GM Xanders denies that Tebow lacks support

By Adam Silverstein
February 25, 2011

Denver Broncos general manager Brian Xandres took issue Friday with a report the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi published Monday implying that quarterback Tim Tebow was slowly being pushed out of Mile High.

“Most members of the Broncos who were there when the Tebow pick was made are looking to distance themselves from the choice, which is a classic way for things to operate in the NFL,” Lombardi wrote. “So Tebow is a man without much support in Denver, making quarterback a huge need.”

Xanders denied that was true.

“First of all, I think that report was false. I think there’s a lot of people in our building that are behind Tim Tebow,” Xanders told Pro Football Talk during an interview Friday. “[Tebow] is someone the franchise invested a lot into in terms of draft picks, the contract, but he’s going to create his role. But he’s done a good job so far with his limited opportunities. So that report was false.”

It is important to note that, while Xanders disagrees with Lombardi’s report, it is not necessarily entirely untrue. There very well could be a large faction of people in Denver’s front office who do not believe in Tebow long-term. Then again, the new coaching staff has only watched him on video and may not see him step on the field for months.

With head coach John Fox speaking out Thursday in support of veteran QB Kyle Orton, unnecessarily naming him the starter during the 2011 NFL Combine, Tebow will once again have plenty to prove if/when practice begins for next season.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I’m sure Tebow appreciates the motivation. I don’t see there being much to this yet. Orton had a pretty good season last year. Tebow showed flashes, but had some lucky breaks too.

  2. Oldflyer says:

    I thought the whole thing was typical overblown media foolishness. The Washington Post had a piece on Fox choosing Orton over Tebow, for pete’s sake. As if the new HC would state that last year’s starting QB had lost his job to the 2nd year guy, who played mop-up before they ever got to camp.

    I believe you quoted Tim as saying that he feels that he is progressing every day. So, we will see.

    Frankly, I wish he could get out of Denver and get to some place where he has a team around him.

    • Blaming the media is easy. The person who should be blamed is Fox for commenting when asked the question. He’s a veteran in the NFL and knows how things work. You say, “We have a long way to go until the season and that position will be decided in training camp” and you drop it.

      • St Aug Sailor says:

        When a media member writes a totally BS story, then yep, blaming the media IS easy

        • You’re talking about a completely different story. One story – by Lombardi on Monday – was about Tebow not having support in the front office. Yesterday’s story – by multiple people – was Fox naming Orton his starter over Tebow. Those words came out of the coach’s mouth; had nothing to do with the media. That is what Oldflyer was responding to and what I commented on.

  3. Timmy T says:

    Fox is just doing his part to feed the fire in Tebow’s belly.

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