OGGOA looks better than ever, and it is because of Acceleration’s passion for their work.

Mobile siteOGGOA is compatible with the Apple iPhone and other mobile devices including the Motorola Droid and RIM Blackberry. This optimization allows mobile users to load the site quickly, without the clutter of images, while also letting them read full articles and participate in discussions by commenting. If you are on a mobile device and wish to view the regular site, simply scroll to the bottom of the mobile page and click “OFF.”

Share button – The “Share” button at the bottom of every post allows OGGOA readers to easily distribute the latest Florida Gators news to friends and fans via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, digg, del.icio.us, etc. Utilizing this feature does wonders in promoting OGGOA, so please do so when you have the opportunity and find a post interesting.

With that being said, Web sites undergo many changes throughout their lifespans (SEE: Web sites We Visit: How They Looked 10 Years Ago). OGGOA is sure to continue evolving as time goes on. For now, we present you with version 2.0 as well as some wallpapers for use on both your computers and mobile devices!

Schedule desktop wallpaper (1280×1024)
Schedule desktop wallpaper (1024×768)
iPhone wallpaper
Droid wallpaper


Adam Silverstein
Owner, editor


  1. Brittany says:

    Snazzy new site design – I like it!

  2. Malikg says:

    Nicely done — Adam, is there any functionality in the works that would allow commenters to receive email updates when their comments are responded to?

    Also, I was going to direct message you, but was unable to, obviously…

  3. That is not in the works, but I can certainly look into it. One of the issues that I find is people who are commenting often fail to log-in first, meaning their comments are not registering to their user account.

    However, there is a “Recent Comments” widget rotating on the right-hand side that will show your comment and any right after yours.

  4. On Campus says:

    Looks good Adam, that new layout is nice. Thanks again for the site, it’s the best Gator site out there. I come here first for all of the news.

  5. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I love it cause it’s refreshing to talk Gator sports with other Gator fans…not argue back and forth with other rival fans like a bunch of 3rd grade brats!!

  6. brlgator says:


    I am confused about your comment “One of the issues that I find is people who are commenting often fail to log-in first, meaning their comments are not registering to their user account.” by putting my name in the required field and my email address in the mail field Am i failing to login???

    BTW awesome update keep up to great work

  7. Correct, you are failing to log in. There is a “Register” and “Login” link above the comment field. If people login to their account and post after doing so, that will log their comment. Otherwise it is technically anonymous, no matter what you write in those fields.

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    An edit button would be great. I tend to do allot of drunken posting and find that my English/structure needs editing post post or the following morning

  9. I believe – if you are Logged in rather than posting “anonymously” – you are able to edit your posts. If you’re not, it is something I will look into. You can always re-comment with a note telling me to delete the first one and I will do so.

  10. Denver Gator says:

    Great update Adam. I especially like the mobile site as it is very easy and functional on the iPhone. Keep up the good work!

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    I’m always logged in and no dice on the edits. I could screenshot and email you what I see if you’d like.

  12. SaraGator says:

    Finally a no-nonsense Gator site! Excellent job!! I will continue to come here for all of my Gator updates.

  13. Aligator says:

    looks great! thanks for all of your hard work, we appreciate it!!

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