TWO BITS: Addazio steps in, Haden’s stock falls

By Adam Silverstein
March 5, 2010

1 » Though he has told the media and his players that he plans to return to the Florida Gators on March 17 for the beginning of spring practice, head coach Urban Meyer will not be speaking at a Gator Gathering in Jacksonville, FL, on April 21. Instead, interim head coach and offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will fill in. Over the last few years, Meyer made an exuberant number of Gator Gathering stops throughout the state of Florida during the offseason. Curtailing those appearances is a step in the right direction in limiting his travel and responsibilities. UPDATE: Addazio will also take Meyer’s place at the same event on April 30 in Atlanta, GA.

2 » In his latest Big Board, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. dropped former Gators cornerback Joe Haden seven spots from No. 5 to No. 12 overall. Kiper still lists Maurkice Pouncey, who he calls an “athletic, versatile interior lineman [who is] rising quickly,” at No. 18 – the top center/guard on his board.

Extra Bit » Reports have the Washington Redskins showing a strong level of interest in former Florida quarterback Rex Grossman. OGGOA will update.


  1. npgator says:

    As a Lions fan I would love to have Pouncey picked up by the Lions but I think they will go DT first and guard second. He will be gone by they time they get their second pick.

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Good. The lower Haden falls the longer his career will last. It would be cornerback suicide going to the stagnant Browns. Thats why I always laugh at these top QB’s who go to the shittiest teams. Just setting themselves up to be out of the league in 5 years. Eli did it right when he told the chargers to go F off at the time as he’d be lost in the mess by now.

    He’ll still get his top end money and actually get to develop with some talent around him. I like him going to Pitt. Good D and closer to home.

  3. Michelle Berdeal says:

    Coach Addazio is also speaking at Tampa Gator Club’s Gator Gathering on May 10th in Tampa.

  4. Thanks Michelle. Will add it when I have a chance.

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